Total Chaos Doom II Mod: 4K Virtual Photography Screenshot Art

RND/ To consider virtual photography screenshot art from outstanding Doom II mod Total Chaos by Wadaholic: 3840 x 2160 Download zip file (178 .jpg images) A Guide to Zombie Survival Game Aesthetics GTFO Videogame: Virtual Photography Screenshots (4K, PC) Pseudo Liminal Kenopsia In Videogame Spaces: PC Screenshot Photography Hypertography One Exhibit: Doom Back 4 Blood … Read more

Abstract Encounter: The House Of Asterion

RND/ To consider “The House Of Asterion” video game: Borgean research play space concept featuring infinitely procedural parkour: Example Research scenario: The Friendly Minotaur “Asterion”, sweating running leaping – falling at high speeds through an infinite voxel labyrinth [2] based on the etchings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi – exploring forbidden lands with thundering steps, uttering … Read more