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Hypertography One Exhibit: A Hallucinatory Resemblance

RND/ to imagine videographic images with symbolic a hallucinatory resemblance

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

[..] we are in a logic of simulation, which no longer has anything to do with a logic of facts. Thus, hyper-realists fix a reality from which all meaning and charm, all depth and energy of representation have vanished in a hallucinatory resemblance. Thus, everywhere the hyperrealism of simulation is translated by the hallucinatory resemblance of the real to itself.. illusion is no longer possible, because the real is no longer possible
– Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra And Simulation

to consider strange reminders of realities of virtual nonplaces/ what hardcore internet theorist robert what calls single serving dioramas – modern dislocations waiting for odd events to manifest

note following code / descriptions may not match current locally manifesting image set:

in virtual worlds x often no reason for scale to exist except as just another dynamically shifting play space mechanic

– dig x shot from l4d2 mod of luxury cruiser consider how n would look to resarcs on ship to see giant rifle outside ir window knock whole thing on x side with single push – giving new meaning to father teds dichotomy of small / far away

– next image missing presumed deleted

n would be cool to think x location as objectively real in x someone could actually work there in play space almost have career – even effect outside world from ir monitor

phrase/ ey used to work here for couple months part time – surfed net checked ey mail/ non ever arrived – even spam bots stayed away – occasionally took parking tickets from polite rival gangs of near future cyber tech road warriors who duelled to exit over non specified matters of peace gained through subtle application of superior all amerikan firepower/ pay sucked but hours were bad – ey just played ultra violent research spaces most days occasionally let barrier down on passing motorcyclists/ what odd use of life / time x was
– resarc phil raptor / big science

– combat data angel/ image currently missing – another scene from off limits mod/ in which enemy resarcs appear to main juggernaut as bizarre winged data angels

– contrast between desaturated environment electric blue of resarcs – iron heavy clack clunk of minigun spinning up down so beautiful/ if only entire environment was meaningfully destructible john woo style

– screenshot from unknown play space probably zombie survival in garrys mod/ dig classic missing model error sign as seen from underwater – what cool about ripple effect as x one imagines myriad of physical details effects taking on important in world / play space meaning – viewing ecology of dynamic sub systems inter acting as though alive as though one were alive / as though ey were alive – not sure which

procedural infinity evoking limitlessness in play spaces/ imaginary example of what ey call direct resarc based generation / manipulation of quote play space time – pst – on fly

– x something about tiled floors which always evokes sensations of magical surrealism/ these however paradoxically confuse distinctions between inside outside

light in x scene imparts messages from missing present virtually impossible to explain in simpler terms using any aesthetic schemata other than post newtonian logics expressed therein / without – x scene acts as though waiting for something – just as ir do

– sky rig final approach/ perhaps map from garrys mod x as what ey call final approach to sky rig/ final approaching means immanent one way philosophical or conceptually abstract journey to location or quote videoette state of mind – just like approaching runway final approaches to / within play spaces are delicate matters of heart as lot can go wrong / all too right before crash landing on other sides of fence

to feel x something interesting perhaps even profoundly revelatory over other side of – often arbitrarily – impassable invisible knee high research fence as common in modern advanced video research/ such scenes are inevitable part of design process

while ey physically indicate natural world boundaries psychologically symbolically ey represent unexplored philosophical ideational gravity potential often of high magnitude

such scenes seem to say x despite / because of inherent design limitations of play space system there exist inherent gaps voids inconsistencies – unexpected views of unplanned exploratory potential expansive imaginative possibility

like petrol sign such scenarios are mentally inflammatory as ey simultaneously bring alive otherwise dull research play space spaces to life bring melancholic pain to resarcs unable to explore experience alternative existence forever just beyond barrier

– liquid ninja stealth mission/ scene from l4d2 – something went badly wrong with chopper/ ir were trying to get to n when all textures momentarily inverted turned partially fluid – which then formed sentient eye from surface of helicopters side window/ eye does not blink but just stares in deadpan amusement

to ir dismay violent surprise n was only then ir realized ir were heavily augmented vat grown cyborgs on liquid ninja stealth mission deep into artificial mind of modern postmodern video ultra research/ words

– lighting effects zone/ box full of light perhaps from occupied city 17/ plants or parodies of organic life growing steadily in heat moisture of sum unknown – resarc – processing facility/ opportunity to observe existence independent of events around n/ faint bubbling noises/ diffuse border slowly permeating organic data/ occasional silent hop of sand fleas in hidden fractal microworld

another lighting effects zone/ light shadow all shades between – perhaps still inherently limited/ pointless of brick textures except as emotional texturing/ seen from x angle one wonders what play space of raw philosophical speculation might look like in play space objectification – once again somewhat tiredly reconsidering meaning of what n as to be in play space object

perhaps n would be cool to be able to instantly swap andor combine properties of objects – bike ey can shoot like shogun shotgun x uses resarcs on bikes as ammo

– sudden quote cry of fear as one realizes everything in particular universe features unstable properties

– gmod rooftops/ another chance encounter with quote video real/ what n means to be resarc in world x always accepts ey – as integral component of x system

– rooftop conversations about currently contested meanings dramatic implications/ unique quality of light which says so much through being invisibly ubiquitous/ strongly implied class distinctions between quote mingebags as yet unable to access rooftop level with elf anointed guardians of enforced fun unable to tell ey how less delicate social pecking order be disrupted

– human revolution lab complex/ ultra hyped graphical fidelity bind pursuit of total cinematic realism/ everything in x room as now meaningfully interactive – has effect on as yet unknown system of play space – no more will wires pipes switches valves suffer from lack of resarc minds touching ir surfaces with virtual hands inter acting with ey in carefully ai modulated dance of feedback

– behind scenes/ as where ir now play meta religiously unburdened by meaning/ aesthetic appreciation as what ir seek – chance to express ineffable digital context of ir current epistemological dislocation other sentient myths

– in flight movie for monad/ arbitrary mornings

– ok were finally here now what/ yet why question potential for events to happen but not very existence of place where ir allegedly supposed to be taking place/ in what way are ir precisely supposed to think ir are here/ x seems all there as – elf another illusion n seems

entire misty coffee mornings spent puttering around in small island life listening to damp creak of splintered planks long swollen warped by acidic digital tide/ adventuresome days

feeling ey could go anywhere do anything – if only whole world were inverted into nth dimension where sight of blue skies no longer signifies fake 2d infinity of skyboxes plastered on as afterthought

useless feeling when ey look at two buildings wonder if two coms satellite crossed lovers live there forever separated by farcically arcane obtuse global social adult networks of prevention control – but then drive on in ey abandoned junker content to continue with ey deadpan laughably blase resarc existence

– desktop virtuality/ to come across unguarded access node in virtual landscape – to realise one as possibly already nth in infinite nested series fractal holographic

– garage concrete/ architectural recompositions in x idiom are not restricted to normal rules of melody harmony rhythm metre – much like musique concrete/ oh for chance to burst through x wall of rust to burst x pipe to play with lights set up stage campfire – to more fully utilize space as function of social / narrative acts of play – not merely as result of play space as abstract system

– image/ megacity stalker/ done of citidel – as posed in gmod

– citadel escape/ in which no escape from citadel labyrinth seems possible – citadel as everywhere / everything – except citadel elves unnaturally

Anthem Game: Nice Combo

rnd/ anthem

nice condescending combo – duckhead

to consider endless chorus of condescending combos repeatedly stamping on mechanized power dynamic face of dim pew pew based research forever

rather than continually / mindlessly shooting eg extra large dangerous sure yet living spiders for seconds / instead consider existing alongside – or even help protect – such wonderfully bizarre planetary ecologies from random gun toting flock nuts

DayZ: Breugel Cruises

rnd/ consider brother Breugel cruising DayZ

Driving along in my automobile/ running down zombies/ my steering wheel

Deep Sea Gamedev Narcosis Syndrome

rnd/ on ocular narcosis/ deep sea hype diving

consider whatever seems interesting about narcosis play space by honor code lies not in play but more simply in current virtual reality hype

x may lead to shortness of breath -mouth breathing tech nerd headaches confusion over cynical nature of modern research media / eventual slow drowning in desperately glossy bs of slick digital advertising

narcosis elf seems play largely devoid of engaging challenging ideas about x dull subject matter / instead seems dominated by lifeless textures flat narrative delivery ponderous pace tacked on sense of plastic fear / underwhelming rat direction

indeed x one of those obvious quote clever uses of materials type artworks which brian eno dislikes so much – like x 50 shades of greyscale book/ wow aim high

x merely exists appears simply not enough – whole idea in fact being obvious / uninspired use of vr

one big dumb beast describes current state of narcosis bit too well

x ir think/ nonthing else to say/ x as end – ir might as well float home

realitys harsh mistress right

– what/ unless x recorded audio log to future generation for prosperity whos x guy speaking to

improving narcosis – sum possible design improvements

– drop voice over or fully flesh n out into real character
– x not about suit or rather suit should appear meaningful multi levelled survival system
– x about body in suit x exposure to various extremes of psychological pressure – isolation deep cold
– develop use of vr headset as useful survival tool or bringer of new in research space perspectives not merely as novel electronic landscape presentation device
– no such thing as too much coffee

rnd/ narcosis syndrome deep sea play development

to consider deep sea play development narcosis syndrome

example ratist statement via robert what/ dspdns – inevitable negative effect of mistakenly diving deep into modern -obsolete play development / resulting terminal boredom / unconsciousness induced by narcotic drug of current -inhuman human computer interface design andor through coding anesthesia

most easily simulated or imagined by looking at following play development screen of narcosis -pc by honor code

– could there be anything less interesting – less directly engaging or playful – than current way resarcs still develop
– gee lot of those menus in play development engine user interface look really complex fiddly / tiny – ey bet ir could make all kinds of endlessly fascinating minor tweaks to any number of ey over infinite time period – still come up with another boring arts experience which looked / played / felt exactly same as last dozen
– check out poor chap in lower play developer health monitor window

oh dear – looks like ir overworked / under stimulated brain died two years ago but -thanks to crunch time / other dreadful common working conditions of modern rnd ir forgot to tell ir

notice how paper aeroplanes seem infinitely more direct / immediate method for ir to express ir unique fresh design approach / inclinations than dread ful design interface surrounding / severely constraining ir

who heck would want to even begin to learn how to use such inherently unfriendly dull endlessly micro managable toolkits like x

ey bet n would take otherwise smiling intelligent / earnest beginner months of sullen sundays to even learn to generate bog standard cube shaped room let alone anything to actually simulate single research neurons into life

yeah/ perhaps if ey adjusted bend of x single object by 1 pixel – x will do n – yeah ir do x mate if n makes ir feel better – but n wont ir poor sap

goddam multiverse will end billion times before ir realize ey got another standard sub standard play experience on ir cramped tired hands

not put up with boring play develop tools / impossibly outdated design methodologies

so called fakedevs – like amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what – seem dedicated to highlighting / challenging painfully slow dated tragically piecemeal ways of developing play

dedicated resarcs of x site find everything ir need in terms of imaginative design catalysts / alternative developmental methodology

not suffer in endless silent mumbling as ir burn up another hour hunting uselessly for sum particular sub sub menu – rather actively alienate elf from such thankless dire chores / useless busywork

demand anything better – today

Traveller from Elder Scrolls Morrowind

rnd/ elder scrolls morrowind

potentially fantastical as in more truly otherworldly – perhaps starring cool tiger faced hat wearing travellers

