The Monarch Passes: A Satirical Hyper-Ballardian Story Simulation

We live in a kingdom of rains, where royalty comes in gangs. – Uncle Monty, Withnail & I Scene I. Nobody even cares to remember how long The Last Queue has been going – and asking such questions will get you unceremoniously trampled to jam. Thankfully dissent is but a memory. Look left, look right; … Read more

Condensed Ballardian Visual Retro Computing Novel

RND/ To imagine a ‘condensed Ballardian visual retro computing novel’, as assembled for internal subject lab testing use via The Parallax Corporation. Potential candidates viewing these images at high speeds through their attached headsets are instructed to ask themselves the following questions. What is my current ongoing relationship with technology? What are the (/historical) links … Read more

The Inapplicable Ballardianism Of Simon Sellars

RND/ To consider a poetic critique / remix of sections from obsolete, eye-rollingly turgid auto-fictive pseudo-biography “Applied Ballardianism: Memoir from a Parallel Universe” by Simon Sellars. 2949 x 3840 .jpg The characters are finding.. that the so-called Real World isn’t convincing anymore. – J.G Ballard interview, BBC Profile 2003 — // entertaining and informative only … Read more