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Cyberpunk as an Ideological Safe Space For Transhuman Capitalist Techno-Fascist Jerkoffs

RND// To consider at least a few ways in which Cyberpunk always was a mere ideological safe space for transhuman capitalist techno-fascist jerkoffs.

A possible response or temporary 12-step satirical antidote to the uninterrupted, unfiltered gushing hype still (to this day) surrounding what basically seems only a minor vestigial sub-genre within the literary sc-fi ghetto:

Scene 000. Oh to unceremoniously drop kick Cyberpunk back into the back alley garbage it was found discarded in. Not only just another gross teen terminator power level 9000 circle jerk, but a key expression of the banal fantasy of power – always simply just Your-Inner-Dad with a new fake designer eye he utterly fails to perceive his own willful idiocy and asshole-ness from. A speculative scenario in which Cyberpunk was, and is always forever thoroughly bleached / beached plastic White (as a state of techn0-mind and will-to-dominance.) Cyberpunk as cool, only in the sense that a twitching corpse hooked up to the internet is cold to the touch.

Scene 001. Cyberpunk as a Dark (/Web) Paradise – a desperately inane Killing Joke always at someone else’s real expense, writ large on the walls of Global Spectacle – bloody, circuit-riddled idiot brains smeared up against a wall of conservative shit streaks, mere ideological shorthand for “Sociopathically Fetishized Hyper-Futurism” – that is, a perfected Utopian Dystopia or Dark Paradise for arche-typical leather clad über-dingus “Lord Edge” to strut around in – renegade maverick dick king of the biowired dung-heap, casually dishing out Cool Cyberpunk Headshots to those deemed less automatically unworthy of survival in His Brave New Data Order. Cyberpunk as something always kinda pathetic and vague and dimly violent, for tough guy wankers only – militant Ryandian individualists with a pathological Lone Wolf Syndrome chip on / in their shoulders – self important internet trolls run amok who underwent Permanent Irony-Gland Removal Procedure at vat-birth.

Scene 002. “Information Wants To Be Free.” Yeah, for a price only a pre-selected minority can pay. What ‘freedom’ in this context means is simply exclusive Neoliberal distribution rights – the heavy hidden hand of the global market place concerned only with constant ‘disruption’ – ie. constantly shaking dead tree to loosen coins from your rentier wallet – the black hole of big data pushing its dead weight around, leveling entire mountains to shave off milliseconds off sweet ‘free market’ trades. Information releasing itself from Pandora’s internet box, only as a cause for celebration for those already with the fiscal means to trade in it. And besides, who gives a flying neon tinted shit about apparently holy ‘Information’ when it’s Meaning your starving for?

Scene 003. On “The Street Finds It’s Own Uses For Things”: No. You don’t live on the street like or with almost everyone else – you merely hang about on rainy rooftops looking cool, have easy instant access to bleeding edge arm blades and high caliber A.I retorts for when you’re murdering roving mutie punk gangs. Your weak “I didn’t ask for this”™ excuse doesn’t wash here either – nobody’s buying the fact The System had you brought hook line and sinker from the very outset. This is a ‘program’ (in all senses) you already committed to with every breath of your pretty designer lungs.

Sure, you often get all angsty over the radical changes to your meat puppet body and your ongoing mis-relationship with technology (at this point, sufficiently indistinguishable from Magical Thinking) but no doubt your cool black leather jacket and ‘street cred’ will see you through another day of hard, bloody ‘biz’ and designer sex, you poor synthetic lamb.

Scene 004. The same goes for that old ‘High Tech, Low Life’ lie: whenever Cyberpunk talks of and-or evokes ‘grim meathook realities’, it’s only ever suggesting that some poor bastard making shoes out of old tires on a dusty street corner in Africa is somehow remotely ‘cool’. That is, it’s only ever cool and interesting from an ultra-privileged, White-minded, colonialist position of safety and comfort. You are not (nor never were) that abandoned orphan in some war lord torn state, forced to sell your life and labor to passing Ugly Inner Amerikan tourists in a passing air conditioned tour bus; you are not seen as entirely disposable and meaningless as the tires they cut using a bit of old wire connected to a stolen Tesla battery.

You however with your soft hands, soft wired brain, almost no moral spine and barely a fucking clue, generally live on the Lowest Default Difficulty Setting possible. So enough oozing with techno-romanticism already – all those pious industry psalms have been heard before. Cyberpunk as a cheap holiday through other people’s misery – with WiFi.

