Marie Goes Hunting In The Tangled Pagan Wood (Triptych)

RND/ To imagine hunting in a tangled pagan Triptych. For Marie; many thanks for the quality art supplies. 5760 x 2948 .jpg, paper and pencil-wash ink sketch – scanned, edited in Gimp Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £350K – contact Robert What today for details. Through the green graveyard of leaves Where … Read more

Auf Wiedersehen Nowhere: On Feeling Permanently Lost and Dislocated

RND/  On feeling permanently lost and dislocated – like a Rolling Stone as Dylan says: In which the opening sequence of the second series of “Auf Wiedersen, Pet” features a single terrible scene featuring big Pat Roach on his way to hard thankless graft in Germany – supposedly out of / away from the dire … Read more