Neotokyo┬░: Cyberpunk FPS Multiplayer Noclip Virtual Photography Exhibit

RND/ To imagine a series of noclip Virtual Photography screenshots of NEOTOKYO┬░ – multiplayer PC FPS conversion-modification by Studio Radi-8: In which one considers the romantic near future colonial / orientalist fantasies underpinning such videogame architecture. 3440 x 1440, edited in Gimp

WW2 Digital Painting Exhibit: Day Of Defeat Source

RND/ consider a WW2 themed exhibit for “Day Of Defeat: Source” videogame Enlarged screenshots edited in Gimp to look vaguely like paintings Full exhibit at Flickr — // how to play big science

Transcripts of “Fallout 76 is hot garbage” Style Youtube Videos

RND/ for historical archiving purposes of passing near future alien anthropologists – to consider transcripts [1] of “Fallout 76 is hot garbage” style youtube videos First the official trailer: hello everyone and welcome back to top 10 trends youre already mad from the title thats fine im mad too but i want you to be … Read more