Satirical Painting: Peak Anthropocene Gaming

RND// To consider a satirical painting of a ‘gaming bed / cell’, into which is seemingly permanently plugged into, ala The Fucking Metaverse Matrix. Complete with a piss catheter, a fridge to put the leaking bags in and an endless supply of noodles and energy drinks for the patient / gamer. All while the world … Read more

Earth Horror: Digital Geophobia And The Geotraumatic Unconscious

┬áRND/ To consider the ‘geotraumatic unconscious’ and digital visual artist-cartographer Dlareme: In which you don’t remember where you discovered their unique, strange and arresting art, except that it was several years ago online. At that time, you were searching for anything that involved or featured Megastructures – a pet fascination. You do remember Dlareme in … Read more

The E-Waste King In His Anthropogenic Tomb (Video)

RND/ To consider a video of the ‘e-waste king’ in his sealed anthropogenic tomb: Title: the-ewaste-king-in-his-anthropogenic-tomb.mp4* Format : MPEG-4 File size : 28.1 MiB Duration : 5 min 1 s Bit rate : 780 kb/s (variable) Width : 1280 pixels Height : 720 pixels Music: Philip Glass, Organic (Koyaanisqatsi OST) Hidden deep underground, watch as … Read more