A Day Out By The English Sea: Creepy Halloween Painting

RND/ To imagine a creepy ‘English’ seaside painting for Halloween: 2916 x 2236 .jpg Fuck Martin Parr: Photography And The Cultural Ideology Of Englishness Space 1999: Creepy 70’s Sci Fi Simulator Game Screenshots The Creepy, Empty And Uncanny World Of (Dead) Tactical Multiplayer Shooter “Ground Branch” Creepy Hipster Jesus Creepy Portraits of Deep Fake A.I … Read more

The Real VR Void Future

RND/ To consider an obvious mashup between oh-so standard gushing, uncritical industry promo interview [1] for V.R “Hyper-Reality” Studio “The Void” [now defunct] – and passable synthetic retro 80s cheesefest horror flick “The Void.” [3] The Real V.R. Void Future In which the blandly predictable, pedestrian symbolic link is: that the near future of V.R … Read more