The E-Waste King In His Anthropogenic Tomb (Video)

RND/ To consider a video of the ‘e-waste king’ in his sealed anthropogenic tomb: Title: the-ewaste-king-in-his-anthropogenic-tomb.mp4* Format : MPEG-4 File size : 28.1 MiB Duration : 5 min 1 s Bit rate : 780 kb/s (variable) Width : 1280 pixels Height : 720 pixels Music: Philip Glass, Organic (Koyaanisqatsi OST) Hidden deep underground, watch as … Read more

Trapped In Second Life VR-Hell: A Remembrance

It’s what the whole hip world does, now the Kardashians won – Paraphrasing Hunter S. Thompson Aint nobody even look like dat – Flavor Flav, She Watch Channel Zero Plastic people / Oh baby now / You’re such a drag – Frank Zappa What would a planet of ‘the fit’ look like? Credit cards with … Read more

Jim Sterling’s Guilt Free Gaming Manifesto, 2020

RND/ To consider a popular ‘guilt free gaming manifesto’ as formally named in 2020 by The Mighty Jim Sterling: FUCKING GRAPHICS, MOTHER FUCKERRRRR! (POPULAR GAMING MANIFESTO 2020) “No think. Game good! Game good so no think about sad when fun good game is a big yes to play. Gameplay? Fun. Graphics? Yes. Politics? No politic. … Read more

Why It’s Almost Time For Wired Climate Change Optimists To Drown

RND/ to consider how it’s almost time for wired climate change optimists to drown – Featuring screenshot images of polar bears against an anti-ironic ideological backdrop of quality hyper-consumerist products Flock wired magazine — // how to play big science