All Hail #Welgestyle

RND/ to consider the awesomeness of #welgestyle Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit First a quick silent #welgestyle movie: / casey kasem loves your garme – gif ey tell em casey / welgestyle new reckoning cutscene – gif wow/ accidentally interactive cutscenes / welgestyle new reckoning stay classy/ consider new reckoning for steam modern quote … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: No Identity MMORPG

rnd/ all aboot nothing/ dubious mmo rpg “identity” Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit ey did not chip in ten grand to seed first investment round to build value for facebook acquisition – now somewhat hypocritical tweet via ubu notch note bland irony x identity rpg by quote asylum entertainment features zero detectable identity – … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: Chris Roberts Plays Star Citizen

rnd/ to consider chris roberts playing star citizen Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit re: archiving loltube comments on chris roberts playing star citizen there are sum frauds so well conducted x would be stupidity not to be deceived by ey – charles caleb colton theorist robert what/ oh to appear andor not exist as … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: After Reset

RND/ to consider after reset (rebooted) part of the Hypertography One Exhibit first off – some gamedev among mountain villages of asia introducing scamsoft/ mass crowdsourced psychology of richard nixons after reset ey will directly say/ my first impression was undermined by rat/ which are for most part simply ripoffs of old fallout posters/ x … Read more

Crowdfunding as a continuous (Drip) activity

RND/ On the notion that (crowdfunding) “Promotion should be a continuous activity”: That, like a tap leaking without end there should exist a permanent state of uninterrupted digital draining – a forever dehydrating, micro-transctional Drip feed using the wallets of backers / patients, forever hooked up to some great soulless post industrial art-machine sinkhole. To … Read more

Classic Kickstarter Failure: “I Want To Make A Game”

RND/ In which you want to make a game – ‘maybe on computer or phone’ – featuring the added potential backer bonus of a ‘crazy cat’ video. A classic/ yet somehow strangely beautiful Failed-Kickstarter campaign. – With added magic ponycorns. Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £150k – contact Robert What today for … Read more

“This Is Your Head”: The Difficulty Of Selling Conceptual Art Online

RND/ A scenario, in which the trouble with (/the idea of) “selling conceptual art [1] online” seems precisely the conceptual / neural gap between the (/modern) notions of “Ideas” and “Worth”: a failed Kickstarter [2] image with clay head. This Is Your Head: Selling Conceptual Art Online Two cognitive threads seem to be running computationally … Read more