Earth Horror: Digital Geophobia And The Geotraumatic Unconscious

┬áRND/ To consider the ‘geotraumatic unconscious’ and digital visual artist-cartographer Dlareme: In which you don’t remember where you discovered their unique, strange and arresting art, except that it was several years ago online. At that time, you were searching for anything that involved or featured Megastructures – a pet fascination. You do remember Dlareme in … Read more

Retro (Computing) Feel: Stories from the UK Amiga demoscene underground

RND/ consider super subjective, untold stories from the UK Amiga Demoscene underground – a forthcoming report from freelance internet theorist Robert What, chronicling the unique, strange and dreamy ‘near future’ retro computing feel of the UK Amiga Demoscene. Contact Robert today for more details and to get in on this open publishing project (bob at … Read more