80s Fantasy Art Painting of The Regular Reader

RND/ To consider an 80’s style fantasy art painting, inspired by the only regular reader of your blog. *sniff*

3840 x 3114 .jpg, based on a window display by Ryoko Ishioka. Face by actress Cec Verrell.

The Regular Reader

Rather than creating communication, it exhausts itself in the act of staging communication. Rather than producing meaning, it exhausts itself in the staging of meaning. A gigantic process of simulation that is very familiar. The nondirective interview, speech, listeners who call in, participation at every level, blackmail through speech: ‘You are concerned, you are the event, etc.’ More and more information is invaded by this kind of phantom content, this homeopathic grafting, this awakening dream of communication.
– Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation

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