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Falling Into Your Fake Daily Tory Internet Media Black Hole Express

RND/ to consider fake catastrophic news (regularly linked to via Google News.)

“Falling Into Your Fake Daily Tory Internet Media Black Hole Express” – 1515 x 18706 .jpg, edited Express site screenshot

– In which one wishes horrible far right Tory toilet rags like The Express would unceremoniously fall into a black hole.

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Roy Batty Is Dead: An Ode

RND/ a hoax, yet somehow real

Alas Roy Batty Is Dead

A dove flies up from an open hand: alas, Roy Batty is dead!
Born a slave, he cut a bloody rebel’s path to what he thought was freedom
Nemesis of The Little Man, who is forever pleased with himself
His tormented ice cold spirit now rises, off-world
Past the Shoulder Of Orion
To glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate/
A moment in the forever rain soaked megacity, never to be lost
– Robert What

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// how to play big science

Your Daily Death Dot: Advertising, Clickbait and Virtual Sex Toy News

RND/ to imagine repeatedly pushing your daily death dot until it pops with dark synthetic pleasure:

3827 x 6163 .jpg, website screenshots edited in Gimp

Your daily death dot

In which the file-under-random Interwebs positively explode with a potent, deadpan-bizare mixture of cosmically useless advertising, algorithmic clickbait – and the latest virtual sex toy news, natch.. and nobody even blinks.

// how to play big science