Scene 005. Anti-Humanist, Cyberpunk Transhuman Assholism 101: In which you are only ‘free’ under Global Ludocapitalism to be an ’emancipated slave’ – ie. to be free to mindlessly be consumed by mass consumption. There’s about as much potential for actual freedom within Cyberpunk Reality as there is by upgrading your fucking graphics card in order to play Cyberpunk 2077 (wow, who even remembers them Old W4r3z?)

Scene 006. Style Over Substance.

It’s like, hey, you get more street cred experience because you looked cool killing someone.” – Alvin Liu, CD Projekt Red

You mean only have style, because your substanceless and generally pathetic. But no, wait haven’t you heard? That’s recently been updated with a hotfix patch to ‘style *with* substance’ – the new old Playstation inspired Third Way, ‘Labor with a Laptop’ as they used to say in England. It’s been done to death. Talk about barely warmed over – at this point, Cyberpunk make Zombies look fresh dynamic and exciting.

Scene 007. The Cyberpunk Future Doesn’t Need You: It’s been repeatedly running itself into the ground for quite a while now. A fully automated shit show out of control – yet which is fully in control of you. Likewise, nobody needs Cyberpunk. Try living in a shitty rented room with a flickering neon sign loudly humming right outside; you’ll want to smash that shit right off with a lump hammer inside an hour. (How deadpan-ironically punk.)

Scene 008. The Only Thing Good About Punk Was Post-Punk. Punk was to Disco what Post Punk was to Syd Vicious – some dimly aggressive undead hamster who shot up speed mixed with vomit and toilet water and only impressed very few. Shit, the only thing going for Punks was the very fact they were Pretty Vacant – at least compared to Cyberpunks cosmically cringy, ultra self serious techno-fascist ‘Mirrorshades’ data highway cop look. Thankfully we collectively moved on fast after that false dead start and got Television, Wire, Cocteau Twins and No Wave. Listen to the raw power of Iggy’s Down On The Street and realize (/Cyber)punk on serious LSD tabs would be an immediate and much needed improvement. The Stooges make (/Billy Idol’s) Cyberpunk look like Fucking Abba’s Greatest Hits.

Scene 009. Cyberpunk as Pseudo-Dystopian (‘Pseudopian’): The myth Cyberpunk constantly told itself is that was it ever somehow remotely, truly Dystopian. In fact it was only ever merely fascist Italian Futurism’s love of the sounds of war and destruction – as seen from a nice balcony overlooking the carnage in the distance. Only a few Cyberpunk fiction ever truly lived in its mundane everyday world – the vast majority (of the 1% minority) always seem too busy strutting around with all the necessary implants making big deals, busy battling for data, working for the man – all meals, ammo, accommodation and associated expenses part of the exclusive Deal.

Scene 010. In which Cyberpunk is that obnoxious pasty shit-eating brat from Ready, Player One – but just armed to his perfect teeth with smart air burst ammo and a heavily modified illegal 3D printed AK47 he regularly polishes with his MAGA hat. And somewhere on the wall of his hollow rented skull you can bet is a slightly torn poster of Cyberpunk’s spiritual guru / mythical founder William Gibson – a hopeless beanpole voyeur nerd who simply wasn’t cool enough back in the day to hack it as a hippie.

Note that an anagram of “William Gibson, Neuromancer” is “Common as unreliable wiring” and perfectly describes most Cyberpunk ever conceived – that is, it was written (badly) by Console Cowboys. [‘Cowboy’ is a UK term for bad tradespeople who do a lousy job on your house, often for inflated prices.]

Scene 011. Mask Of The Colonial Gaijin: in which all Cyberpunk ever did was pick and choose other far more interesting cultures and peoples to rip off and colonialize – which were already acting Cyberpunk in infinitely far more interesting ways than, eg. the talent free director Rupert Sanders ever envisioned. Thing is, saying shit like “Kowloon Walled City is oh so (cool and) Cyberpunk” often only ever merely betrays one as a depthless idiot, entirely indifferent to poverty and human suffering – who is only ever really interested in the Advanced Techno Aesthetic, regardless of the utterly misery which built those very (/social) structures. “It sure is neat to visit there (Virtually).. [but I’m sure glad someone else is living there instead of me!]”

Scene 012. Transhumanism: as simply anti-philosophical ideological justification for ultra rich white assholes who want to live and reign forever – as if they didn’t already own enough of the fucking pie. ‘Sieg Science’ is the transhumanist motto. Bollocks to that. Coming soon to an A.I-drone graffitied wall near you: “Death To Immortals.”