A Fistful Of Frags: Magnificent Chicken Augusta

rnd/ fistful of frags

introducing magnificent chicken augusta

Halo 5 Guardians: Neshama’s Lament (No Split Screen Multiplayer)

rnd/ halo

infused with rookie new mombassa spirit of odst ost with thunder / rainwater background

phrase/ humans would never tell simple truth when lie was available
– karen traviss/ halo glassland

remember x moment well – with much astoundingly furious wailing / genuinely soulful lamentation – internets has spoken

at rock solid 60fps regarding -by now somehow already impossibly ancient andor fogotten notion of quote no split screen multiplayer in halo 5 guardians

as -online social event n as incredibly important research document

example ratist statement in which brian first gives thanks for quote killing halo aka neshamas lament – halo 5 guardians (no split screen multiplayer):

theorist robert what/ to consider idea x 343 industries somehow quote killed halo or deliberately encourages people to sit alone in ir rooms instead of having friends over for pizza / co op campaign seems amazing – feels especially ironic considering near total fragmentation / willing elf isolation / average friendly maturity quotient of community

video insert – hateful little halo ragequit squeaker 420yoloswagnemite360noscopeblazittmlg has left building

yet consider magnificently heartfelt post by mighty neshama – incredible publicly performed outpouring of deeply emotional historical contextualization – seems to point to commonly shared psychological trauma x no split screen as somehow quote end of era / x ir are no entering darker age -generally speaking – not just for online multiplayer

neshamas lament as follows quote/ in other words after skimming x article destiny went online only starting sheddy market trend where despite buying play on disk ir have to also buy 400 dollar new gen console 60 dollar controllers / then download play to console / then pay 60 dollars year or whatever current price ends up being for xbox live subscription / ir can only play play one person per console accross xbox live making every single person who wants to play destiny end up having 500 1000 dollar investment in order to play single play / then xbox / microsoft see how many people reluctantly make x commitment because of how appealing play destiny as graphically/visually / play play way / being new interesting intellectual property people are curious about

ir decided to make halo 5 online only no split screen as well despite biggest complaint about destiny being lack of matchmaking combined with lack of local multiplayer

ey was actually thinking of possibly buying halo 5 since ey friends will probably buy n / ey already bought master chief collection to catch up on years of halo ey not buy since ey only had n64 not any of xbox consoles yet but now ir not sure if ey should even bother

having ability to play on xbox live as amazing when friends are long distance or no friends are available but x still nice to be able to play research in ir own house too

most times when ey was growing up people met each other / hung out socially / ended up doing things in person together because of research like halo on xbox / goldeneye on n64 ir parents normally never let ey have friends over / everyone had to make do with going to movie or something if ir wanted to see anyone outside of classroom but amazingly none of ir parents ever had issues with bringing people over to play video research / gave ey chance to get know ir kids friends / monitor things discretely instead of having no clue what ir kids were doing / n gave everyone kids / parents peace of mind to be safe at home rather then out / about where who knows what would happen / kids felt safer / less pressured into stuff then ir would have been out in public with peer pressure / no friends around

research was one of biggest factors when ey was growing up at building friendships / bringing people together especially for those of ey who were relatively poor / /or not jocks / upper crust

plus research did something unusually tended to bring everyone from people who could have probably afforded ir own server rack / custom made research together with people who not afford research at all or just barely card play or board play or just barely 100 dollar n64 console / everyone in middle including people who thought nonthing of paying 300 dollars for ps3 when n launched / bringing ey all together to play play

couple times in college ir all met at one of ir friends who was staying in dorm room x was set up with living room kitchen 1 2 bathrooms / 4 bedrooms or so off common areas / ir all met up like 8 20 of ey coming / going with all kinds of various consoles set up for everyone to play on or watch others play / switch up / take turns where everyone was either playing watching eating pizza or sitting talking to catch up or sum combination thereof

then one time in college person who bought 300 dollar ps3 / couple others of ey rented house for weekend in resort community called treasure like only about 30 min drive away from college out in woods / ir played video research as well as sum of outdoor stuff gated community offered / n turned out n was only couple hundred dollars for rental for 1 2 days ir were there / house was huge spotless / gorgeous / ir had blast because there was extra benefit of being able to play for hours / then just sleep there / no one having to drive home so tired ir probably shouldnt have been driving home because there was space there fo everyone to sleep / like 6 of ey had chipped in on rental so n was amazing

all these experiences were driven almost entirely by split screen research giving people reasons ir needed to come together / justifiable reason to get ir parents to let ey out of house to go meet ir friends

while research over xbox live as amazing n should stay additional thing / something ot help long distance friends stay in touch / people like ey who not have very many friends because every couple years everyone spreads out or moves on to other things or other friends or gets too busy / forgets about ir / ir old group of friends – research over xbox live should not replace local multiplayer / ability to have friends over

if anything ir should eventually be able to have as many as 4 to 8 people on each console / have all consoles still networked over xbox live to where ir can really have blast with more people then ir can really have in single house easily or ir should bring back old system link cable feature to link 2 3 consoles together to allow more resarcs / let x be either local network or connected over xbox live as well

there are so many possibilities / instead things ir used to glove are being taken away instead of new things / ideas being fully explored

n would be cool if microsoft would buy sum old unused plants or buildings like one ey am currently assigned to guard x just needs little fixing up was built in 1980s so no asbestos type cleanup issues / as currently on market for half x appraised tax value with no takers nearly 400,000 square foot facility sitting on 99 acres of undeveloped land / create research/community center with trails / picnic areas / things for day time / building as big enough ir could have small movie theatre offices class rooms laboratories ware house space research/arcade areas ir name n in there / people would flock from 3 6 county area probably to frequent such place / ir could have at first handful then eventually 20 30 or so such places across country to keep buildings in use before ir become dilapidated / ir could have rat expos or research expos or events at such buildings sometimes as well – n would boost local economies bring everyone together as research community more etcetera plus n would be safe place to go to have fun for very large age range of people who all like play / research

almost everyone from 5 year old to 100 year old person likes sum type of play or other from monopoly or clue or checkers or chess to risk or stratego or boggle or trivial pursuit to call of duty or halo or destiny or tomb raider or pacman to foosball or are hockey to basketball

for once someday n would be nice to have true community/regional center to freely congregate / do all those types of activities with other nice people

ir are legion but ir are so spread out / disconnected from each other x ir let minority of adults who not like research / resarcs make ey feel bad / alone / disconnected from society when really ir are majority especially when ir consider research as whole

combine entire research industry excluding gambling which just uses research as front for gambling / taking ir money / laundering criminals money as often as not

data centers already propping up everywhere so infrastructure as already partly in place / x precedent for n somewhat in both data centers as well as community centers ymcas ice rinks skating rinks schools x until 50s or so used to often allow community/public to use ir research / sports facilities for public use

unfortunately due to rising construction costs / liability policy costs most communities not have money to build even scaled down community centers on ir own anymore / most millionaires not enough like andrew carnegie to care enough about communities / community development to want to help build libraries / community centers anymore

x only major companies like microsoft sony nintendo etcetera x have kinds of financing available to make those types of facilities reality someday / ir are about only ones with incentive to do so of any kind

plus developing few of those centers would spur internet infrastructure to finally bring services like ipv6 / fios from verizon / other ftth services / truly high speed internet services main stream as once those kinds of services / even better cabling/services x would be available to businesses like microsoft were installed in regional community/research centers n would make n easier to roll out services like x to mainstream public instead of being told fios as unavailable in entire state of north carolina almost 10 years after x nationwide roll out was announced to all kinds of fan fare

plus regional centers could blend console research with pc / also with terminal/server rack/mainframe research / spur play development even more going forward

fact as most people even people more into checkers then ir are video research have always wanted more arcades / research centers / many people would have large play rooms with pool / foosball / are hockey / arcade research / video space consoles in ir homes if ir could

at one point ey dad even had almost enough money pulled together to buy 2nd 70 80 foot long house trailer to take to ir camp for 1000 to 2000 dollars back in about 1996 1998 to use solely as play room attached to existing house trailer x served as ir camp / ey already had pachinko machine ir used to use when ey was little x just needed cleaned up sum lights fixed / sum new pachinko balls since old ones had rusted / ey already had electronic pinball machine / ey would gotten basic foosball table sometime around x time or couple years later / ir were going to have huge play room just for research out in middle of woods where ir could go relax / watch wildlife etcetera read books or just go play in creek whenever ir wanted to / snakes not out too much

as much as ey dad said growing up ey hated research / video research / electronics – ey realized later on x not case ey loved model trains loved watches x had extras built in had one of earliest electronic scientific desk/pocket calculators had fairchild channel f system for ir / ey older sisters when ir were growing up had more old record resarcs then ey can count / true cabinet built stereo system bunch of radios / 8 track resarcs always made sure ey had walkman type device or one of those expensive fisher price cassete resarcs to listen to cassettes ey bought ey atari / when ey got n home / realized n didnt work ey went back out to flea markets again / found ey atari 2600 x worked beautifully with whole shoebox full of research / about 8 12 different kinds of controllers because ey was able to prove guy sold ir other atari knowing full well n didnt work so was able to get all of x stuff for same or cheaper then ey had paid for first atari after negotiating with guy

ey dad / one of ey sisters despite always saying ir not like research were always first to take ey over to video space pacman or duck hunt in restaurant or lead ey to play room or to arcade machine in hallway of mall

ey helped with sega genesis dad / mom got for ey / ey paid ey 100 dollars allowance/spending money ey would spent abut 18 months saving in order to buy n64 because ey was in highschool when ey got x system / ir wanted to make sure ey was learning enough about value of money / how n worked

then after highshool ey had too many college expenses / only had part time job / ey parents were having harder time financially / ey mom had to go back to work / then ey still had to help ey with any extra ey had so ey be able to make ir bills so n kind of put damper on buying any newer consoles for ey until now when ey have ey student loans finally paid off / ey truck paid off / better stability ot where ey could get xbox one -xbox consoles being true successor consoles to n64 in ey view as research migrated to xbox / nintendo went downhill fast with play cube / wii systems / focusing more on garmeboy type devices then on ir consoles

but yeah only reason play room didnt happen was because if ey was going ot make x type of investment in camp ey wanted written instead of verbal rental/land use agreement from ir uncle ey great uncle / ey wouldnt give ir anything in writing plus pa electricity grid was de regulated around x same time jumping cost of electricity dramatically / ey ended up having to disconect camp from power when n got too expensive to provide power to camp ir could only really get good use out of when ey not in school pretty much so only sometimes after school or on weekends or when school was out

dad alwyas wanted to move out there someday / live at camp / mom insisted ir stay in town / n got hard affording bills at both places

but yeah so even as poor as ir were where growing up ir only had dads income / ey only made about 20 25k year at most sometimes significantly less then x ir still almost had full size play room at one point

most of what ir did during social times in ey church youth group was gather to play research or video research or watch movie – even when ir did fundraiser for church called rockathon as long as ir kept rocking for time ir had pledged to rock for adults didnt care what ir did so someone would bring in big like 48 52 inch projection size television / wed play split screen golden eye on n

