The Existential Airlessness Of Old Half Life Mods

RND// To consider the strange existential airless of old Half Life (videogame) modifications: 3900 x 2220 .jpg That is, the sense of depthless estrangement and silent, desert-dry alienation felt while wandering such spectral nonplaces. Screenshots via Azure Sheep mod. Halo Infinite Existential Multiplayer Boredom Zack Snyder’s Awful “Army Of The Dead”: An Existential Movie Review … Read more

Sven Co Op: Half Life One Virtual Photography Screenshot Art Exhibit

RND/ To consider the virtual photography screenshort art of Sven Co-Op: 1920 x 1080 .jpg via Steam community Virtual Photography Exhibit: Global Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat FusionVille 1 Mod (Half Life 2): Widescreen Virtual Photography Screenshots Phoenix Contact Map (FusionVille 2 Mod): Widescreen Half Life 2 Virtual Photography Screenshots Pseudo Liminal Kenopsia In … Read more

Black Mesa Mod: Noclip Screenshot Photography Art Exhibit

RND/ To consider widescreen noclip screenshot photography of the amazing Black Mesa mod: 3440 x 1440 .jpg edited in Gimp I particular enjoy the shots of the desert. Virtual Photography Exhibit: Global Videogame Capitalism And Its Existential Threat. Pseudo Liminal Kenopsia In Videogame Spaces: PC Screenshot Photography Hyperreal Military PC Videogame screenshot photography exhibit Recent … Read more