Abstract Portrait Of Girl With Flowers And Moons

RND/ To consider an abstract portrait of a girl with flowers and moons: 3226 x 3994 .png In which the overall aesthetic effect is that of a faded tapestry or mold covered curtain of faded old-gold fabric with bright yellow and turquoise shell highlights set against the girl’s crimson lips and headband. Ideal / Idealized … Read more

Abstract Conceptual Digital Art Painting: RGB (Unafraid Of Barnett Newman)

RND/ to consider an abstract conceptual digital art painting of / featuring Barnett Newman: 5760 x 3000 .jpg edited / compiled in Gimp An reinterpretation of “Red, Yellow and Blue iii”, with muted / shifted colors, divided into strips with overlayed curves and small, city map-like structures Ideal / Idealized Price for such a concept: … Read more

Juliette In The Woods On Rumpled Satin

RND/ To consider a somewhat ghostly, framed virtual image of famed French actress Juliette Binoche in the woods, on what looks like a bad rumpled satin effect: Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £225K – contact Robert What today for details. — // how to play big science