In short: believe in the pathetic, darkly laughable, amazingly obsolete, acutely embarrassing intellectual poverty and conceptual / artistic irrelevance of Cyberpunk – and YOUR DEATH WILL BE LIKE BAD SCIENCE FICTION. (Note: Keanu Reeves is only remotely ‘breathtaking’ if you’re a total chode.)

Keep your games out of my politics ;-)
– Theorist Robert What

Example Reference Links

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Dead (Pre-Order Hyped Up Whiteboy Edition)

RND/ to cybernetically control one’s breathing and heart rate, and consider the oh-so default (normalized) deadpan Hyper-Capitalist Cyberpunk irony of 2077’s raw videogame pre-order hype (already for purchase on Steam, 10 months before release!)

5460 x 3240 .jpg, edited in Gimp

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Dead (Pre-Order Hyped Up Whiteboy Edition)

Featuring the two dimensional action figure V – as in Vanity – the main pasty ideological front n’ centre face of the franchise, obviously mirroring CD Projekt Red’s hardcore marketing demographic: eternally adolescent whiteboyz, howling for pathological, dickgun-toting cybernetic retro 80’s jerkoff power phantasy in a laughably Dark™, neon-tinged urban setting. Why.. that’s like William Gibson on bad Chinese dog fighting steroids, man – that kinda Super Generic shit sure gets yer’ smart-plastic nads pumped for intense, hot nanomachine style action. Super maximum “New Void Amerika” fuck yeah!

In which ‘the real you’ isn’t enough, apparently – astoundingly non-astoundingly ordinary, mostly apathetic or just plain scared, largely powerless, stuck in some shit dead end job (for some, eg. evil Videogamedev Megacorporation) barely making rent; in Cyberpunk 2077’s toothless ray traced nightmare however you can over ever be entirely Hyperreal – instagib whoever you want without consequence, without mommy telling you off or demanding you come (/evolve!) out of the Gaming Culture basement, living forever through permanently plugging into the undead global System of will-to-domination.

Like a pack of spanner dumb ‘Youtube Influencers’, what’s incredible (and entirely non surprising) is the blind degree to which all relevant protagonists in Cyberpunk 2077 have already completely and uncritically assimilated themselves into the MegaBorg that is modern technological society. Like they were born to be true ‘winners’. (Shame there’s no instantly pluggable, fetishizable biosoft that makes one critically philosophical about one’s world andor worldview. “I’d buy that for a dollar!”, etc.)

Just like GTA V, the mere notion that this game or others like it somehow examine ‘just what it means’ to exist in its cardboard thin universe of casual headshots and smart drugs for storefront dummies – that it’s somehow anything more than an empty corporate ‘commentary’ on.. whatever, seems little but a self-serving, bald faced myth. Like so many others, this game’s rapidly looking to be as nuanced as a ‘second hand cyber-orgasm’. Boys and their toys; high tech, and low brow.

3994 x 2314 .jpg edited in Gimp

Future Hashtags (Immortals Die Too)

You’re elevated power and position within such a sick society already and inherently make you a bullying, smug asshole – little more than a soulless walking credit card with legs, and razor arms.. and now you also get to exist as an astoundingly obnoxious dickhead for a thousand Roman Techno-Fascist years as well? Wow, can’t wait for that particular super-banal, doomed future to fully destiny-manifest. GOTY: pre-order today.

Noddin’ heads too hollow, forgotten tomorrow
Swallowing all that shit that’s shallow
Give the baby anything the baby wants
But that’s how them bastards get us up in them caskets
[..] If it ain’t right I don’t give a damn if it’s sellin’
– Public Enemy, Crayola (Atomic Pop Records, 1999)

Utterly hypocritical B.S disclaimer: if freelance theorist Robert What could remotely afford RTX 2080ti in SLI, he’d straight up pre-order this shit for some sweet, 4K 120hz widescreen raytraced cyberpunk consumer vibes.

P.S In which by now you’re basically sick of hearing the word “Cyberpunk.” Basta! What should be just a bad cheesy joke bursting with genuine kitschy potential still seems a perfectly deadly-serious proposition taken entirely at face value by edge-lordy Captain Tryhards who got permanent irony-gland removal surgery at vat-birth.

