Git Gud? Leet Gamers Cheated By Global Videogaming

RND/ to consider how [/the laughable notion of] ‘1337 gam0rz’ are themselves (anti-ironically) cheated by the [/mere existence of the spectacle of the] culturally unregulated, multi-billion dollar Global Videogames Industry – already a towering monolith of raw, often cruel Ludocapitalist power: 5760 × 2851 .jpg, compiled in Gimp In which some don’t grow, or improve … Read more

Quantum Break: GOTY

RND/ a quantum break goty parody – for historical archiving purposes Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit to consider quantum break – unamazingly cheesy corporate sy fi shoehorned into arbitrary jumped up slowmo mechanic – representing so large -yet so typical example of industrys/tm near total creative black hole bankruptcy n creates terrifying bio gravitational … Read more

Mass Effect Andromeda: Asari Sci Fi Crotch Shot Mentality

RND/ to consider the odd Effects of Mass: part of the Hypertography One Exhibit Scene: Ass Effect Blandromeda Where one gets to casually roleplay as a dead eyed space case with bad hair, full of kinda-cool accidental oddities & discontinuities: – Allied characters merging into one nightmarish gestalt entity during cutscenes – NPCs creating duplicates … Read more

The irony of IGN Editor Filip Miucin plagiarizing reviews for Games Industry Copypasta

RND/ To consider the acute irony of (now ex) IGN Editor Filip Miucin caught plagiarizing reviews: – In an all but creatively bankrupt industry worth $115 billion (queue evil laughter / cheap lightning fx) where flagrant copy pasta clones get pinched off year after year into hungry, uncritical open mouths – with of course now … Read more