Conceptual Painting: A Day Trip To Mars

RND/ To consider a nice exciting day trip to Mars – a conceptual painting of abstract, psychedelic elements: 2307 x 7831 .jpg, 14.1MB Featuring a kaput Yugo. Cost For Such A Concept As This: $3.5M – Contact Robert What today for details Satirical Painting: Violently Happy, Evil Conflict Mineral Lizards Wikipedia: Mars In Fiction   … Read more

Space Fiction: “You Know You Want Some Of This”

RND/ To consider some fragmentary deep space fiction entitled “You Know You Want Some Of This.” 0. After a mildly promising start, Henry’s life quickly devolves and fragments into an odd, generic, absurdist tragi-romantic sci fi survival horror romp through an apparently empty Mars base, populated by the simulated digital ghosts of the recently deceased. … Read more