Hyper-Gothic Megastructures In Quake Map Honey By CZG

RND/ To consider noclip virtual photography of ‘hyper-gothic’ Quake map Honey by CZG – .zip available: 3440 x 1440 .jpg Quake Enhanced: Dimensions Of The Machine Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshots — // how to play big science

Night City Dreams: Cyberpunk 2077 Virtual Photography Screenshots (PC, Psycho quality)

RND/ To consider virtual photography screenshots of Night City from Janky Edgelord Simulator Cyberpunk 2077; PC version, widescreen, Raytracing on. Taken using following: Overclocked 2080ti (47fps average!), In-game lens fx Off, Unlocked ‘Psycho’ quality settings mod, Reduced crowd & traffic mod, Noclip mod, Reshade (FXAA, Contrast Adaptive Sharpen, Luma Sharpen, Ambient Light), Post processing in … Read more

Paintings Of ‘Superbrutal’ Sci Fi Megastructures

RND/ To imagine paintings of ‘superbrutal’ megastructures – so termed, because they seem to go beyond regular Brutalism. Images via https://escapismgame.wordpress.com/ 3840 x 4008 .jpg   — Example Reference Links Imaginary Megastructures New York Megacity Morning Verticality Dark Synth series: images of Dead Cyberpunk-Vision Cities Megastructural Photoshop Remix of Gustav Wunderwald Abstract Encounter: The House … Read more

Imaginary Megastructures

RND/ to consider several imaginary, somehow culturally computationally-parallel megastructures: Abandoned Arcology Hyperstructure Example RND Statement via Robert What: accidental homage to Masdar City on Earth. 3072 × 3456 .jpg, remix of old Doom textures An abandoned arcology hyper-structure, recently rediscovered floating on orbit around ZX84 in the Tramodine System. With its signature 27,000 mile high … Read more