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Self Imprisonment Gaming Cell (Featuring Samsung CRG9 Gaming Monitor)

RND/ to consider a willing self-imprisonment gaming cell featuring an ultra-wide Gaming Monitor

Reality getting too much for you? Modern life too much to handle? Then bury your head in the digital sand and place yourself in permanent lockdown with the ultimate interior gaming experience

Samsung offers minimalist Space Monitor for modern workspaces, new super ultra-wide 49-inch CRG9 monitor for the ultimate gaming experience and slim design 4K UHD curved monitor for content creators
– Samsung

Note how the rough walls (exactly like prison walls) and overall sparse, depressing (sorry, ‘minimal’)  look were in the bizarre original advertisement:

5760×3840, 6.4MB .jpg, edited in Gimp

“Self Imprisonment Gaming Cell”

This thoroughly modern setup complete with video of Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun “Jensen” Huang

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Nvidia RTX Turing GPU: on Raytracing and Photorealism

RND/ to consider sociopathic marketplace ideology built and baked into the very physical material of modern image tech [1] – a literal ‘paradigm shift in rendering (of consumer perceptions about – in this case – the future of computer graphics).’ [2]

Just shoot rays; I love gigarays
– Jen-Hsun “Jensen” Huang/ co-founder, president and CEO of Nvidia

In which neither raytracing or photorealism [3] are remotely some kind of darkly laughable ‘holy grail of graphics’ but – more simply – slickly presented tools and psychological methods [4] for (say) large monopolistic hardware manufacturers to convince prosumer whales to pre-order technology conceptually rendered as bleeding edge must-buys.

In response a nicely rendered graphic [5] image about Nvidia’s (now long since obsolete) RTX card with Turing GPU

Nvidia Turing GPU

Note the irony potential: in that the “Turing Test” is a benchmark [6] for artificial intelligences that only *think* they’re smart – and therefore will readily buy anything they’re told to.

Can you imagine what games we would have if John Carmack decided he wanted to create a believable character as opposed to a believable gun? [..] Stop rendering!
– Warren Spector [7]

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