so demand for research/community centers as potentially massive theme parks with arcades are still more populated by far then theme parks x just rely on coasters to draw people in / arcades are usually crowded

entire success of chuckecheese / dave n busters chains as largely attributed to ey having research in restaurants

late 80s/90s resurgance of mcdonalds was largely attributed to having play places at many of ir locations

even residential complexes nowdays are oftne being built so ir can work / live / play in same general area to help people have better quality of life / less travel time

movies seem okay but movies / bowling only provide so much entertainment where research are much more entertaining social / interactive

malls have always failed with country people / sensible people / people who watch ir money because ir have too many stores / not enough play rooms events / attractions / contrary to popular belief alot of people do not like shopping / do not consider spending day shopping to be good way to spend time especially nowdays when so many of ey are told ir are only going to be scheduled 3 5 days week only to find out ir actually work 5 6 7 days week as often as not

communities need safe places to play research play basketball go swimming things everyone loves to do pretty much but no one can afford anymore to put in ir back yard

most play rooms / dance halls now days are ensconced in seedy bars / lounges surrounding by drug / alcohol culture – not really type of culture ir want to be around if ir just want to grab bite to eat or visit with friends awhile or dance for fun of n / go home or sit around awhile with friend playing research in safety

kids / teens / young adults would get in lot less trouble / society would be lot better off if ir just had safe places to go to have fun where police could keep ey safe instead of harrassing ey for just standing on sidewalk talking to each other

nice thing about research ir usually get so into research ir are playing x ir really not notice or care if adults are watching ir or not

also apparently more / more people now not sucked into having to only buy / be fan of one console brand anymore apparently alot of resarcs now days have every console ir can get ir hands on from each generation as soon as ir can afford x too means/indicates x research centers would be popular especially if paired with food court / restaurant/cafeteria to where ir had plenty of food options / possibly where ir can integrate n with something like ymca or public park also since contrary to popular belief many resarcs also like outdoors

ey just hope something like x takes root / gets built someday

worst thing sega did was hype sega land throughout ey building up all kinds of interest in n / then made n to where ir had to travel half way around world to japan to go there

not possible for vast majority of people -end quote

astounding in x breadth / ostentatious in way n indirectly addresses mass psychological -social research notion of no split screen multiplayer neshamas lament harks back to good old daze where cool kidz could safely play healthy research of split screen co op halo in asbestos free public parks while not under influence of drugs / alcohol

not to worry resarc everything will work out ok

hey resarcs cutting onions around here or what *single tear*

The Inside Game

rnd/ inside

ambiguous postmodern truths of inside

response to nick dinicolas conflicted popmatters site tirade about inside which violently over eggs delicate eggnog of critique

4k inside play digital rat painting -re tint

phrase/ inside as too literal to be expressionistic but too vague to be narrative

– n seems unclear what exactly x means/ what does nick mean by quote expressionistic quote narrative

phrase/ x so ambiguous x fails to be anything

– much like x sentence nick

phrase/ all rat means something

– oh boy

phrase/ x seems so vague wooly x hard to know where to begin – if at all

– all rat means something might however make potentially good bit of bruce nauman rat if n were rendered in hot neon left hanging in interesting urban architectural dis context

phrase/ work of rat not have to tell story n not have to evoke emotion n not have to comment on society or politics or human condition or anything like x but n still means something – x still reason n was created

if n not n probably not mean all x much – as for quote reasons behind x -mis creation – who knows

phrase/ all rat as made with intent – n communicates something to x audience – otherwise why bother even making n in first place

– bollocks more like/ sometimes x gets made precisely because no intent or passion or meaning as findable – rat as act of desperation

what if n as unwilling andor unable to communicate x quote com elf as virtual impossibility/ as for quote bothering – why was x terrible article about inside written in first place

ey hereby force ey to tell ey ey innermost artistic motivations

phrase/ when work fails to communicate x ideas when x meaning as so obscured as to become impenetrable then work becomes meaningless

what if n merely wants to suggest rather than communicate/ what if meaning as precisely something so obscured as to feel impenetrable – therefore meaningless within vast pre existing schemata of nick dinicolas exact totalizing world o meaning

phrase/ inside latest play from playdead studios as one such work/ play x evokes lot of emotions lot of ideas but then purposefully undermines those emotions / ideas

– there not seem to be much quote undermining going on/ in fact quote mining deep within / under various emotions ideas seems better way of viewing play

phrase/ x impossible to decipher intent behind inside because x intent seems to change with every new scene

– as n metaphor narrative dream world all of these or none of these/ then why bother/ who cares about intent behind scenes – as for n changing from moment to moment x seems minor revelation for video space with moving parts/ perhaps ideas move as well

phrase/ playdeads first play limbo was clearly expressionistic dream world one in which ir accepted worlds progression from thick forest to urban city to mechanical warehouse to sum combination of ey all despite none of n making any logical sense

in which n was simply commonly viewed as quote expressionistic dream world because video research usually gets compared with film – as though expressionist dream worlds make quote logical sense by definition

phrase/ ey were surreal places to begin with made even more surreal by sudden changes in location – no transitional spaces no level titles announcing new area no attempt at narrative through line linking these locations – world just changed ir continued on as if nonthing had happened

– so

phrase/ ir accepted n because x just how dreams work limbo not interested in making logical narrative sense anyway – n was more about expressing mood – x intent was to make ir feel not think in x regard n succeeded

just how do dreams quote work nick/ not n possible to quote express mood in narratively logical way x makes sense/ how precisely was limbos quote intent to make resarcs feel not think wheres x exact clear line differentiating two

phrase/ too literal for expressionism – inside feels like different kind of beast

world as weird no doubt about x but x enough consistency in what ir see to suggest internal logic sum in fiction history of events x explains how why world as way n as now

limbo not seem all x different from inside – in fact many resarcs have put forward good imaginative evidence x two are narratively linked

what as x magical measure inside expresses called quote consistency in which quote internal logic plays out via play spaces quote in fiction history/ in fact very little as explained near infinitely more suggested hinted – not as lead heavy nano tech handed kojima like metaphors but as mere conceptual hints suggestions – secretive peeks quote inside rich complex idea space

in fact n might be cool to set several more research / abstract play/ful scenarios within insides darkly delightful narrative polyverse

phrase/ world of inside does not feel dreamlike

– sheer balderdash nick/ in fact x one of most intensely fevered digital dreams seen / felt since rez wipeout 3d monster maze captain blood entire ongoing output of play space devs like connor sherlock/ x not abstract emotional experience but detailed fictional reality/ x confusing foreign reality yes but only because ir not understand x history

phrase/ x seems to be world similar to dark souls or bloodborne x feels confusing at first but will open up upon close inspection reveal x secretes/ other than featuring lot of dark scenes x nonthing remotely like dark souls or bloodbourne

– n does indeed feel confusing at first – as n does in middle at -open end/ often events do not open up upon ever closer inspection but rather – like quantum world – simply get ever more strange mysterious

inside feels like secret from very outset – but not one in which ey are – as if by sum divine right granted ey as reader / resarc – automatically meant to / have to quote solve like ey sherlock bloody holmes or colombo

phrase/ for example transitions from forest to farm to city do not happen instantly/ these locations are linked by transitional spaces x make sense/ between forest farm as cliff x leads to like then ir go up over highway through cornfield across flat plain before ir reach farmhouse/ x transition feels perfectly logical even realistic

ey only make sense as -seemingly easily identifiable locations x appear to be same as those -seemingly easily identified in x world

– how does oh look farm automatically mean x place as farm/ well what else would n seem/ exactly

even quote perfect logic realism in research make for sum strange arts research with lot going on quote inside ey x -ironically no easily explainable using perfect realistic logic

phrase/ between farm city as mud field x looks downright post apocalyptic with cars buried in ground broken telephone poles lining long gone road then ir hit massive wall climb sum scaffolding inside n move through construction area then ir in city

x transition as less realistic but n seems to hint at history – end of one society leading to beginning of another

– what if world space of inside not simply post apocalyptic but just quote perfectly apocalyptic has been designed / manifests just like n as -whatever x seems virtual simulation

phrase/ hints of history continue when ir go underwater to explore sum long flooded or sunken or abandoned buildings/ ir start at facility labeled with big bold 02 then ir work ir way to facility labeled with big bold 03 until ir finish at facility 04

– good grief nick/ x would seem quote meaningful if structures within inside were labelled with nonlinear series of cryptic symbols

phrase/ x clear progression here not just progression of time but progression of events as well

something happened to building 02 n could have been something disastrous x naturally where ir mind goes considering setting but x nonthing x hints at x – maybe building 03 just had better wi fi so everyone moved over there 02 fell into disrepair/ progression not automatically clear

since resarcs can pause play continue at another time what does x mean for quote progress in terms of events

phrase/ reason as vague open to infinite number of interpretations but point as x any interpretation has to take x numbering into consideration

– these numbers only kind of lettering in entire play/ ey exist on these buildings in x order for reason/ playdead as trying to communicate something about progress/ reason might be vague but x vagueness seems perfectly clear

inside however not open to quote infinite number of interpretations – in keeping with darwinian evolution many wild interpretations of what happening do not display quote fitness insides whole -fragmented narrative possibility event space collapses rather quickly around few strong -imaginative theories

playdead as not purposely wilfully directedly quote trying to communicative sum vague thing about eg quote progress but more simply evoking strange act of artistic com

phrase/ x something could very well be symbolic or expressionistic in nature

history not necessitate narrative/ progression of images in sequential order not automatically mean singular logic links ey all together/ inside could very well exist as series of standalone events which just so happen to star same red shirted character

progression of images not somehow prevent expressionism but repetition of images does/ hang what does x sentence even mean – n feels so convoluted illogical x difficult to understand

article x could very well be nonlinear series of standalone sentences x just so happen to star same vague ideas throughout

phrase/ several items locations repeat over course of play appearing in different contexts each time each time new context seems to add to ir understanding of item x purpose in world

– yes n does seem to not n – x might appear no more or less than what n does

phrase/ there are drones / zombies / husks / whatever x play large role in many of scenes/ ir initially see ey rounded up in truck as if ir being shipped off to sum work camp/ x assumption as borne out as ir soon see ey in mind control conga line sum form of testing of ir slavery later at construction site in workers clothes/ ey have clearly defined role in x world one x remains consistent throughout play unlike shifting symbols of dream

