An Ideological Portrait Of Joe ‘Everyman’ Rogan

RND/ To consider a portrait of Joe Rogan – which may also seems an ironic portrait of the rise of internet populism and (reactionary, Trump style) Libertarianism. That is, to ask exactly how mega millionaire Joe ‘one of us’ Rogan became the new ideological-steroid model for the Enlightened Radical-Centrist Everyman.* I worked my ass off … Read more

D For Disingenuous: Jordan Peterson M*A*S*Hup

RND/ a Jordan ‘wash your crabby‘ Peterson M*A*S*H-up Reference Links (to be read from clean rooms with straight backs): The Intellectual We Deserve The Stupid Man’s Smart Person? Postmodernism Did Not Take Place On 12 Rules For Life Fascist Mysticism