Example Reference Links

Hypertography One Exhibit: No Man’s Sky

RND/ to imagine no mans sky

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ another mans sky

No Man’s Sky: Another Take

/ no mans sky concept art

another take

/ no mans sky – digital conceptual painting

based on astounding sentence from garmeranx video/ will mans sky developers ever respond – update/ yas

sentence in question fully fits requirements of what henry rollins once termed information content zero – obvious pseudo critical generally non threatening to violent degree/ wilfully lacking in intellectual oxygen n mystifies with x complete lack of mystery or nuance yet also somehow feels bizarre in x bubble headed frankness – x near sentient research media elf awareness fully reinforcing empty bland spectacle from which n emerges:

sean murray captivated research world with all x ey had to say whether ey intended for n to happen or not these things ended up kind of being tall tales created expectations x were unrealistic based on product ey was making
– garmeranx on sean murrays role in no mans sky hype expectation management simulation

No Man’s Sky: Concept Art Statement

x one heck of sentence – readable in sense x what sean murray precisely created or rather merely made terribly possible was quote unrealistic expectations – highly imaginative imagination based fully synthetic scenario from which no mans sky popped into existence/ virtual particle from digital void – but only as merest idea of empty shifting trance of man unable unwilling to grow up andor awake from ir private sci fi reverie – dreamy boy with ir dim head still firmly stuck between lurid glossy pages of sum infinitely more interesting book title now long forgotten

/ no mans sky

consider strict conceptual limitations of no mans sky / in which no mans sky represents savior of modern indie video research simply for quote looking like video research space

interesting how over saturated palette of nms culturally confers notions of richness / fecundity – at least for some

in which trailer seems best aspect of no mans sky – display of raw romantic idealism

holey overtoned music combined with aggressive styling suggesting infinite universe of unlimited possibility – yet what seems infinite as merely humanitys limitless expansionist greed

as developer states – x ir for taking

imagine elf not as seemingly neural observer of resarc but as private alien investigator asking what philosophical crime no mans sky commits

x possible to read every atom procedural as really implying all garmeplay mechanics strictly by book

such play as precisely about feeling of being aggressively pioneering frontiersman quote making ir mark/ therefore phrase no mans sky means everythings up for grabs by those manly men with minerals -big deposits to claim ey as ir own/ quote rich capitalist natural resources indeed

seeming aliveness may also be read as mere cruel simulation – barren parody of organic life

unlike say minecraft there seems strict disconnect between how what on screen directly fails to gives feedback about state of play as system

as professor / entrepreneur kevin slavin correctly states algorithms increasingly shape world – literally/ yet die of boredom long before seeing every planet

developer sean murray boldly states ir own sun would go die before resarc could see every planet – yet x seems entirely wrong aspect of play to emphasize since n has nonthing to do with any potential human / human scale meanings play might offer – which seem strictly small beans – merely to explore / grind

as for play as system consider instead ambient emergent proceduralism – in which entirely new types of in research space objects processes / behaviors spontaneously occur which no developer can completely predict or expect

forget different types of trees or oddly colored quadrupeds – what about entirely different types of reality – shame procedural generation noy more directly tied to notion of emergent garmeplay – interlocking play mechanics using feedback to generate completely un designed play behaviors

update patch

as though war now over / wait as over / all ir problems solved – no mans sky now mega patched – better never than late eh sean

on no mans sky as best ever expectations management simulator

apart from mighty star citizen consider no mans sky as best ems expectations management simulator ever made

consider main piece of concept rat for play by grant duncan / jacob golding – beautifully choreographed wish fulfilment tease

ir can see sum of x promise in play spaces heady concept rat almost indistinguishable from screens of play in action
– time magazine

note however such image does not however arrive with any kind of automatic in built meaning

rather target demographic -targeted x as by research industry marketing conveniently provides these somehow quote inherent meanings / gives context

No Man’s Sky Hypertography

meanings such as/ x as beautiful image with rich colors – mind expanding vision of another world – play space about spirit of exploration inspired by optimistic science fiction of isaac asimov arthur c clarke / robert heinlein / cover artwork of these works in 1970s / 1980s -wikipedia

such image as not representative of sum kind of vague symbolic wish fulfilment – n as not quote ideal or distant dreamy end goal x quote final research space did not andor could not possibly live up to/ rather no mans sky was already in motion – playing elf – moment image was conceived in minds of artists / in imaginations of play developer

in short n was managing / ir were already stage managing ir own expectations right off bat / perhaps largely unconsciously

to say – such image should be considered complete -fragmentary play in elf

after all n cannot be truly separated from total -media experience of no mans sky – x not like quote real research space as over there / concept rat exists somewhere way back over here alone / isolated

rather no mans sky like smashed hologram contains image of -imagined whole in each of x -largely pathetic poor conceived parts