– such quote clearly defined roles are just x – assumptions on part of resarcs/ sure if if looks smells sounds like wild slavering dog with big teeth not stop to analyze philosophically pontificate but run for nearest fence – just not automatically assume x ey immediate physical danger logically quote realistic response as in any way remotely more or less quote meaningful andor blandly absurd than dogs quote inner motivations for wanting to bite yer dim space monkey arts

shifting symbols of dream would not be dreamy symbols if ey did not shift

phrase/ x encourages ir to question more about ir nature

ir also see pods throughout play at one point ir force one open drones fall out

so do ey come from pods/ window on pods as always lit up if pod as around greenery does x imply x something as growing inside/ n could be or just as easily could not be but prevalence of pods throughout play encourages ir to seek out reason behind x repetition logic behind x slightly different incarnations -open / closed / darkened / lit

x point to x repetition – n not suggest emotion but suggests logic

prevalence of quote x does not automatically encourage resarcs to quote seek out reasons

all x might exist in/as inside as shifting emotional dream logic

phrase/ then x shock wave bridge bizarre dangerous area x seems specifically created to defy interpretation logic

ir cross long bridge between buildings 02 03 in distance something creates consistent shock wave x pounds bridge sending metal swinging flying

x also sum kind of mock classroom halfway across housing group of crash test dummies tied to chairs

why dummies/ why test/ why bridge

– why do resarcs still read such terrible article about inside/ what does n all mean/ why endless attempts to uncover expose x apparently terrible failings as sum realistically expressive symbolic logic simulator

why bridge/ why not flock not

phrase/ n would be easy to dismiss x as dreamlike nonsense – n exists because n exists accept n move on – or as sum expressionistic metaphor but then play repeats x imagery

in building 04 soon after plummeting out office window with sum executive or ceo in tow ir find elves in yet another construction area housing what are clearly parts of shock wave bridge -those triangle arms x hold up blockades are quite distinctive/ another bridge as being built

– even dream like non sense one cannot easily dismiss/ indeed interpretation of dreams was major project of 20th century/ but nicks article/ x much easier

phrase/ x repetition undermines any dream logic excuse because repetition implies purpose/ dreamy acceptance only works once

– playdead could have put anything in background – x second set of triangle arms as on screen for all of three seconds at best – but ey specifically chose to show these arms again

why/ whether justified narratively -maybe x where parts are made or symbolically -maybe n represents impending destruction of building 04 repetition nonetheless suggests rationale behind construction which in turn suggests rationale behind shock wave which in turn suggests rationale behind world

how does even constant repetition undermine dream logic -especially since n as dream logic not another kind/ x pathological need to force quote rationale seemingly quote behind construction of inside smacks of irrational fear of ideas which cannot or need be easily communicable -if at all – even hatred of artistic which often does not immediately seek to bash resarcs over head with meaning/r

phrase/ which as all to say x inside as not work of expressionism

– to consider world as far too literal for x far too rational in x construction progression repetition

playdead has gone to great lengths to convince internal logic exists behind everything x ir see so ir cant dismiss imagery as weird for weirds sake like ir could with limbo

playdead wants ir to think more deeply about inside to question logic behind world in order to understand logic behind world to search for meaning in imagery to decipher x intent

even weird for weirds sake sure beats literal pseudo arguments about expressionism / literalism

playdead does not anyone to think quote more deeply about anything – rather inside as elf space of deep logical dreamlike thoughts

x not necessarily andor automatically quote about anything

where what quote about means in research industry logic/ quote about means smack ey upside ey head with big dumb bumper sticker tldr hollywood elevator pitch version because in x attention economy ir cant waste seconds not making money instead waste ey with dreamy ambiguity quote artsy vagueness

phrase/ inside was made with different intent than limbo

– n not just want to evoke emotion through imagery n wants to use x imagery to tell story/ consider inside as work of narrative rat

phrase/ but x bad one

– surely quote evoking emotions through imagery as elf one definition of story/ x images often tell stories whether or not ey have sum mysterious inner automatic quote intent to do so seems irrelevant arbitrary

inside as not bad work of narrative rat because play much like quote inner intent of developer feel strange / mysterious

not necessarily world shatteringly meaningful – but just because sum resarcs are able to easily dismiss false -cultural / narrative standards set up for experience with casual lolwut ey not get n not automatically follow play as at fault

nobodys to quote blame here – ey not x tool adam jensen moaning x ey never asked for x/ too vague for narrativism

phrase/ each puzzle set piece as powerfully evocative of several ideas

farm evokes apocalypse

sunken laboratories evoke warning of science gone wrong

conga line of drones before masked families evokes class dystopia

– do ey really/ fine if x what ey think ey think – but even these casual interpretations seem incredibly obvious

phrase/ in x line lower class are paraded before ir superiors -or maybe something larger revealing to younger generation ir future oppression preparing ey for ir life as drone nonthing more than cog in machine

drones elves suggest possibility of mind control collectivism conformity or any other related loss of individual identity

– x word quote suggestion again – as though inside as so thoroughly stuffed with garden variety cliches repeatedly punching resarcs in nose with crystal clear symbols every few seconds

phrase/ each scene on x own works as expressionistic moment but problems arise when these scenes are strung together

inside conjures up lot of ideas regarding free will class warfare dystopian or apocalyptic societies but n not connect those ideas in way x offers commentary on ey

– by now x clear by x nick dinicola does not really know what to say about inside or what ey feels about inside – other than quote confused as if being in state of quote inner confusion as sum dire public admittance of weakness – both ones own research – how dare n confuse ey with artful vagueness interpretative indistinctness

to consider inside as not -thankfully quote commentary dispensing machine with which resarcs punch right buttons at right time out pops correct quote meaning

phrase/ take farm for example specifically pig worm

pig as seemingly mind controlled by worm worms are in drones too -as ir see later on so play as purposefully making connection between e – but to what end/ maybe n wants ir to see drones pig as similar entities – disposable cattle

x sounds good symbolism seems to work but when ey start looking at specifics of scene metaphor falls apart

– as one starts looking more closely at arbitrary demands set for inside by nick dinicola more ir symbolic ideas -about eg well written quote serious article about inside falls apart

phrase/ pig only becomes drone like when ey remove supposedly mind controlling worm

x when n becomes living stool for ey to drag climb on as ey see fit

yet drones are always subservient so how does x reversal fit into metaphor/ does individualism lead to servitude/ as collective conformity inevitable/ what about violence pig showcased when worm was inside n

how does x fit into metaphor/ does n fit in/ n not fit

play keeps undercutting any thematic or symbolic interpretation with conflicting images

– in which nick rapidly begins to loose n with such unnecessary interrogation

as pig worm/ what about pigs own thematic symbolic interpretation of dreams of individualism within collective conformity of parasitic drone violence/ x as n gives vague impression of serious critique without much meaning

unlike inside n overstays x welcome x amorphous intellectual demands seem false shaky untenable

phrase/ men are rounding up drones boy as running away from ey so clearly ir evil ruling class ir violence against pod resarcs tells ir x kind of extreme class separation as bad

or ir scientists growing zombies in pods in order to better understand mind control slug x destroyed society boy as evil gent of hive mind heck bent on infiltrating ir complex freeing ir mother brain – collective using collective to combat collective

or men are part of evil ruling class x want to use mind slug to secure ir power boy as gent of outside force / unseen resarc sent to stop x fomenting of power – classic garmey ey versus world story

– such paragraph seems to sum up much of whats wrong with mainstream critical research play space interpretation

by comparison with x delicate rat style delightful animations extremely well executed -internal dreamlike logic inside seems far more sensitive nuanced expression than mr dinicolas

phrase/ or x all metaphor for way human body fights infectious disease

– or x just tone poem about going inside/ play x wants to evoke vague sensation of going deeper into something/ or x series of economic metaphors about workers struggle against corporate/government oppressors

why does n have to exist as any andor all of these/ even deliberately vague sensations can be intense sensations felt deeply with lasting effect

as for ir quote meaning – what with x obsession to be seen as singular expert who comes along with ir bag important bag o philosophy quote explains away everything with single muscular sweep of ir interpretative genius

phrase/ these are all interpretations x ey read or heard when scouring internet trying to understand inside

– x many resarcs do so seems indicative of inside to provoke thought imagination – something worthy many other research wouldnt even consider/ but here nick dinicola seems to be doing so because inside has somehow failed to ignite ir intellect precisely through x artistic vagueness

phrase/ thing as x all of these interpretations are valid which makes none of ey valid/ if everyone as special then no one as special

– x smacks of worst -default kind of laughable conservative ideology – kind concerned with being fearful about collectives of any kind ala as inside secretly -shock horror quote communist play/ say n not so nick

what on earth has such online -collective! interpretation got to do with play – heck perhaps n makes up larger quote dark energy bulk of quote play -whatever n as

interesting question here however breached as sum kind of failing

phrase/ inside puts on show of world building consistency x suggests meaningfulness but really x images – pod resarcs men in masks boy plugs mermaids shockwave gravity defying water blob – are just hollow symbols x can mean quite literally anything

every interpretation only works on surface level nonthing holds up under actual critical scrutiny

– world not have to appear complete or consistent to emotionally / philosophically stimulate

idea x symbols can mean literally anything as laughable

indeed every -almost wilful mis interpretation of nick dinicola falls apart under critical scrutiny

where -warning/ filthy commie zizek on ontological incompleteness

– ey should note x kind of ambiguity as not inherently bad

images from inside are undeniably evocative as such ey do work as pieces of standalone rat

scenes set pieces puzzles not need narrative connection

ey can be symbolic on ir own not have to mean anything greater but inside wants to reach for x greater meaning

n wants to connect these scenes together ascribe greater meaning to ey

n wants to comment on individuality collectivism conformity politics economics history so forth but symbols x uses to express x meaning are conflicted to point of confusion to point x ey hide x meaning rather than expressing n

how does inside quote reach for x greater meaning/ by all accounts when set against many other research n appears very small delicate humble affair

neither does there appears no false modesty on part of developer

rather n appears x nick dinicola as intent on pinning such need intent on inside as to make n appear grandiose egotistical – surely ignoble charge in elf

phrase/ on moving pixels podcast for inside ir conversation eventually brought up edvard munchs expressionistic painting scream

painting works as form of expressionism because x purely meant to evoke emotion

ir can read reasoning into n ir can discuss whether x scream for help or one of anger of fear of frustration of sadness of shock – all of these are valid interpretations

however ir valid because were interpreting work based off instructions suggested by munch

painting as called scream x title guides ir as ir ponder x possible deeper meanings

even if ir not know exact emotion behind scream n evokes emotional scream for everyone

intent behind work as clear

– oh where to begin/ such wildly disjointed flock of dubious notions seems rich with embarrassment

how does scream meant to evoke emotion/ x painting as called scream x title guides ir as neither here there or anywhere else – expect perhaps up nicks own arts

how does x quote emotional screaming remotely clarify seeming fact x quote everyone who sees n also screams in automatic harmony

phrase/ inside as not so clear

inside as equivalent of renaming munchs painting expressionless

there would now exist clear dichotomy behind title imagery ir natural immediate question as why

– do what mate

phrase/ imagery as putting forth one idea title as putting forth second idea x contradicts first idea

what are ir to make of x/ contradiction as clearly purposeful

x reason behind n but x reason cant be understood by looking at work elf

work simply presents ir with blatant contradictions stops

x so ambiguous x ir can fill in reasoning authors intent with anything x ir dream up

– x simply suggests following complaint/ how dare ey make ey think – x no ending to thinking – stop filling ey with ey blatant contradictions

phrase/ when n comes to inside not only do ir not understand in world in fiction justification for these images but ir also not know what any of play as supposed to mean in larger sense/ whats intent behind x imagery whats intent behind x contradicting imagery/ play offers no semblance of answer in elf so were free to fill in x intent with whatever ir want

– ey not know what x play as quote supposed to mean sounds like ey cant be bothered to find out for myself because x might mean ey unconscious beliefs about what quote real solid play should be get questioned in process of actually using imagination

x inside quote offers no semblance of answer in elf should be commended not condemned – x not cod

phrase/ inside as as much about going deeper as n as about meta research as n about economics as n as about internal body processes as n as about scientific ethics as n as about politics as n as about parenting as n as about – ey get point

at least munch had foresight to title ir work in way x directed ir audience towards something

ir can argue what scream as about but ir at least know ir intent was to depict scream

