On Professional Streamers, Skilled Gaming and ‘Winners’

RND/ To consider identifying what exactly feels so irksome about this allegedly pure, true (e)sports-man moment of videogame Skill, AKA ‘winning’ – specifically, the moment when virtual projectile meets idiot skull. In which there still exists a strong cultural assumption about videogames secretly ‘being fun’ – where ideologically this means ‘playing to win’, and nothing … Read more

Jim Sterling’s Guilt Free Gaming Manifesto, 2020

RND/ To consider a popular ‘guilt free gaming manifesto’ as formally named in 2020 by The Mighty Jim Sterling: FUCKING GRAPHICS, MOTHER FUCKERRRRR! (POPULAR GAMING MANIFESTO 2020) “No think. Game good! Game good so no think about sad when fun good game is a big yes to play. Gameplay? Fun. Graphics? Yes. Politics? No politic. … Read more

Git Gud? Leet Gamers Cheated By Global Videogaming

RND/ to consider how [/the laughable notion of] ‘1337 gam0rz’ are themselves (anti-ironically) cheated by the [/mere existence of the spectacle of the] culturally unregulated, multi-billion dollar Global Videogames Industry – already a towering monolith of raw, often cruel Ludocapitalist power: 5760 × 2851 .jpg, compiled in Gimp In which some don’t grow, or improve … Read more