Night City Dreams: Cyberpunk 2077 Virtual Photography Screenshots (PC, Psycho quality)

RND/ To consider virtual photography screenshots of Night City from Janky Edgelord Simulator Cyberpunk 2077; PC version, widescreen, Raytracing on. Taken using following: Overclocked 2080ti (47fps average!), In-game lens fx Off, Unlocked ‘Psycho’ quality settings mod, Reduced crowd & traffic mod, Noclip mod, Reshade (FXAA, Contrast Adaptive Sharpen, Luma Sharpen, Ambient Light), Post processing in … Read more

The Video Real: ‘That Special Shine’ In Cyberpunk 2077 On-TV

RND/ To consider what Postmodern Internet Theorist Robert What calls ‘that special shine’ – the feeling of acute Baudrillardian Hyperreality, often experienced (say) when viewing footage of videogames being played on television screens. That this ‘special shine’ somehow symbolically indicates the possibility that modern reality as we remotely we imagine we understand it is already … Read more

Cyberpunk Is Dead: A Critique

RND/ To consider or imagine Cyberpunk as (/un)dead. R.I.P. That Cyberpunk might even be far better that way. A satirical critique, and study of possible near-future potentials / alternatives. Warning: contains problematic Trans representation. Right off the bat: questioning the mere notion that Cyberpunk really amounts to anything less than a naked, celebration of Global … Read more