Got Phone? Entitled Diablo Immortal Garbage Backlash Rant Transcripts

RND/ on the positively welcomed if not entirely preplanned corporate instigated diablo immortal ‘got phone?’ micro-drama: to consider heavily monitized negative algorythmic gamer backlash as just another built in module of the whole games as services model some bizarre representative loltube transcripts curated and archived for historical purposes / passing alien anthrpologists from the near … Read more

Classic Kickstarter Failure: “I Want To Make A Game”

RND/ In which you want to make a game – ‘maybe on computer or phone’ – featuring the added potential backer bonus of a ‘crazy cat’ video. A classic/ yet somehow strangely beautiful Failed-Kickstarter campaign. – With added magic ponycorns. Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £150k – contact Robert What today for … Read more