Painting: Repo Man And The Sadness Of America

RND/ To consider Repo Man (Alex Cox 1984) and the sadness of America – a painting: 3440 x 1440 .jpg – shoutout to artist Jeff Darrow, whose style was emulated. Price for such a concept as this: £45k – contact Robert today for details — Wrote to the director about how his film successfully captured … Read more

Earth Horror: Digital Geophobia And The Geotraumatic Unconscious

 RND/ To consider the ‘geotraumatic unconscious’ and digital visual artist-cartographer Dlareme: In which you don’t remember where you discovered their unique, strange and arresting art, except that it was several years ago online. At that time, you were searching for anything that involved or featured Megastructures – a pet fascination. You do remember Dlareme in … Read more

Conceptual-Digital Art Painting: Charles “Bukowski 2122”

RND/ to consider a digital-conceptual art painting of Charles H. Bukowski, standing outside his old childhood house at 2122 Longwood Ave, LA 5760×2160, 8.9MB .jpg, assembled and edited in Gimp from “Born Into This” documentary images. A dark, fragmented vision of a horrible memory and its symbolic long term social effects. Ideal / Idealized cost … Read more