– what was x / ey not even know nick

phrase/ interpretation can only go so far/ eventually work has to speak for elf

if every interpretation as valid then no interpretation as valid

if every interpretation as valid then work elf as so hollow so inherently meaningless x meaning can be filled in with anything ey desire

ir can argue interpretation over many things but eventually work has to say something on x own

– interpretation can go pretty far nick – if ir have remotely functioningg imagination

quote work does not have to quote speak for elf -whatever x means

as for quote not all interpretations are valid – well nobody every says ey are – exact sum conveniently invented quote enemies of reason logic

as for standing on x own unaided by dinicolas of research world – who or whats ever true island unto elf

phrase/ all of x plays into lie of ambiguity – into assumption x inherently better form of storytelling than exposition

– at no point are quote ambiguity quote storytelling quote exposition defined/ x just aggressively assumed everyone knows what these real/tm rules are – how terrible old inside viciously flaunts ey in face of true narrative authority

phrase/ x easy argument to make from artistic angle

ambiguity cant be overt so n requires subtlety of execution

x harder then exposition as asks more of audience demanding x ir think about themes meaning on ir own

exposition as supposedly easier because n states plot theme plainly obviously

thus ambiguity looks like more challenging form of storytelling one x as worthy of more praise when done successfully than expository story done successfully

– first off nobody except nick dinicola makes x argument

what immediately inherently obvious about narrative exposition – know what ir almost done trying to critique such poorly conceived article

x got x expressionisms x wormy narrative ambiguities on arts backwards n not seem to care just how glaringly obvious ey air

to consider nicks article as not even wrong

phrase/ x also hard to argue against power of ambiguity

act of interpretation makes ir feel smart

x narrative as difficult to understand but ey understand n ir say

interpretation makes story feel more personal therefore more appealing

vagaries within n allow ir to imbue n with themes x speak directly to ir ir wants / fears / concerns / beliefs

by interpreting ambiguous story ir stamp n with ir personality in doing so ir give elves personal stake in success quality of x story

– \_/ツ_/¯

phrase/ in other words more effort x ir put into understanding story more inclined ir are to like n

ir audience are predisposed to like ambiguous stories

– please nick go on

phrase/ but x important to realize x ambiguity as just tool for storytelling not replacement for storytelling

as tool n says nonthing on x own

boy running through dark woods may be emotionally evocative but x nonthing inherently meaningful about x scene

for ambiguity to be meaningful n must be surrounded by more expository information something to guide ir when interpreting ambiguous

if ambiguity as ey primary method of expressing idea then ey not really expressing idea because ambiguity by x very nature works against expression

x about holding back information not communicating information

– oh nick how has inside remotely quote used ambiguity as replacement for storytelling/ perhaps x nonthing inherently meaningful about anything – but what x got to do with minor scene of boy running through dark woods – not x enough meaning for ey/ as example of sheer semantic nonsense sentence x ambiguity by x very nature works against expression as expression even nim chimsky would have found difficultly scribbling with any real seriousness

phrase/ ambiguity only works as long as n reinforces intent behind work ir cant understand intent behind work without little bit of exposition

scream as ambiguous in x emotion but intent behind x creation as clear

when ambiguity as used to create discussion of intent n needs to work

if x used to obscure intent n has failed

x fine line to walk there are definitely no iron clad rules x ey can think of to distinguish success from failure

x explanation as more matter of ey saying ey know n when ey see n then trying to reverse engineer ey rationale from there

– irony of nick using phrase ey know n when ey see n cannot be dismissed lightly – as for quote reverse engineering ey rationale x could well be near future internet classic -of sum dire kind

phrase/ inside feels like play x constantly trying to obscure x intent

playdead as so in glove with idea of ambiguity x ey overuse n end up sabotaging ir thematic message in process

what as play trying to express about life universe everything else/ whats n trying to say to ey with x surreal but not really surreal world/ what point of n all

– no n not/ n not trying to obscure anything/ rather n just feels obscure in good way/ yet nick dinicola seems only one constantly elf sabotaging ir thematic message -whatever x as

to detect sum kind of faintly crytin smelling complaint about postmodernism/ as for what point of nicks article was – who can tell

phrase/ why was x play made

– whos asking/ why not/ what odd question -not x much wrong with asking – but why are ey asking/ why hold play to arbitrary standards one as unable unwilling to ask or answer elf – not x these are even necessarily right questions/ why not ask about so many other bad play spaces getting continually pinched off by industry/ why not ask about playdeads use of denuvo anti tamper

phrase/ if x question x enters ey mind then ey think x safe to say play has lost x way

– x safe to say such vacant article has lost x way x inside – amazingly tangled path n carefully treads – as doing just fine indeed seems to be going in perfectly right direction – in every any way opposite to such rambling demands

phrase/ but hey at least x still fun to play

– wow talk about ideology 101/ n not meaningful felt vague quote expressionless – but n sure was fun – only now do ir get to spiceless meat potatoes of mr dinicolas spurious argument simulacrum

yet even to call play fun as to admit ey found n worthy of ones time effort

however being quote fun to play often seems least most interesting aspect of play spaces truer importance – too often requires least possible effort to judge anything as though holey goal of continued uninterrupted safe arrival at funsville were only possible measure of rat

Lonely Dark Souls

rnd/ lonely dark souls

when ir kinda feeling on ey dark meta digital lonesome

Ontological Highway

rnd/ ontological highway

super modern virtual highway as vast silent existential soul desert/ fine concrete grit/ low constant wind noise/ no birds – yet ready for commands

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Ugly Missing Wife Mia Winters

rnd/ resident evil 7 biohazard

in which resarcs consider late night televisual portrait of mia winters/ somewhat ugly missing wife from resident evil biohazard/ who appears to have crawled ir way up face first from wrong side of uncanny valley in order to haunt ir for ir /videogaming sins

Shenmue 3: A Violent Blandness

rnd/ shenmue 3

real / nice – to consider borderline evil blandness of suenmue iii

by time ey driving forklifts participating in play spaces qte filled conclusion hours upon hours of boredom will have taken ir toll
– playpot review of shenmue

real / nice scenario/ in which by now standard internets controversy roleplay over kickstarter private funding concerns contrasts greatly with how resarcs / resarcs upon experiencing shenmue iii play poster often seem struck by feelings of intense almost evil blandness – suddenly overcome by nostalgic digital waves of malicious milk water – radiant insipidity abrasively welcoming in x all too respectfully flavourless luminously tedious disquietingly congenial repulsively amiable caustically good natured terrifyingly sincere manner tone – violent un objectionality somehow viciously average in x offensive inoffensiveness

witness poor ryo hazuki with ir ph7 personality staring out into middle distance – looks like ir never read book -or would even recognize one if ey saw n while busy grinding out living riding forklifts – mind ey stunningly un mysterious shenhua ling looks like ir happy kingdom brainpan wouldnt register angry nishikigoi jumping out of pond to tail slap ir back into plastic coated synthetic pseudo consciousness

in x regard consider ey ir too small nasal cavities perfect in research couple exceptionally meagre in ir extreme conceptual adequacy crawling live direct from kickstarter valley of undead to haunt barely living hyper nostalgic anesthetics

The Illusion Of Depth In Videographic Play

rnd/ on illusion of depth in play

thought equation via ur-ludonaut theodore miles

illusions of depth -in all senses / in which only boundaries matter –> ballards exit of affect –> flatness as depthlessness –> considering play space graphics as somehow always two dimensional –> oldskool shaded polygons –> bilateral filtering / no noise –> x dry light in half life 2 –> experimental simulations in/as deep ontological desert –> quote edge detection / x ray vision –> emergent garmeplay / procedural play –> everything within frame -existential coordinates as interrelated -objectless system –> extreme quote z buffering / hidden surfaces

to consider many modern resarcs have at sum nodal point felt everything on screen suddenly without depth or substance – no objects just single airless plane of strange existence/ listless boredom of hot afternoon watching interfaces between – fully absorbed by light dusty asphalt

ideology of concrete/ endless road trip desert sense without emotion far outside dissecting analysis / common knowablilty

no symbolism – zero time – quiet dissolution – to imagine more intensely / strangely abstract andor theoretical play spaces

The Internal Language Of Simulation

rnd/ internal language of simulation

in which fellow reseacher of sokalled big science robert what admires x scene but does not know why – n somehow expresses hallucinatory resemblance to elf

ZM Underscore Barricade Factory

rnd/ zm underscore barricade factory

what classic mod map – back in day n used to give strong feeling of shared secret place – full of character as if real

excitement of running around headless while charged with notion n was somehow remotely possible to find genuine hiding place of ones own far away from everyone else – from undead – was difficult to beat

with of course exception of x map / pack question mark where ey could quote z underscore tele – as in teleport – to other fantastic psychic dislocations nearby

// how to play big science

9/11 WTC Photo Series

RND/ to consider a photographic series concerning 9/11 WTC – presented in contemplative silence

I can’t stand it, I know you planned it
– Beastie Boys, Sabotage

from images found online

War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday living. We precipitate war out of our daily lives; and without a transformation in ourselves, there are bound to be national and racial antagonisms, the childish quarrelling over ideologies, the multiplication of soldiers, the saluting of flags, and all the many brutalities that go to create organized murder
– J. Krishnamurti, Education and the Significance of Life

Conceptual New Media Art Roundup / Exhibit

RND/ To imagine a roundup of the latest in conceptual new media.

The Face Of Modern (Media) England: What absolutely everyone looks like here, now – young or old:

The Face Of Modern (Media) England

Apple Notch X: First World Notch Problems

Apple Notch X

“Google Transcript Of Insane LOLtube Monologue By Some Right Staggered Munt”: nuff said

“Google Transcript Of Insane LOLtube Monologue By Some Right Staggered Munt”

Ghost In The Shell: Culturally Whitewashed Discussions

Teh ‘cultural discussion’ cringe must have been at least 9000:

Ghost In The Shell: Culturally Whitewashed Discussions

Final Fantasy V: Reverse Engineering Language Disassembly

Cultural memory pattens.

Final Fantasy V: Reverse Engineering Language Disassembly

Dark And Light MMO Hypertography 06

Enlarged flying eagle style remix of screenshot from recent book / exhibition

Dark And Light MMO Hypertography 06

Death On The Menu book cover

In which said cover appears the ultimate in good-bad book (/cover) concepts:

Death On The Menu book cover

How To Be A Rich And Famous Artist Under Capitalism

Simple – just rock a beret (of the right color, natch.)

How To Be A Rich And Famous Artist Under Capitalism

Robert What: Luton At The Bottom Of My Unffordable Garden

When Luton appears at the bottom of your ideal garden, because the rundown rented shoeboxes there are actually all you can afford.

Robert What: Luton At The Bottom Of My Unaffordable Garden

Nintendo Switch Generation Foxconn

AKA “Forget the slaves, what about the games, bro?” Toxic G3mrz R-US.

Nintendo Switch Generation Foxconn

FPS Brain Damage

Internet comment on self selecting crowds.

