Cyberpunk Painting: Biomega’s Zoichi Kanoe by Tsutomu Nihei

RND/ To consider an abstract painting of character Zoichi Kanoe on his radical Heavy Dual Coil HDC-08B-3 Motorcycle: 6880 x 4024 .jpg From classic Cyberpunk manga Biomega by Tsutomu Nihei. Cyberpunk Is Dead: A Critique Night City Dreams: Cyberpunk 2077 Virtual Photography Screenshots (PC, Psycho Quality) The Video Real: ‘That Special Shine’ in Cyberpunk 2077 … Read more

The Neurological-Existential Impact of One Ton Of Manga

RND/ to consider the direct, partially amusing neurological-existential impact of One Ton Of Manga – a strange reply to modern, typical net based pseudo-enquiries. For example: Precisely how much anime do you have in your f’ing veins right now? [Because there are micro-organisms living on the end of your mom’s nacho cheese stuffed chastity strap-on … Read more