A Study Of The Light In English TV Series Solo Starring Felicity Kendal

RND/ To consider a study of the light in ‘very English’ BBC TV comedy series Solo starring Felicity Kendal and written by Carla Lane: 1920 x 1440 .jpg Ooh boy, does this series ever feel distinctly of-its-time. Offensive non-offensiveness. Pseudo-feminist claptrap with distinct historical foreshadowing shades of Fleabag. The main character constantly allows herself to … Read more

Ms Marvel: Feminist Comic Book Templates

RND// To consider Ms. Marvel comic book templates. Samples: Download sixty .jpg (2100 x 3000): ms-marvel-feminist-comic-book-templates-robert-what.zip Public Domain Retro Comic Pop Art Free Postmodern Marvel Comic Templates Hypertography One Exhibit: Mirror’s Edge Comic Moby Dick: ‘Four Color’ Retro Comic Remaster Kitsch Postmodern Retro Comic Templates: Avengers Marvel Masterworks Review: “Chronosis” comic book by Reza Negarestani … Read more