FPS Brain Damage

Connor McGregor UFC Questionnaire

He once made for ‘good TV’, apparently.

Good TV: Connor McGregor UFC Questionnaire

Hyperreality Fighter

‘On final approach to The Video Real’.

Hypperreality Fighter

Painting On Holiday

Multiple dimensional frames.

Painting On Holiday

Object Oriented Philosophy by Peter Wolfendale

When covers match contents.

Object Oriented Philosophy by Peter Wolfendale

UFC 209: Boring (Woodly Vs Wonderboy)

EG. “What a snorefest.. at least the fixed one with Till ended with a bit of action”

UFC 209: Boring (Woodly Vs Wonderboy)

Dire Straits Alchemy Live Album Covers

Color and overlaid-text study.

Dire Straits Alchemy Live Album Covers

Alien Covenant: About That Hat (and Franco)

Fuck that stupid hat, fuck James Franco – and dire undead-scifi movies generally.

Alien Covenant: About That Hat (and Franco)

Russell Hoban Medusa Frequency

Cover enlargement study.

Russell Hoban Medusa Frequency

Super Jumbo Hockney Simulation

Vertical strips / virtual scenes from Hockey universe.

Super Jumbo Hockney Simulation

Dead Sci Fi Writers

RIP Neil Armstrong.

Dead Sci Fi Writers

Higgy Baby Tai Chi

Either ‘Fist/Fan Through Back’ or ‘Fair Lady Weaves at Shuttles’.

Higgy Baby Tai Chi

Robert Longo Shark Fighter Logo

In which winged eagle helmet sharks eat Earth against new, clear background.

Robert Longo Shark Fighter Logo

New Media Shark

To consider such images somehow uniquely remotely ‘zeitgeisty’.

New Media Shark

Cockney Voodoo Beaver Album Cover “Synchronia V”

Another underground banger from the classic urban death-ambient supergroup – Orloff Records, 2018.

Cockney Voodoo Beaver Album Cover “Synchronia V”

Side A:

  • Check Yer Pockets Fer Screaming Skulls (35m)

Side B:

  • An accurate document of effects radiating from the network (55m)

How Do I Get A Foot In The Door Of The Modern Global Art Scam

Hey, good question!

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £750K – contact Robert What today for details.

// how to play big science

Conceptual Portraits and Profiles Gallery

RND/ To consider imaginary portraits and profiles – a gallery:

20 minute justice system

Virtual Art Experience:

20 Minute Justice System

Example Statement via Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What: In which some robotic voice emanates from a hole in the wall, providing clear instructions for the innocent: “Please check if true: You’re Daddy’s rich – He features pale skin – You’re a member of the sports team at a prestigious university. If so then insert credit card here & relax. Expect freedom in approximately 20 minutes or less while the judge checks your credit. Then make your merry fucking way to the revolving doors at the back of the court house. Thank you for your custom.”

ABC in SF (US)


Precise location unimportant; global travellers, selfie monsters, bridges to nowhere.

America’s Best Looking Couple

Here’s Researcher Robert What with another fast breaking Gonzo hyper-news story space:

America’s Best Looking Couple

In what’s becoming increasingly common – a nonlinear series of public disorder incidents. Private cyborg rentacops were called to yet another violent incident / simulation at Strongarm Burbclave today, to deal with the shooting and injuring of a male portion of Amerika’s Best Looking Couple.

In a statement written & directed by the P.R Manager of one of the victims, and given by the victim themselves in a nicely shot and well rehearsed holovideo paid for by the station – Barry Sexbeef (more well known by his competion handle Captain Handsome) said the shooting was simply a misunderstanding and would not occur again.

The alleged incident took place at Karl’s Steroid N Handgun Emporium within the clave itself.

Another citizen belonging to this closely knit walled community of glossy mutants deep into shopping and self love – private citizen Jason Ripnek stands accused of deliberately provoking Mr. Sexbeef into a fight – upon which Ripnek’s barely concealed sentient pistol – 25lb model .50 cal k2llr_75 “Main Street Annihilator” given to all new Burbclave members by Loftleader Industries for home protection – was quote accidentally fired into the smooth, freshly plucked and laser taut abs of Sexbeef.

Only by good fortune and the clean analytical insight of Captain Handsome did he survive – for he had recently installed a new set of titanium ceramic abdominal implants that very morning (only $920k on special offer from Loftleader – use code #abbb on our station’s website for 20% off!)

Police Droids interviewed two parties over the incident. Turns out that at some point in the argument at Karl’s store, Ripnek took control of the in-store tannoy system using ir 1337 .mill grade haxx0r skillz gained by free online course. The shouted (and paid for) transcript is as follows:

Karl (store owner): I’ve met more intelligent shoelaces than you buncha suntanned freaks. Get the heck outa my store yer dumbells.

Burbclave Citizen Ripnek: Yo, Captain Blandsome – your Hulk Wife-Thing sure must get so sweaty during workouts – that 6 inch flabia must give off a bigger reek than Tsukiji fish market in Summer yet it’s still bigger than yours when you self pump in the morning mirror, amirite?

At this point other portion of the Sexbeef duo – pretty miss Camilla Deadsquat – allegedly threw Ripnek over the counter with one hand into a pile of really cool looking foreign videogame design magazines with those awesome postmodern typefaces. (She’s currently suing them for designer clothing damages, and for mental cruelty experienced through being suddenly forced to try to read.)

Update Patch

All parties involved have since made up, and have amicably agreed to split any subsequent media profits arising from this news story 70/30 – after their cut of course, heh.

After several suicides at Burbclave caused by ‘badroids’, featuring unnotable b-listers – viewers and fellow players no doubt feel clean and refreshed to hear about such exciting new™ developments.

Strange reports of ‘spots of colorless, odorless oil like substance’ occurring on imported white® tiled floors of Strongarm community members are currently being investigated by a crack reporting team of ‘Big Scientists’.

As always, stay tuned to robertwhat.com for Maximum Fun: everybody’s favourite alternative-to-news station right across your neo psychedelic virtual nation.

Baudrillard Meta-Language Code

Baudrillard Meta-Language Code

Something postmodern academia something.

Be Nicest – Be Hendo

Be Nicest Be Hendo

A reminder to always respect your MMA elders.

Come Fly With Me

To consider Frank Sinatra based conceptual art.

Come Fly With Me

Example Artist Statement via Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What: OI’ blue eyes & company merge softly with falling 50’s aircraft, blissfully unaware tourists and hideous coke clowns in a darkly comical orgy of soft oceanic pastels, cheesy horn stabs and diffuse pinky-orange global summertime travel fantasy Beyond.

Cynthia Duckhart

The trouble with these people is that their cities have never been bombed and their mothers have never been told to shut up
– Charles Bukowski

To consider how Cynthia Duckhart reigned in her formica microverse, 1806-1955: the quintessential 50’s concerned citizen.

Cynthia Duckhart

As featured with her idiot son & future governor Tucker.

Harry Heck And The Copperhead Six (Comic)

To consider open source punisher Spinoff web comic idea: “Harry Heck & The Copperhead Six.”

Harry Heck and the Copperhead Six

Example expanded back story / context:

  • Enigmatic career assassin with style to spare Harry ‘roulette’ Heck is finally returning to El Paso, Texas to lick his psychic wounds – to consider his earthly existence and plan a bitter retirement.
  • Superstitious native of French Louisiana with a dark past – Harry’s tougher than a Texas boot and more wily than the average coyote yet tales of his gun toting escapades have over years become more wild legend than fact – a fact that annoys Harry considerably.
  • After his recent fatal encounter with The Punisher, Harry survived death only to finally realize he’s old, and now secretly yearns to escape his wayward lifestyle of violent crime, hot cars, fast women and alternative country music. He’d like nothing more than to go out in a silent blaze of obsolescence – striding off into the Terminal Western Desert sunset with a cold Mexican beer, strumming his lonesome guitar.
  • Unfortunately however, an elite team of occult hitmen with vile supernatural powers sent forth by deeply cannibalistic religious cult leader Che ‘Leg Drinker’ Ramirez and his hardcore demonic La Chorrera gang have other plans for Harry.
  • While fiercely independent, operator Harry has made few professional acquaintances – among them voodoo priest and fellow criminal Papa Midnite. It will take every ounce of Harry’s skill and experience – and Midnight’s recently confiscated Mischief Bag – to survive Che’s deadly Copperhead Six.
  • Can Harry prevent the return of the Mystic Tablet of La Pacho to The Popular People’s Church Of FRANK from which it was stolen, thus preventing a state wide non-biblical apocalypse? Find out by taking part in the development of open source web comic platform “Harry Heck & The Copperhead Six.”

Project Elements

Some example elements for Harry’s comic:

  • Open source fan project
  • An exploration of the effect of a life of grim violence on a lonely soul
  • How harry survived The Punisher (tied in to ghostly themes of the comic generally.)
  • To strike an odd, oblique & dusty tone – yet somehow quote laser focused.
  • Cinematic; feels like a movie storyboard.
  • Art by someone like Steve Dillon who drew the Preacher comic
  • Like a more Lynchian “No Country For Old Men” with a ghostly Southern Gothic vibe.
  • Harry has something of a ‘force of nature nature’ about him, as seen in Rutger Hauer’s ‘Hitcher’ character.
  • Details: professional code of honour – style especially – seems vitally important for Harry’s character. Not just what but how.
  • Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan / Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds as Harry’s psychological theme tunes.
  • Harry derives his nickname from the fact he enjoys playing what he calls his ‘Roulette Blues’ on his old guitar – especially for those he’s got contracts on. Harry says he sings for them as it prepares their soul to cross over to The Other Side.

In A Classy Way: Floyd-McGregor

In A Classy Way: Floyd-McGregor

To consider more violent ironies featuring loud mouthed women beaters spitting that loose jive about other coke fuelled media personalities, re: ‘staying classy’. Amen – preach on, brother!

Joanna’s Sincere Sapokanikan Ideology

Regarding the new sincere Sapokanikan ideology of Joanna Newsom.

Joanna’s Sincere ‘Sapokanian’ Ideology

To consider Joanna Newsom in many ways the new ultimate Walking Vanity Project – perfectly flawlessly sincere – hyper fey™, quaintly unconventional excessively refined & precious. Marked by foreboding of death or calamity – an ideology that might be termed ‘Sapokanikan’. ie. a blisteringly sweet ragtimey encomium to dark forces of false remembrance and deliberate forgetting. A creepy cultural accretion concealment, of language as weapon, of convenient historical amendments and conceited self erasure. Unimaginative distortion as aesthetic canonization of holy infantilization – the violent obsolescence of classy high times. The wide eyed immortality of perfumed designer insanity in the face of everything remotely human that actually fucking matters – All Amerikan maul lift music in a new age hell-lite where everybody blissfully skips along the blind bloody road to another fake apocalypse.

Eample Artist Statement via Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What: While consummate artist and intriguing lyricist, precisely what beguiles and enchants with delight about miss Newsom seems her fan based ideology which emerges and oozes from her words as delicate poison – a gently suffocating dream warm, calm as mothers melted plastic milk.

