The Creepy, Empty And Uncanny World Of (Dead) Tactical Multiplayer Shooter “Ground Branch”

RND/ To imagine PC screenshot art / virtual photography of a creepy, empty and uncanny world of (possibly Undead On Arrival) tacticalâ„¢ multiplayer shooter called “Ground Branch”: 1920 x 1080 .jpg With its souless, dead eyed character models, its deep shadows, largely featureless universe, bizarre poses and janky physics, Ground Branch delights in a sinister … Read moreThe Creepy, Empty And Uncanny World Of (Dead) Tactical Multiplayer Shooter “Ground Branch”

Virtual Photography Exhibit: Global Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat

RND// in which you spent a year or more collating and editing images with what you term ‘that special shine’ – in other words “Hypertography: abstract conceptual images rendering strange the depthless virtual paradise of Global Videogame Capitalism (aka Ludocapitalism) – its hyperreal spectacle, its symbolic fiction and existential threat.” That is, the threat of … Read moreVirtual Photography Exhibit: Global Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat

Thank You For Your Interest In A Kitsch Conceptual Portrait

RND/ To consider a kitsch conceptual portrait: 7680 x 4320 .jpg Featuring three ducks up the wall and a sentient plant pot posting as an overpaid gallery curator Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept: $85,000 – contact Rob for details — // how to play big science

Public Domain Retro Comic Pop Art

RND/ to consider pop art posters based on nicely cheesy, public domain retro comics mostly 2688×3840, .jpg, cleaned up in Gimp Notes arising: this project took a little too long to complete for my liking; along the way, I found myself thinking that making art is deathly boring. Thing is, I’ve not the imagination to … Read morePublic Domain Retro Comic Pop Art

Super Generic Corporate Stock Gallery

RND/ To imagine a super generic [1] corporate stock art galley: What do such expressions say, what values do they signify – other than an endless self referential political blandscape of hyperreal corporate stock photos so generally generic their stunning obviousness hurts. So generally devoid of artistry, being so utterly corporate in their unabashed consumerist … Read moreSuper Generic Corporate Stock Gallery

Conceptual Portraits and Profiles Gallery

RND/ To consider imaginary portraits and profiles – a gallery: 20 minute justice system Virtual Art Experience: Example Statement via Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What: In which some robotic voice emanates from a hole in the wall, providing clear instructions for the innocent: “Please check if true: You’re Daddy’s rich – He features pale skin … Read moreConceptual Portraits and Profiles Gallery

Misc Image Studies Gallery

RND/ To consider a miscellaneous conceptual image study gallery: Fiver From A Good Samaritan Satirical remix of soul suckingly self righteous article in The Daily Torygraph [1]: Profits from this art to be shared with charities for working mothers. In which some pompous stranger on a train who condescendingly praised a mother with a fiver … Read moreMisc Image Studies Gallery