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Neon Shadow Conspiracy II: “Cyberpunk Is Dead” Movie Parody

RND/ To consider a ‘cyberpunk is dead’ style VHS parody movie, entitled “Neon Shadow Conspiracy”.

Starring Elias Koteas and Angelina Jolie in x-tra elite, super saturated lo-fi ‘deep zoom-shadow’ aesthetic / mode:

In the year 2074 the Pinhead corporation creates an almost-human looking cyborg Casella Reese aka ‘Cash’, designed specifically to charm and seduce her way into a rival manufacturer’s headquarters and then (laughably) self-detonate. Things go awry when she starts to have feelings for a human – Colton Ricks aka ‘Colt 45’, who works for Pinhead as a martial arts instructor (although what a self-detonating sex doll wants to learn kickboxing seems puzzling.) He falls for Cash as well, and with the help of ‘Mercy’ they escape. Pinhead Corp. sends ‘Danny Bench’, a Cyborg Tracker after Colt and Cash. B-Movie violence ensues.

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Near Future Retro Graphical Wishes For Next Gen Flat Shaded Polygons

RND/ To consider “Next Gen Flat Shaded Polygons” as a wish from the Near Future Retro 80s:

6975 x 1080 .jpg

Next Gen Flat Shaded Polygons

In which one secretly longs for the good old time traveling days (still to come) of bad lo-fi polygon graphics.

The Good Old Days of Bad 3D Graphics and Time Travel

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