Defining Internet Term “Ooblets”

RND/ to consider a definition of the internet term ‘Ooblets’: “Seemingly small and cute things, out of which manifests the massive and monstrous.” 2160 x 2418 .jpg edited in Gimp — Example Reference Link Venturebeat: Fez Creator “Gamers are the worst fucking people” // how to play big science

Resisting the saccharine symbolic joy of orange and stem ginger cat themed mini cakes

RND/ in which, by all means one whole heartedly enjoys orange and stem ginger cat themed mini cakes, while attempting a rough, absurdist re-write of an online article about mental illness in the context of cat based internet humor 3840×4449 .jpg, 5.2Mb, edited in Gimp – To simultaneously realize the saccharine symbolic dimension or aspect … Read more