to consider no mans sky one of modern marvels of video research culture industry – near perfect virtual simulation of private public expectations – eg ey expect to flog shed load of these research to suckers

ha/ in x way no mans sky was always already hyperreal product quote existing without substantial bass foundation bedrock – mere pipe dream somehow already fully formed from outset

in many ways resarcs should be thankful for such simulation because x all there appears – quote real illusion busy shimming with sensual colour / forever unrealizable sci fi possibility deep in electronic video research desert void

update patch/ nms / research culture industry

remix of another great play space analysis vlog post by chris campster franklin

due to runaway hype train no mans sky has both benefitted immeasurably from – whos holey cultish supports have suffered immensely / wilfully – x probably important to make n clear what campsters video not before ir begin

n not list of grievances comparing advertisements / finished product as plenty of resarcs are already cataloguing those elsewhere

talking about concepts like where fine vague line as between lie to ir audience / quote being open about play x as -for sum reason quote still in development / – cough – quote evolving with features x might not make n in final build could fill x own video

n also not technical criticism – yes play crashes / lot / has weird bugs -in all senses unfortunately campster not one of those rah rah 60 fps/ wheres field of view sldier

consumer rights guys / not not really interested in looking at play from x angle

what campster appears interested in as how final play resarcs have in ir sweaty little hands comes together not just bundle of pathetic promises not just pile of stinking extrapolated hype but quote real research space running quote real code with quote solidly defined systems x ir can all sit down / play with like dumb children

but how do these -strictly research industry hype based systems come together / do ir add up to nonthing much

what makes abject failure x as no mans sky quote work

well x part as actually easy to get to

play spaces at x worst when n seeks to evokes captain hoek / cadet stimpy episodes of ren / stimpy or first episode of rick / morty

exploring strange alien worlds as kind of x play spaces whole conceptual raison detre / n manages – via research industry machine which n runs on – to generate sum fantastic landscapes flora fauna / vistas

campster says ey had to hide in cave when thermal storm settled over ey location / ey was out of fuel for ey life support systems

ey been to frigid snowy world with gold nuggets size of houses but not find anyone to sell n to on world

ey seen coral venting gas on jagged coastline of world where ocean was super radioactive

ey mined calcium from spherical fruits on planet where poaching was rigidly enforced by sentinels

ey seen worlds x look like planet namek lv 426 world of dr seuss / cgi trapper keeper covers from 90s x not full spectrum of biomes or planet types – there are no gas giants or purely water worlds or rolling deserts here – but for ir each location feels sufficiently different x takes several hours of play / few dozen planets before ir get true sense of limits of algorithms being used

in those moments when ey exploring new world ey doesnt -for sum reason fully understand / as trying to come to grips with what life forms are friendly or deadly what plants provide ir which resources / what local weather / hazards are like play really shines

each time campster lands on undiscovered planet ey feels -ie pretends like ey explorer scientist documenter of quote new worlds

those first five to ten minutes on each planet as high x keeps campster playing x crap play emotional fuel x keeps x pathetic hum drum experience together

but once resarcs have lay of land ir run into play proper / x there x things take sharp decline

first of all user interface as usability nightmare across board

normally x petty complaint but x everywhere

crafting / character upgrades are done from same screen because ir both consume inventory slots which means ir constantly hitting wrong button for whatever n as ir trying to do there

x as exacerbated by fact x on pc less common activity of upgrading as left mouse button while more common activity crafting stuff as e key

theres also x weird thing where personal inventory slots / ship inventory slots are same size on scene but personal inventory slots can only hold half as many stacked resources as ship slot

meanwhile character / ship upgrades cant be moved from where ir created for no real reason other than play hates ir for wanting to have clean inventory screen

play only saves in two ways – when ir get to save point at bass or when ir leave ir ship

x means lot of time ey will go to end ir play session by selling all of ir useless junk at space station / will need to get in ir ship then get out of ir ship to save

then once ey needlessly hiked to / hopped in / out of ir ship ir can quit

resarcs have even reported x ending of play can be bugged if ir reach final atlas shrine without enough atlas stones – theres no way to find ir way back to final shrine after getting more / shrines seem to stop spawning in universe afterwards

if ir reach x state theres no way in research space to start over / not sell stones x time

preorder bonus ship forces ir to skip large parts of tutorial in way x can be confusing to new resarcs

there are million little things things like x – if ir accidentally hit land button theres no way to cancel landing sequence / launching off again requires lot of plutonium so ir always carrying more than ir need