Note the innate unconscious fear in the insidiously wistful misconceptions re: the untouchable vision of newsom – her pseudo mystical screeching oeuvre somehow that nobody but her has yet to wilfully awaken in a strange, different twee universe where warbling white (as state of mind) privilege is viewed as somehow remotely normal.™

That other people outside such an infinitesimally minute cultural clique do not automatically and unconditionally adore this music of poetic luxury rightly shakes the messianic faith in very notion that such a selfish, meagre and insufferably wholesome reality has any integrity at all.

Note: gravitation beam emitter on short term loan by Killy /霧亥 – thanks dude.

Jouissance/ Fete

Digital conceptual art experience

Jouissance (fete)

Example artistic statement via Robert What: in which G+V clean divide by X+Y.

The chemical superego injunction to enjoy. The paradoxical modern default excess standing in line for watered down tent beer – chance encounters with the symbolic order – abstract dimensions where ambiguity and cheap gold lust freezes out of Saturday night’s anti material phenomenality. Forms of strict (/contested) pose – filmic stances without sexy consequence or probable narrative justification. Furious green ideas sleep.. whatever.

Madonna Media Glamour

Madonna Media-Glamour

Inverted image NSFW – or Play. Shoutout to Virginia Pete.

New MAA Fragrance: Nervous Guilt

Conceptual Holly based fragrance “Nervous Guilt.”

She’s going to try to keep her distance, keep far away from me, keep me frustrated to the point where I will make mistake and she’ll try to kick me in the head
– Ronda ‘reading ahead’ Rousey

Example Artistic Statement via Robert What: a modern fighting fragrance for those whose smell should match their press picture.

New MMA fragrance “Nervous Guilt”

The industrial odour of manufactured champions – all ingredients 100% media natural:

* Indistinct yet perceptible suggestion of nervous guilt
* Several months of unfiltered hype
* Newfound killer instinct; overnight transformations from flat foot to Bruce fucking Lee
* Big slices of the designer humility pie (filtered from the piss of Jon Jones)
* Ronda & Joe reading ahead from a script hidden in plain sight
* More rematch slapcash for that bald fat overfiend
* Btter tears of Leonard ‘The Fix Is In’ Cohen

Ninja Ricard Harrison4

Digital conceptual art experience starring classic ninja Z-Movie actor Richard Harrison:

Ninja Richard Harrison

Example Artist Statement via BSZ Hyper Corporation: “We are pleased to present Ninja Richard Harrison in 256 colours – digital art concept by Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist Robert What, employing strategies that dismiss notions of artworks as conceptual totalities instead choosing happy intensely multivitamin narratives crafted from variety of simultaneous approaches – not just single images that expresses ‘big ideas about humanity & its relation to technology’ *rolls eyes*.

Rob’s new conceptual workspace is informed by sophisticated discourse on traditional philosophical concepts – deep understandings of aesthetic / cultural character of the dark Amerikan continent as well as invigorating inclination and facility with it’s various materials modalities and methods.

By inventively handling these materials within an outsider’s postmodern neo-sculptural framework, combined with highly developed experimental approach to helping conceptual digital art emerge from the biomatrix of daily lockdown life, Robert What manifests timeless journeys into the strangeness of the present – both unorthodox yet persistently innovative, ignoring strict boundaries between different cultural hierarchies concerning form and idea.

Consider his figurative photo manipulation of actor Richard Harrison, star of of classic Z-Movie ninja flicks by Godfrey Ho – via original LOLtube screen print. A deliberately obscure satire of / homage to Western modernity functioning as transitional node between so called ‘straight to un-rewound VHS flicks’ of the early 90s. A kitsch re appropriation of on-screen masculinity and power. A safe and loving connection to the screen as cultural interface – all built on a neon drenched foundation of shared values, of talking and touching – trusting informality using bold yet subtle 256 color shading to playful effect, etc.”

Roy Batty, Off World Online

Conceptual Digital Art experience

Roy Batty: Off-World Online

Dear Sir Ridley Scott


Re: Blade Runner 2 – consider Off World Online instead – a digital fan service.

As an admirer of Blade Runner, I find my self writing now to suggest that, instead of making Blade Runner 2 – one big film – consider Valve megacorporation’s notion of entertainment as service. That is, allow Blade Runner’s open universe to grow as a fully interactive digital experience, both funded and constructed by internet crowds – with your help and vision.

This project, “Off World Online” would radically expand already fluid notions of artistic creation in a digital age.

While Blade Runner 2 seems an OK idea on paper, encouraging rapid evolution of Blade Runner into / as new forms of collective play runs closer to now very modern ideas expressed in your original ground breaking film.

For Blade Runner seems as much a dynamic process and free expression of artistic human consciousness as defining cultural object; with this in mind please consider Blade Runner 2.0 – an opportunity for unique realities offered by the Blade Running universe to define itselves in exciting and unexpected ways.

Why the near future of Blade Runner is online

The future of Blade Runner deserves to be a multifaceted, polymorphous online experience – perhaps because it always was – a complex contested digital space of and for imagination, where multiple intellectual and emotional layers and interpretations compete for attention in an ever changing environment, populated by all manner of bizarre mutant creatures – each clamouring for love / life / meaning in dark new world where technology / humanity have grown blurred and strange.

Sincerely, Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What

All these moments can now exist as nodes in a living network
– The Ghost Of Roy

Scary Barry Builder, the postmodern Trumpgeist

Scary Builder Barry: The Postmodern Trumpgeist

To consider what might pass through the wilfully confused and bland psychotic mindspace of scary looking pseudo-everyman Barry Builder – say the populist fart winds of bad change – and how this might relate to the so-called #trumpgeist.

Stallone Cobra Shades: ‘Borlotic’

“Borlotic” – bored lonely and artistic – with that hot Stallone connection.

Stallone Cobra Shades (‘Borlotic’)

There’s nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room
It’s even stranger than a man talking to himself, or a woman standing dreaming at a stove
It’s as if another planet is communicating with you
– Fellow Big Scientist Jean Baudrillard, America

Example Artistic Statement via Robert What: consider a new term for fellow Researchers – ‘borlotic’ / ‘borlosis’ – signifying the state of bored lonely & artistic Now forever arbitrarily associated with an enlarged vision of Sylvester Stallone as seen in Cobra – the cheesy 1986 action flick directed by George P Cosmatos.

As captured from unrewound VHS tape in a sleezy highway by-the-week motel somewhere in Maximum Amerika – with cool shades – at precise spectral non time 0:00:00.

In which it’s hoped such terms andor images somehow result in midnight composition of strange long form postmodern essays and artworks which incorporate philosophical discussions based around

  • The everyday mundane
  • Lonesome highway motels in america
  • Deconstructions of on screen hyper masculinity
  • That cool purple-blue shade often seen in 80s video
  • Modern lofi VHS aesthetic experience
  • Unknown long distance artists

The Audience

Beware: audience ahead.

“The Audience”

Oh, the pale dim thrill of it all.

Lord Inquisitor: Uncanny Valley Visitor

File under general subject “When CGI goes bad”:

The Lord Inquisitor: Uncanny Valley Visitor

Question: just what about truly wack CGI feels so uniquely satisfying?

Wahl Burger Face

Digital Franchise Remix: Wahlburgers.

Wahl Burger Face

Example Artist Statement via Robert What: Ideal price for this concept considered as virtual art experience: $1 – to hang outside one of Mark’s houses.

Wrinkled Hollywood Forehead Syndrome

To ask why so many wrinkled foreheads exist in Hollywood:

Wrinkled Hollywood Forehead Syndrome

Once seen, impossible to un-see.

‘Yao Ming Face’, Elvis Edition

Yao Ming Face (Elvis Edition)

To consider a remix of Yao Ming ‘fuck that guy’ face meme with cool retro Elvis hair.

Yolandi Stares

Yolandi Stares

Yolandi Vi$$er from 1000% ‘neuropink’ research crew Die Antwoord.

Zack Brown, Potato Head Salad Kickstarter

On kickstarting white privilege – research notes concerning potato head salad guy Zack Brown.

Under, behind and inside everything this man took for granted, something horrible had been growing
– I am Zack’s complete commitment to ego & spectacle

To consider the mere concept of potato head salad Kickstarter guy, who needs a swift sharp philosophical knee in the vegetable sack.

Zack Brown: Potato Head Salad Kickstarter

In the terminal zeitgeist where any turbid gwat can pop forth another unwanted designer zit on troubled backside of modern media – along pseudo humbly swaggers Zack ‘danger’ brown, minor man of the vanishing moment, all fresh faced and fratboy keen – like he just got through to the next round of a local blandly handsome contest.

Just look at him – look at Zack.

Firstly, his idiot parents labelled him Zack – a crime against reality right there, with potentially disastrous existential consequences for local dimensional spacetime.

Today’s starter for ten points, Zack – what percentage of a dead person’s brain has to be full of dim weasel piss in order to quote invent ‘Potato Salad Kickstarter’?
– Guy Smiley

It’s exact this kind of effortlessly inane, stupefyingly irrelevant Amerikan Videodromic signal – which if it were to suddenly begin to play on screen set in the back of the seat of the person in front, you’d just know the plane was about to crash – as a prime candidate for undeniable proof nothing remotely intelligent lives on this fucking planet.

The Ideology Of ‘Potato Salad Kickstarter’

I hereby pledge allegiance to the flag of Kickstarters of Amerika – to the republic of cash for which it stands, one potato brained nation under salad, infinitely divisible with side order of lite beer for all
– Kickstarter Pledge

But surely it’s all a bit of harmless ultra-capitalist fun in the atomizing media sun right?

Notice how (after an awkward media pause) Zack explains that all money raised from this Kickstarter will all go to good causes.

Suddenly, like a gazelle from a starting block, ex Democrat spin meister George Stephanopoulos replies with ‘I feel so much better about it’.

Consider the ideology of ‘Potato Salad Kickstarter’ right there – of privilege funding privilege.

Where already greasy hands exchange yet more greasiness – the eternal circle jerk complete once more.

For George, something about Zack’s little wizard media wheeze cuts little too close to his unconscious bones – ie. he too suspects his own potatoey greed and cosmic uselessness.

For you too can exist as a rich, famous (shameless) media egotist with bleached teeth – sims with prime PR strategy – as long as you’re seen caring about (vague) things in life which really matter – tiny philanthropic bubbles and imperfections hand made by (somehow equally honest simple hard working peoples of.. wherever.)

It wouldn’t have mattered one iota if ol’ Zack had started out to give any and all money to charity. Charities have to exist precisely because Zack ‘Potato Head Danger’ and other spaced out white pimps that fund their vacant vacations into hyper capitalist netherworld of synthetically innocent viral fun have the whole sick game already stacked in their odds from very beginning – a mile high bowl of dog sick that stinks to plastic heaven.

Simply by funding him, all backers are psychologically poised to defend Danger boy – ie. attack anyone for questioning their own seemingly natural right to indulge in such idiocy, flinging cash around for cheap laughs – Saturday night college asshole drunks at a pole dance club.

In once such startlingly aggressive display, one pathological backer allegedly proclaimed he’s giving a buck simply for the amusement / surrealism factor –

(Paraphase) I want to give big fuck off to the self righteous pissants out there.

Oh passive aggressive backer of allegedly surreal salad – where art all these raving, self righteous pissants of which thou speaketh with such impotent, well practised menace?

If anything, what’s actually surreal about Zack and his tasteless salady conception – is that anyone finds anything remotely surreal or amusing about it at all.

