Trucknuts For The Mind: On The Stupidity Of Memes

RND/ In which you consider the death of memes, and the possibility that memes themselves are a living death: First, a dead Reddit Metric graph from R/MemeHate. Note the deafening apathy this graph generated – probably because it wasn’t nearly ‘memetic’ enough, ie. generate Instant LOLS. Almost as though anything that does not ‘amuse us … Read more

Resisting the saccharine symbolic joy of orange and stem ginger cat themed mini cakes

RND/ in which, by all means one whole heartedly enjoys orange and stem ginger cat themed mini cakes, while attempting a rough, absurdist re-write of an online article about mental illness in the context of cat based internet humor 3840×4449 .jpg, 5.2Mb, edited in Gimp – To simultaneously realize the saccharine symbolic dimension or aspect … Read more

Digital Painting: Memes Aren’t Facts

RND/ to imagine a digital art panting of the once popular, seemingly self-aware / non-ironically pseudo-paradoxical “Memes Aren’t Facts” internet meme. 2446×3137, 2.4MB edited in Gimp Small side note to non scientific fact-based communities: please inoculate your kids immediately; stop spreading the disease of idiocy. Idiocy is not a disease but a condition in which … Read more

Zero Views Youtube Videos Movie

RND/ To imagine small indie movies, comprised of compiled LOLtube videos with zero views [1] First, an example title screen / context: Now to the main (/missing) Dark Energy bulk of the movie: Compiled using avidemux – audio normalized with avconv from libav tools. Embarrassing open lab mic nights, tropical parodies, research tutorials – I … Read more