Sable Videogame: Widescreen Virtual Photography Screenshots (PC)

RND/ To consider widescreen virtual photography screenshots of Sable videogame 3440 x 1440 .jpg (PC) A perfectly serviceable and beautiful looking game, offset by painfully slow desert hoverbike travel and a lack of genuine threats – other than rapidly increasing terminal boredom. A sterile nonplace of fetch questy repetition, despite its rich worldbuilding. While impressive … Read more

(Conceptual Painting) Four Fames: Pulling Into Darkness On The Edge Of Town

RND/ To consider a conceptual painting based on four frames from Paris, Texas (Dir. Wim Wender, 1984): 9657 x 1431 .jpg This images meant so much to me, the first time I saw Wim Wenders classic existential road trip movie. As though America’s great astral desert had been calling me all my idiot life. A … Read more