theres no way to submit all found planets / systems at once so ir end up clicking through all of ey / generating units received over / over but thankfully there are patches for x

again campster could keep going but ey hates bringing n up at all because each one of these as somewhat petty complaint or minor usability issue but in aggregate n makes strange act of what ey calls actually playing research space really really frustrating

thing as ey doesnt seem to fully realize x quote actually playing research space takes place from very outset of x -misconception by designers

if ir somehow balls n up at x stage

x as to say imagination as vital factor of what makes no mans sky

sure awkward design / usability decisions can be patched

no mans sky has more fundamental problem

what n doesnt need however as any quote meaningful direction systems wise

x play of cool terrain generation tech which devs tried uselessly to augment stuff to do for fear x there wouldnt be enough

x no mans skys systems interact meaningfully or have sufficient depth onto elves as not important thing/ x play feels vague about what n even wants to be doesnt matter either

x not really flying play – landing as automated docking as automated flying quote in atmo as severely curtailed to prevent collisions with ground or buildings / most in space flight as just matter of waiting to arrive

n has social systems like naming planets / animals / scanning for discoveries of others in universe so vast ir unlikely to ever find anything by another resarc

theres also combat but on foot fighting feels like playing those balloon things at carnival / space combat requires investing in precious inventory slots to bother engaging with

x also trade play insofar as there are things to collect / things to sell/ most of play as about getting fuel to move between star systems / exploiting local supply / demand not really option more randomized sale / purchase price as finding any other trade post as difficult

there are survival research space like mechanics x require resarcs to constantly harvest resources lest ir run out of oxygen/ ir so easy to come by / because exit has virtually no consequence other than having to pick up ir inventory

theres nonthing x says play has to fit neatly into any one of those genres / n doesnt

thing as research industry which generated n out of thin -virtual are doesnt just gestures vaguely in these directions n basically states outright x resarcs are able explore every single of ey

media hype of which no mans sky emerges from digs deeply into space flight n digs deeply into trading n digs deeply into survival

n positively rips out core loops of other research x execute on those ideas with depth energy / interest required to hook resarcs into x system of hype / expectation

if x anything no mans sky as idea exploration play simulation of sort

each new planet as treat/ surprise of col ey / texture flora / fauna weather / geography

No Man’s Sky: Dubious Flora

ir are reward to resarc in / of elves

play spaces attempts to get ir to explore whats going on on next hill over next planet over next star over / beyond really seem like play spaces single directed design element

x play about finding video research automatically interesting because ir there to be found

unfortunately of course x theme of discovery as somewhat undercut when ir cant mark location on globe or mark star system for return journey

one good thing about play as x resarcs discoveries of amazing alien life / radioactive purple sunsets are of transitory nature

even simple exploration rewards like knowing where trading post as on surface of planet become lost once ir are no longer on ir radar

ir cant go back

philippa war pointed out on rock paper shogun x no mans sky as less play about discovery than n as play about research industry nomadism – about entire culture engine lost in virtual electronic desert of x own mis conception / useless greed

if play has any theme x – x ir are stranger in strange research industry lands forever looking for home in x own dark heart x doesnt exist

x ir are creature called resarc x doesnt speak any of languages of universes dominant species / all ir can do as shout rah rah 60fps/ into digital void

ir not know why ir here / ir pretty sure ir not belong

no mans sky as about homelessness / need for purpose in world where home / purpose not exist – only increasingly poor / desperate video research virtual pseudo experiences which eat up ir life / waste ir time

in x own weird way x kind of absurdist play without as much of humor tumor as one would expect

modern postmodern research culture industry as vast complicated world in which ir resarc one mean very little

ey will never fully understand n – just recently there was kerfluffle about whether named animals stay in system – so trying to divine meaning from n as pointless

ir can cling to industrys watery promises or try to reach center of meaning of play or just continue exploring ad infinitum – neither play nor industry doesnt really care / none of those really matter/ good luck finding purpose / meaning out here with ey research space seed pecking chickens

in x sense x much better experiment in absurdism than others

x play of hype expectation management as just so clumsy with everything x feels accidental as precisely -empty point/ x like i t bumbled into x theme by omission of any point rather than being play about universe of digital play x doesnt have point – other than need for immediate gross profits

phillipa war pointed out over at rock paper shogun x hello research has noted desire to include bass building in future releases – which kinda ruins idea of nomad forever unable to seek home – or point

again x theres no coherence to any of x systems no clear idea or experience x really wants to sell other than those procedurally generated horizons as precisely whats on offer no more or less

