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Pa(i)nting: Ravening Undead Republican Hordes At The Gates Of Covid

RND/ To imagine a conceptual horror painting of ravening undead Republican hordes at the gates of Covid:

3840 x 2160 .png, converted from photo found on Twitter

Ravening Undead Republican Hordes At The Gates Of Covid

People who understand Science should keep their social distance at all times.

// how to play big science

A Sketch For M

RND// A sketch and a poem for M. Get well soon my friend.

A Sketch For M (Spring 2020, pen on lined paper)

Recent Strange Emotional Weather

i. She never appears on overcast days
And the week draws long without her
Morningshine through her highlights
Feels a sudden waking dream of early Spring

And when we used to stand together
Smiling at naive cat tattoos on her phone
I must admit, my attention would drift
To the soft white curve at the back of her neck

Clouds seal off the sun again – the air bites
We chatter in fragments about publishing
Of class distinctions between town and gown
Of troublesome families and a recent tragedy

She calmly states it’s all a numbers game
I look up, witness vast sky shadows above
Wondering hard about the blinding reality of Now
Of self isolation and aching loneliness
The delicate hidden meanings
Of those startled, saffron cloaked eyes

// how to play big science