Low Poly City Of My Virtual Dreams

RND/ In which you consider a low polygon city of your virtual dreams: 3440 x 1440 .jpg, 64 dithered colors – original images via unknown gamedev on Twitter We find ourselves in a historical moment of pervasive mediocrity. Fuelled by basic human drives – flights from death and boredom – the new technologies, bright and … Read more

Maybe Here Now (Blogging Is Dead)

RND/ to consider that, maybe here (right now) Blogging is dead – A screenshot of a dead blog, as seen from some warm distant shore in old quiet Mexico – a faded polaroid memory of a place never seen In Mexico your wishes have a dream power. When you want to see someone, he turns … Read more

Gábor Szűcs painting Denial Of Service remix

RND/ To consider a digital conceptual remix of Gábor Szűcs painting “Denial Of Service” [1] 7500×7500 .jpg The cloud as tonal dreamscape – lost towns, senses of adventure, electronic exploration – riding dinosaurs over virtual hills deeper into obscure cultural databases – in fact more affirmation than denial. — // how to play big science