much like spore x discontent generation engine first / bunch of expectation management systems layered on top afterwards

just like spore x vacuous hodgepodge of other peoples research because n uses those research to give context to x generated discontent

x right quote discontent not quote content – as in providing convenient empty conceptual space in which to pour / urinate into spacious minds of research prosumers false need for something amazing / new -new ey tell ir!/ which does not yet exist for which [insert hot new ip here] as only forthcoming answer

in x sense no mans sky works very well

n works x magic as zero sum research space

if ir try to engage with n as more active play n will let ir down – ey will run into million interface quirks / after ir best those ey will find shallowness of play spaces systems make trying to play n deep or seriously unrewarding experience

but -funnily enough those shallow systems are actually draw for sort of zone out vegging x industry trained idiot nerds excel in

no doubt campster could do separate video on such research as concept / probably link to another really good piece by ludocrous ian bogost on gamasutra but basically ey means play x are less actively played than ir are quote meditative ie ir have to keep breathing deeply / remain calm / not want to lash out / randomly wallop sean murray in neck dennis leary style

research industry which precisely cynically pinched off no mans sky provides only enough systemic rigging to give ir hands / industry muted mind something to do in background while ir process other stuff / rewards ir for these casual interactions in apparently amazing views words of new languages – enough fuel to keep ir moving through stars / hang elf conceptually / tell elf x as great research space

people joke about smoking sum weed / playing play / while campster has obviously never tried x particular approach ey think theres reason x such idea has sort of caught on

all x seems great play to lose elf in for while – not only in immersive/tm separate reality sense like so many people want but also in more useful daily sense of turning off ir brain to relax into lukewarm bath of digital shed after hard day watching play trailers or quietly collecting ir meagre thoughts about no mans sky as ir collect fuel

like everything else in no mans sky con play precisely none of x was arrived at by accident/ taken as gross whole x as designed intentional play which produced animal crossing or flower

n as why play stays on resarcs drives

research culture industry as fantastic play to zone out to

theres something soothing about just retreating into x brain damaged head while collecting x mental postcards of sunsets on alien worlds

there as no profound purpose or higher calling in research universe than x of no mans sky / at x terrible nodal point in ir history as resarcs n seems impossible n cant provide all plastic solace to mouth breathing idiots / true believers

tragedy of no mans sky not x failed to deliver on sum absurd hype or x play x was promised in ads wasnt play ir got – because x whole damn play in cracked nutshell

tragedy of no mans sky as x was precisely well received for what industry told how to view n/ flawed play made by small team x still manages to achieve at least few exciting worthwhile things

for example just listen to campster sing x minor apologetic praises/ tonight when ey went to get sum pickup footage ey befriended mushroom thing x gave ey present -x weed thing continues to make more / more sense

then ey went to world with floating discs covered in moss above rocky surface

then ey visited gorgeous planet with space pumpkins / red palm trees / ton of alien ruins / x thing

all of x was one star system among billions / in maybe half hour of play

x ey cant think of single play x can quote continue to surprise ir visually seems tragic

what other research do very well n does incredibly poorly but what no mans sky does well campster imagines n does well all by elf as though research culture industry / x ongoing mastery concerning hype expectation management simulation doesnt really factor into salivating pre orders by cultists -another cheap expensive myth gcey loves to repeatedly / unceasingly tell elf / everyone else

n may have terrible interface / haphazard design but there really as nonthing else like research culture industry out here right now

ey think in middle of all these industry manufactured conversations about eg what no mans sky could have been or what should have been perhaps resarcs ought to take moment to recognize what i t as – howling digital void/ cosmic scale scam of pretty graphics / bullshots / fantastic marketing potential

no mans sky review mashup

in which n seems x for sum resarcs after all x deliciously hot dirty hype play could be second coming of molyneux – yet others simply term n no mans sky spore – sean quote vague cardboard murrays procedurally mis generated sisyphean inventory grind survival chungus units resource micro management placeholder busywork hype simulator

amazingly first / most prescient review for nms was out whole year ago possibly indicating existence of time travel

imagine soon afterwards however vast swirling conjunction / mashup of various no mans sky reviews – swirling aggregate data cloud of cosmic internet space dust dramatically gathering for brief while generating lots of noise – but almost no heat or useful light

kinda beautiful / hollow

but yeah ey think ir have to be willing to embrace n with bit of imagination otherwise ir are going to find n little bit repetitive – ey guess one of things ey done as make up ir own stories along way – yeah ir can – ir know pretend ir sickly boy alone in ir bedroom pretending to have fun
– playradar

