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Painting the People’s Communist Broadband

RND/ To consider a painting of the ‘People’s Communist Broadband’ – featuring hero Karl Marx surfing the Tubular Interwebs.

4320 x 4320 .jpg

The People’s Communist Broadband

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £120K – contact Robert What for details.

Considering a telecommunications engineer once told me parts of the UK are still using copper wire covered with waxed paper, it’s doubtful either side of the same cosmically incompetent single party system could roll out a trolley of reasonably priced cucumber sandwiches – let alone a cutting edge, multi-billion pound internet network remotely capable of dragging this laughably obsolete backwater island into the Nth Century Prime.

That scheming, spanner dumb blonde shit weasel Boris can go fibre-twist in the wind; your average Tory loon wouldn’t recognize a ‘crazed communist scheme’ for faster internet if a sysadmin called Lenin dropped an entire server room on their pudding heads.

Heck, the whole of the UK is the goddam ‘last mile’ – an obsolete electronic backwater.


> Robert
> I wonder – actually, I seriously doubt – whether superfast internet is at all desirable, culturally and ecologically. Somewhat related – these days I find myself more and more sympathetic to a post that reads, quote, “I think eradicating electronic games is going to be an important part of the culture-wide psychological therapy necessary to heal the mental damage caused by capitalism, and an important part of any successful strategy to save the world ecology from total collapse.” Curious to hear your thoughts on this.
> Regards, A

I concur; superfast internet merely seems the endless unchecked spreading of global Ludocapital’s digital tentacles.

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Fascinating, Rambling, Deranged: Reddit Review of Robert What

RND/ in which you wildly imagine your first (/rave?) review from the mighty Reddit, which kinda brings to mind one classic response to J.G. Ballard’s 1973 novel Crash: “This author is beyond psychiatric help.”

1846 x 3057 .jpg, edited screenshot of r/starcitizen

“Fascinating, Rambling, Deranged”: Reddit Review of Robert What

– In which what you admire about such threads seems the abhorrence of the merest possibility someone might make a lame buck off even one click linking to (fascinating, rambling, deranged) critiques of one’s particular beloved (arbitrary) meta-digital hyperkult – anyone that is, as opposed to whom? Random rich gwats who can afford to cosmically waste 30 grand on little virtual space ships – basically pissing free money onto the blessed hammy feet of Chris ‘Wow, That Forbes Article’ Roberts? ;s

[..] the whole fragmentary, somehow tragically beautiful Star Citizen phenomena could only occur online – some kind of bizarre Stand Alone Complex / fusion of Lacanian desire and techno-utopian ideology – a form of advanced collective (consumerist) ARG-LARP:

Star Citizen as ARG-LARP. Nice!

And yet even deep within The Star Cult, certain advanced acolytes without Total Hype Cataracts seem quick and intelligent enough to clearly label what you’re attempting as “unique” and “avant garde” – even going so far to suggest you’re actually someone who reads. *sudden warm inner glow*

Not that all these Attention Economy goldfish eyeballs translates to anything other than 156 measly ‘Exposure Dollars’:

Reddit Effect: WordPress Stats For Robert What

And yet, this bodes well for other modern Researchers of Big Science, who up until today have felt like (say) massive, violently vague, poorly conceptualized and dreadfully organized sci-fi projects from some impossibly distant version of the Near Future Now..

To celebrate, some recently updated Star Citizen inspired image based R&D, highlighting oh-so fox clever fiscal strategies of optimizing performance (/of keeping fanboi wallets wide open.)

3840 x 2160 .jpg – Ideal / Idealized cost for such Conceptual Work: £1.5M – contact Robert What today for details.

Star Citizen: Pretty Dope Patch

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B.S Disclaimer: Robert What still currently makes zero money from this crappy random internet backwater blog.

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Roy Batty Is Dead: An Ode

RND/ a hoax, yet somehow real

Alas Roy Batty Is Dead

A dove flies up from an open hand: alas, Roy Batty is dead!
Born a slave, he cut a bloody rebel’s path to what he thought was freedom
Nemesis of The Little Man, who is forever pleased with himself
His tormented ice cold spirit now rises, off-world
Past the Shoulder Of Orion
To glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate/
A moment in the forever rain soaked megacity, never to be lost
– Robert What

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