Hypertography One: Abstract Encounters – Playspace Development Concept

RND/ consider ‘abstract encounters – alternative play systems development concept Part of the “Hypertography One” Exhibit most learning occurs not as result of instruction/ but rather as result of unhampered participation in meaningful setting – ivan illich 1972 consider how good modern research seems – then consider abstract encounters – toward informal virtual drop in … Read more

Battersea Urban Olmec Development Billboard

RND/ To consider an urban hipster gentrification [1] development billboard in Battersea – with large looming Olmec head: 7680×4320 .jpg Anthropological remix of a photo by Martin Goodwin. — Example Reference Links The London Magazine: Gentrification Wars Rentalism Photography: The Existential Misery Of UK Renting // how to play big science

Postmodern Ladybird Books Remix

RND/ To imagine a remix of “Boys And Girls” by Ladybird Books: While exceedingly de rigueur nowadays – and there are some truly eye-rollingly dreadful mainstream Ladybird remixes available in any Waterstones nowadays, whose lead footed obviousness in conception and design feels utterly depressing – mixing up weird and wonderful books of one’s impossibly naive … Read more

Big Scientist RND Zaibatsu welcome pack (NSFW)

RND/ To consider an imaginary “BSZ Research and Development Shadow Hyper Corporation” welcome / starter pack for fellow ‘Big Scientists’: Big Science As Deflated Balloon Dog 3072 × 1728 .jpg, edited in Gimp Given the arbitrary space of possibilities afforded by computation, is it not somewhat absurd to uncritically reproduce the conditions of physical objects … Read more