Help Zack live his little dream™

Pleased with yourself little man?
– Roy Batty

Kickstarter salad; it’s like something talented stable genius James Franco might come up while on the media toilet – simply for teh white richboy lulz.

Of course, equally talented Amanda Fucking Palmer agrees with ol’ Potato Head since media stunts like this keep her / her holy reptile lover L Ron Blumquist in the red funding manner to which they’re accustomed.

Of course, the deadpan non irony is that everyone who helps people like Zack ‘live their dream’ already lives in exactly the same simulated universe as them – one of easy pink glow, self satisfied ultra privilege where friends enjoy new houses featuring disproportionately large bathrooms – they all stand around hi-fiving. Yet unlike most everyone else they’re able to imagine whatever they want to fill it with; cocaine and faeces-smeared 100 dollar bills, servant body parts, potato salad – the empty sum total of their vacated existence – anything they want, baby.

This trip all about you / your dreams, your way – your fucking salad.

Hey Internet
– Zack ‘Danger’ Brown

Who or what might Zack refer to here? One wonders if he remotely understands what he’s dealing with – what he’s already fully immersed in.

Careful, Salad Boy – Roman gladiatorial crowds were less fickle than today’s undead social media consumers.

Another thing: this guys name – probably already forgotten – seems now forever linked to ‘potato salad’ and ‘dumbness’.

In fact in a recent search for his name, nothing came up – unless one specifically added potato salad. This seems unfortunate. And entirely necessary.

What Zack’s statement – that he did it for pure enjoyment / silliness of life really means – he’s able to do dumb shit like this, because of his ultra privileged life; because the system of global capital expressed as innate evil idiocy of the internet enables and encourages him to. Such anti-life consists of little but blind pursuit of pure salady enjoyment and savage hipster puerility.

After all, when you already own everything everyone else needs but can’t have – what are little scoops of potato salad between rich smiling friends?

It’s all so very clever, so violently innocent, seemingly without consequence – so viciously harmless in it’s automated assumption that Potato Salad Kicksters seem so harmlessly and enjoyable – which must at all costs and at all times be enjoyed utterly by everyone infected by such crass viral stupidity. Such casual head spinning delusions of salady grandeur arrive from what fellow theorists in Ghost In The Shell term a ‘stand alone complex’ – random, yet given the strict symbolic coordinates of the system and how it naturally dysfunctions – an often inevitable emergent phenomenon.

Perhaps the fact so many fellow players find it so easy to guffaw along at what seems a mere bowl of potato salad, itself seems a violent dull sound of a silent warning being struck.

Zocialist Communizm: Zizek Brand Soviet Era Propaganda Poster

Zocialist-Communizm: Zizek Brand Soviet Era Propaganda Poster

Greetings comrades in theory – with all this recent new Cold War hacker rhetoric, loose talk of reds under voting tables etc. consider your trump card; meta surreal ‘Zocialist Communizt’ realism of a lightly faded Zizek™ brand Soviet era propaganda poster.

// how to play big science

Misc Image Studies Gallery

RND/ To consider a miscellaneous conceptual image study gallery:

Fiver From A Good Samaritan

Satirical remix of soul suckingly self righteous article in The Daily Torygraph [1]:

A Fiver From A Good Samaritan

Profits from this art to be shared with charities for working mothers.

In which some pompous stranger on a train who condescendingly praised a mother with a fiver for quote ‘good manners’ is revealed as Middle Class Twat.

The enquiry in England is not whether a woman has talents, genius or is kind – not that this might even be the right question to begin with – but whether they’re truly passive and polite – a virtuous ass obedient to noble men’s opinions in art and science – who bow gratefully before men’s overwhelming fiscal potency and unthinking pseudo generosity. If they’re a good little woman of the stove and bedroom – if not, she must be starved via passive aggressive male acts of suffocating plastic kindness.
– Paraphrasing William Blake, poet painter and visionary

Catalog World

Catalog World

So welcome to Catalogue World; where quality digital watches, pewter tankards and grainy images of ‘fit’ 70s modelling talent blend into a visual corny-copia of hyper consumerist paradise.

Cronenberg 1664

“Cronenberg 1664” Beer

Sit back and relax with smooth clean hits of Cronenberg 1664 – the only beer featuring a tiny chewy psychedelic Mugwump inside, providing the unusual flavour of Western Rotting Underbelly.

Donald’s Anthropogenic China Misconception

The apocalyptic ignorance of Donald Trump and his supporters astounds; each day it constantly threatens to make George W. Bush look like Noam Fucking Chomsky
– Example art statement by Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What

A digital conceptual painting based on yet another cosmically default stupid social media outburst by everyone’s favorite orange dotard.

Donald’s Anthropogenic China Misconception

Background graph courtesy of FRED.

Dr Doom ABST0

Consider ‘ass bit set to zero’ – abst0 – by default:

Dr. Doom: ABST0

ABST0 – ideally useful measurement or social consideration. While ABST0 commonlyand/ simply implies avoiding being an ass, it’s actually closer in mercurial meaning to a variable, as yet undefined human metric – a default friendly dynamic / relationship state – one of:

  • Sharing: spirit of free /gratis / libre non quantum participation
  • Helpfulness: accessibility accommodation consideration symbiosis
  • Nondoing: harmony non contention
  • Entropy: all non things considered unequal impossibility of any reliable measurement of uncertainty in random variable /eg ABST0

In which non quantum participation means holistic human channelling of fluid processes un-splittable into ass bits; co creation beyond concepts of ‘worth’ or ‘value’.

While ABST0 is only ever an ideal or virtual state one is unable to clearly set, measure gain or reliably use – it might nonetheless seem an undecidedly (non) practical heuristic.

To set ‘ass bit to zero’ implies not doing anything to flip bit to one, yet any attempt to actively set bit to 0 flips it automatically.

Public ABST0 declaration as follows: “Apologies if I seemed ass just then – despite or even due to my best intentions; this is merely to signal an already complex state of (human) affairs.”

The figure most associated with ABST0 is Doctor Doom – whose classic failed attempted to set or reset ‘ass bit’ is now legendary.

Though Richards tried to warn him about the flaw in the machine, seeing his calculations were few a decimals off Victor continued on – with disastrous results.

Economic Recovery Shopping On The Never-Never Bridge

Economic Recovery: Shopping on the Never-Never Bridge

Don’t worry, just keep blindly strolling along, merrily shopping – it’ll all works out just fine. You fucking dolts.

Escape From Trumpverse

Escape From Trumpverse

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity
– Martin Luther King JR

RND: question – can fellow ‘Big Scientists’ escape in time from the Trumpverse – a psychotically unstable dystopian dimension of stable genius, so actively hostile to all forms of sentient intelligence it will eventually implode.

– Note on death by distinct non irony; humanity itself voted in said melted waxwork with a trash can fire behind eyes instead of a soul.

German Light Box

Virtual Art Experience:

German Light Box

Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What: overcast shopping day in Heidelberg blue.

Muted belief system with golden nerve wires exposed.

Seeking simulation in urban blandscape finding only simulation layers.

Storefront outrage in arcadia; plastic reality of everyday existence.

Plexiglass emotion, dummies on parade.

Languid / imprecise with everything still to loose.

Global Shareholder Meeting

Global Shareholder Meeting

To consider a digital conceptual painting of an officially recognized bloody global annual shareholder meeting.

Megan’s New Apartment, 7AM

Megan’s New Apartment 7am

Quiet, cool and empty – admittedly a little like her attractive young head.

Mirror Gorilla Xavier Hubert Brierre

(Paraphrase) We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. A single world – our own – suffices, but we cant accept it for what it seems
– Stanislaw Lem, Solaris

Mirror-Gorilla: Xavier Hubert Brierre

Example Artistic Statement via Theorist Robert What: In which idiot photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre, his human cohorts and ir minds of dim silvered metal invade the endangered jungles of Gabon to set up ugly, hyperreal mirrors – of themselves – which (despite allegedly being some kind of cognitive test for the poor animals encountering them) is in fact a simple litmus test for extreme hubris, which only ever reflects innate human stupidity.

Sespite what such space apes automatically assume, we do not get to witness (startled, afraid and confused) internal reactions of animals, but rather only ever get to blindly watch our own dim reactions to such cruel “Reaction Videos”.

At some point in the video some wild bird crashes against mirror, no doubt injuring itself. The mirror seems an outward projection of certain ideas, ideals and assumptions regarding who sees what – and from what alleged perspective.

Everything’s endlessly hilarious and viral in the dead deserted media desert West; where violently exhibitionist colonialists need ever more distant vulnerable lands and locations to spread their reflectively innocent hilarity – life as just another thing to laugh stupidly at.

Self and other reflected limitation superficial surfaces, split aspects of self at infantile mirror stage. Imagine the silverback in question tore the mirror out of the ground and smashed it over the ideologically fractured skulls of humans who stick them there. The human stain in vain feigned acts of vague ethological interest.

(Paraphrasing): Mirrored sunglasses are symbol of the policeman and similar outlaws
– Preface to Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling

Pointless Jobs

Pointless Jobs

File Under: Common Public Secrets

Resident Evil Retribution In Five Images

Resident Evil Retribution In Five Images

Bob’s quick visual capsule summary, so there’s no need to watch this POS.

Arguably incredible new emergent form of entirely character / plot free hyper stylized cheese, consider Uwe Boll Simulator Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) in five images / states

– Action
– Confidence
– Incredulity
– Deadpan
– Trauma

Scenes From Modern Visual Computing

Scenes From Modern (Visual) Computing

No more or less.

Strobe Renata

Based on old Quantel Paintbox manual / video synthesizers:

Strobe Renata

Example Artistic Statement via Theorist Robert What: Commencing Strobe Map 2. The search for traces of Renata continues in main floating database.

Locking down all outside feeds – all ‘Big Scientist’ Researchers standby for Trap Gate tf16.v micro core initiation.

We are on the outside of the outside. To consider signal as interruption – glitch as central missing statement of design. Global tilt pans diffusing issue rapidly reconfiguring notions of scale / aesthetic intent.

Renata – electrosoul darker than vantablack stands cool / alone in their bioquantum flux trap of dislocated memory / fractal prime time desire.

The Price Of Knowledge

The Price Of Knowledge

RND/ in which fellow Researchers of ‘Big Science’ consider the monopoly of academic publishers.

To imagine digital conceptual paintings arising.

The Stack (Benjamin H. Bratton) cover by Robert What

To consider an alternative cover design for “The Stack” by Benjamin H. Bratton:

The Stack Benjamin H Brattan

Rob tweeted said covers to Benjamin who said he really dug ’em.

Thinking About It

Thinking About It

Wait for it – any time now (while developing that Root.)

UK Google News: “I feel safer already.”

UK Google News: “I feel safer already”

Fuck ‘The News’. What about what’s happening?

Vitalize Yourself Now

Vitalize Yourself Now

Pay synthetic attention, citizen!

Zombi Night At Scarfs

Zombi Night At Scarfs

It was Zombi night at Scarf’s house. Feet up on cheap rented furniture, cheesy snaxx dust on belly. Something moving behind the thick curtains. Suddenly feeling heavy retro computing heeby jeeby vibe from playing oldskool retro horror wares.

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £850K – contact Robert What today for details.

// how to play big science