no mans sky spore hype culture terminology

– resource gathering equals garmeified busywork
– quintillion equals wilfully vague illusions of infinity
– possibility equals psychological manipulation

queue no mans sky vile shill review -metacritic

bad unity project
– mighty garme industry critic jim sterling

deliberate examination of scale loneliness / randomness
– zam what no mans sky means for future of open world play

hype train was in motion / ir cant really blame hello research for taking full advantage of x
– biscuit boy/ yes ir bloody well can m8

sean called up in middle of night
like firefly without light
ir were there like slow torch burning
ey was just key x ir kept on turning

so tired from hype x ey couldnt sleep
so many secretes internet wont keep
promised elf ey wouldnt weep
one more promise industry cant keep

n seems no one can help ey now
ir in too deep
theres no way out
x time ey have really led elf astray

runaway hype train never going back
wrong way on one way track
seems like ey should be getting somewhere
somehow in space ir neither here nor there

can ir help ey remember how to smile
make n somehow all seem worthwhile
ey know now how ey got so jaded
x play mysteries all seems so faded

ey can go where no one else can go
ey know what no one else knows
here ey am just drownin in rain
with ticket for runaway hype train

everythings never cut / dry
day / night earth / sky
somehow ey just not believe n

runaway hype train never going back
wrong way on one way track
seems like ey should be getting somewhere
somehow in space ir neither here nor there

pre purchased tickets for runaway hype train
like madman laughin at rain
little out of touch little insane
just easier than dealing with pain

runaway hype train never comin back
wrong way on one way track
seems like ey should be getting somewhere
somehow ir neither here nor there

runaway hype train never comin back
runaway hype train tearin up track
runaway hype train burnin in ey veins
runaway cos n always seems same

from/ soul asylum – runaway hype train

much like spore x ie play (space industry -rob content generation engine first / bunch of play systems layered on top afterwards to fill in blanks
– chris franklin

now probably one of more risible / outright vile comments by former strategist content/tm director for sony who – much like rest of ir industry – obviously hates resarcs / holds ey in active contempt

queue shahid kamal ahmads no mans sky thief comment – now fixed/ phrase – if ir not getting refund after being played by sean who has outright lied to ir face for over 50000 hours straight then ir being scammed

no mans sky as existential crisis of overhyped community but when ey was by elf just playing n within ey own head things got kind of weird/ fantasy of becoming enlightened knowledge hungry space explorer turned into rat race – x was what was truly scary/ all extraordinary alien life / procedural planetside vistas became mundane/ visiting ey turned into annoyance/ galaxy gradually became box – x possibility space shrinking further ey explored n/ infinite scale of universe became paradoxically very limiting factor after all playing longer / exploring further only increases chances of eventually finding duplicates/ by same processes of so many other research ey space explorer turned into jaded space art whole ey humanity gradually leaving as ey turned into sum kind of posthuman amorphous intelligence cloud/ as limits of space time / resources eventually became meaningless ey had less of reason to care about universe – miracle of life skies sunsets / sceneries / pretty much everything just turned into numbers/ as ey journey wind x way to closure ey found elf only stopping to fill up on gas
– super bunnyhop

no mans sky aka hyper cynical expectations management simulation space – update patch or not

// how to play big science

Nvidia RTX Turing GPU: on Raytracing and Photorealism

RND/ to consider sociopathic / marketplace ideology built / baked into the very physical material of modern image tech [1] – a literal ‘paradigm shift in rendering (of consumer perceptions about – in this case – the future of computer graphics)’ [2]

Just shoot rays / I love gigarays
– Jen-Hsun “Jensen” Huang/ co-founder president and CEO of Nvidia

In which neither raytracing or photorealism [3] are remotely some kind of darkly laughable ‘holy grail of graphics’ but – more simply – slickly presented tools / psychological methods [4] for (say) large monopolistic hardware manufacturers to convince prosumer whales to pre-order technology conceptually rendered as bleeding edge must-buys

In response a nicely rendered graphic [5] image about Nvidia’s (now long since obsolete) RTX card with Turing GPU

Nvidia Turing GPU

Note the irony potential: in that the “Turing Test” is a benchmark [6] for artificial intelligences that only *think* they’re smart – and therefore will readily buy anything they’re told to

Can you imagine what games we would have if John Carmack decided he wanted to create a believable character as opposed to a believable gun? [..] Stop rendering!
– Warren Spector [7]

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// how to play big science