Ethan Carter Videogame Landscape Paintings

RND/ To consider landscape paintings from “The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter” by gamedevs The Astronauts: 3916×2236 .jpg In which you gave up playing the game shortly after entering the graveyard, since you could not find a piece of missing crow (or whatever the hell it was) and didn’t feel like slowly back-tracking over the entire … Read more

Videogame Virtual Photography Oil Paintings

RND/ To consider ‘oil painting’ versions of virtual photographs. Samples: Download 4K Steam Community Virtual Oils (172 .jpg, 349.2MB .zip) Samples of my own ‘noclip’ virtual photography oils (resized from original 4k): Download noclip virtual oils (1200 .jpg, 834.5MB) // how to play big science

Doom Eternal Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshot Art (PC, 1440p, Ultra)

RND/ To consider some noclip virtual photography for Doom Eternal (id Software 2020) 3440 x 1440 .jpg Highlights: shots of super massive demonic tentacles hanging down from a hellscape sky of ash and fire. — Doom 2016: Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshot Art // how to play big science  

An Exhausting Cyberpunk Slog: G String by Eyaura as The Last (Dead) FPS Modification

RND/ To now consider the era of large scale, full single player campaign videogame Modding as dead. No biggie, and only a few arbitrary cyborg tears. In which dead specifically means ‘untold hours duck-scrabbling through debris clogged vents’. Standing around to admire the toxic (aesthetic) atmosphere of utterly ruined, post-apocalyptic Earth of G String as … Read more

Mildly Hyperreal Painting: Chicxulub Wharf – Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

RND/ To consider a ‘mildly hyperreal’ painting of Chicxulub Wharf, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico: 4792 x 3640 .jpg, image via Wikipedia Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £400K – contact Robert What for details. — Landscape Painting of Yanchep Western Australia (Simon Deadman Remix) // how to play big science