The Ugly Corporate Emptiness Of Apex Legends: PC Screenshot Paintings

RND/ To consider PC screenshot paintings of the supreme emptiness of Apex Legends: 3916 x 2236 .jpg To consider Apex Legends one of the more aesthetically ugly (neckless, safe, generic, corporatized, sterile, wishy-washy, bland) games around. As though the developers threw every single known style at the wall and kept whatever failed to immediately slide … Read more

Super Bland Retro 80s Corporate Office Art Poster

RND/ to consider super bland corporate office art posters, direct from what Robert What calls “The Near Future Retro 80s” 4032 x 2352, 256 colour .png, edited in Gimp – from an office screenshot Wow, look at that. Effective image based summaries of innate existential dehydration, often seen quietly existing on the reception wall of … Read more

On Virtual Rifts and Corporate Reality

RND/ to consider virtual rifts caused by corporate reality Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit — / all american vr dream demon mommy / daddy / baby / ey -trapped in virtual re al itay — / donald palmer vr shitposters coming back to hotel after appearing on bill mahers republican convention special x week … Read more

Rubicon: On Valve’s Source Engine Two Physics System

RND/ To imagine Valve Hypercorporation’s Source Engine 2 “Rubicon” physics system considered as conceptual art; Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit Roleplaying as a ‘Big Science’ Researcher, you happen across an unusual document-space while surfing teh liquid internets – entitled Sergiy Migdalskiy Debugging Techniques – a document from a presentation by creepy Valve Hypercorporation regarding … Read more

Ian Bogost’s Persuasive Games Smells Highly Bogust

RND/ to imagine the persuasive / pervasive corporate smell of (apparently everyone’s favourite) alpha-Ludonaut Ian Bogost / his company Persuasive Games – as somehow ‘Highly Bogust’™ *sniff sniff* In which even the philosophically dubious notion that videogames can be used as remotely critical tools for endless good is turned into a bloody app — // … Read more