Hypertography One: Abstract Encounters – Playspace Development Concept

RND/ consider ‘abstract encounters – alternative play systems development concept

Part of the “Hypertography One” Exhibit

most learning occurs not as result of instruction/ but rather as result of unhampered participation in meaningful setting
– ivan illich 1972

consider how good modern research seems – then consider abstract encounters – toward informal virtual drop in design / play systems research space open play development concept / framework v12

slap x blessed play dev
because research ey constantly make
say nonthing to ey about ey life
– paraphrasing singer morrissey

list of potential / proto quote abstract encounters now has x own sub level

where zolani stewart of now sadly defunct arcade review on important weird research

on play systems design framework or approach

in handling of chaos one must understand rat of abstract – being highly limited consider most research abstractions yet rather than being concerned with eg primal geometric forms per se consider encouraging neurally stimulating forms to appear x by ir abstract natures contemplative fictional spaces carry or indicate subtle / philosophical ideas
– paraphrasing volume 10 page 44 of rat criticism

– while most research may be considered experimental systems term abstract encounters implies conceptual somehow more mysterious liminal psychological states moods of play embodied induced by evolving open ended quote play with more truly emergent properties

x little as if ey were leading reader to deserted laboratory x ey put collection of specimens all necessary equipment at ir disposal – x ir job then to relate these elements together create reactions from ey
– writer jg ballard interviewed by robert louit/ 1974

– to consider completely bypassing most conventional play practices methods institutions in order to create odd intensely abstract / quote theoretical unpredictable compositions unfettered by traditional research / research industry concerns

conclusion then as simple/ n as possible to consider any of these research as very first for birth of video space as pure abstraction or heuristic event which depends on premises one brings to n
– marco benoit carbone

chance meetings with unexpected views of alternate worlds – conceptual dna of abstract encounters

ey like systems x make use of brain – watchers brain – as part of process
notion of rat not being quality in things but name of type of interaction between ey something or ey event
if ey start thinking of n as interaction n frees ey from lot of aesthetic problems/ ey not have to decide whether something as or not rat
ey just have to know whether n does x for sum resarcs
– brian eno imaginary landscapes/ film on brian eno 1989

consider x creating vast research with multiple year development cycles seems laborious madness often impoverishing
n seems bizarre / unnecessary when compared to simply conceptually outlining sets of ideas perfectly relatable in under five minutes
another way to go about modern postmodern play development – to pretend to pretend such research already exists – play through ey via ongoing multiplayer meta commentary / resarc based rat
in other words imaginative engagement with ideas / philosophy
composition of vast rnd projects as often laborious impoverishing extravagance – to go on for five whole computing cycles developing ideas whose perfect virtual exposition seems possible in single lines of code – even better course as to pretend x these research projects already exist then to offer resume or commentary – modern resarcs now more reasonably prefer to take experimental notes upon imaginary play spaces
– paraphrasing borges on pretend books (imaginary play)

some possible / example conceptual elements underlying abstract encounters

  • human centred design/ experiences which complement human activity rather than seek to dominate n
  • traditional methods of play space design need to evolve faster – x as on fly realtime
  • consider encounters with / evoking video real
  • emphasis on quote play from outset rather than old false research duality of quote prototype vs polished

need for simpler yet deeper / virtual research toolsets – see gmods tool gun

  • feeling of non teleological paida or undirected play
  • computers should do heavy lifting procedural / emergent everything/ if n looks like computer made n then why shouldnt computer actually construct n – x as matter of trusting computational aesthetics
  • in terms of organizing production most developers still operate in quote pre internet mode – according to gabe newell of valve hyper corporation
  • to consider how realism denies impossible/ x as encouraging strange uncommon experiences which could only happen in profoundly non real / irreal spaces with oddly postmodern / hyperreal flavors
  • to consider non / post photoreal rendering
  • regarding research play space/ ey think x are ey breathing resarc – no/ x data
  • new term/ carmack inversal – inverse degree to which strictly quote smart nerdy focus on technical development only makes for mentally challenging opportunities or play potential
  • new term/ technically impressive not – stop showing off ey tech ir not so auto impressed as before
  • in order challenge research conventions one has to understand ir ontological basis / bias
  • subtle difference between research / systems x just quote do weird those which more truly emanate strange / philosophical ideas andor moods
  • to consider x play studies or ludology too often results in zero significant evolutionary leaps or even punctuated hops in play space research – because play criticism seems just another abstract meta play layer elf
  • meta research as research/ reconsidering most in play space activities of resarcs as important realtime elements / processes
  • to consider developer robert yangs quote tools not values / uncanny non deterministic performances
  • too many video research play spaces feel arbitrarily different/ ir basic structural stylistic elements almost randomly interchangeable like hollywood movies / stars
  • to make play space like systems whose styles modes details are fully interchangeable exchangeable at will – active creation of play types modes suited to ones immediate changing tastes – play just waiting to happen play by demand
  • to evoke moods atmospheres rather than specific places/ more direct congruity between hyper stylization movement rules / play mechanics
  • deeper appreciation of ballardian studies might stir things up for research play
  • to consider maps as obsolete/ moving away from inherently static maps to dynamic holistic research spaces where everything as quote alive usable inter related through complex feedback
  • to think in terms of scenes / scenarios – sense in which maps are too often mere backdrop for action as opposed to another truer more dynamic play space enabling process
  • to consider kobayashi maru/ individual standalone scenarios for play
  • feedback as video space equivalent of centrifugal governer
  • mutable everything – in which every in play object / process as playable can inter act semi expectedly
  • primitive extracts functional simplicity – akin to quote functional strength in humans/ not just what ey have but how x used – how much as actually usable to express meaning aka looks nice but what can ey do with n/ less static dead untouchable museum tech exhibits
  • to consider single rapidly sketched pieces of concept rat by single ratists usually contain more immediate interest imagination intelligence than entire slabs of research bloated with millions of dollars as many lines of code/ less concept rat more rat of imaginary research
  • idea of sketching / design as researching – ratists who think like coders – coders who rat
  • development of elegant prototypes/ sisi or sissy – single ideas simply implemented
  • optimal play space / systems development philosophy – minimum number of core ideas / research axioms providing more direct pathways between challenging expressive play resarcs
  • to think in terms of near immediate implementation or emergence of engaging play rather than waiting years – exclamation – to develop unnecessary elaborations/ especially rat assets / other allegedly essential industry over hyped quote features
  • social design as play aka galapagos/ idea of editor as not separate from realtime research play
  • evolution of quote visual language/ research grammar/ rapid prototyping of ideas
  • to fully play with more basic fundamentals of research communities as playful expressions
  • hot coders wanted/ x mostly code – computer aided daydreaming aka cad
  • consider brian eno as answer to every important question still not fully asked eg about play design importance of interface / surface – possible return to cybernetic systems theory – of far less more interesting quote alive options
  • turn up x janky quirkyness/ deliciously uncanny uncertain delightful
  • source equals open/ freeware attitude from very outset/ just because ey online not mean ey automatically sharing
  • holographics/ transparency – truer modularity – exportability – recycling – sense of infinity – where feature elements directly embed into quote modeless play interface
  • decentering / de emphasis of boring human form
  • quote maximum fun/ decreasing novelty factor in favour of disquietude
  • quote playspaces as improvisational theatre – inferring meaning potential through semiotic play mechanics – dev jonathan blows dynamical meaning
  • more boing / blue skies please
  • remember hudson valley ruins – for absurd alienated uncanny
  • notgame alt play/ sensitive social reasoning rather than spatial reasoning
  • to consider controlling uncontrollable
  • live streaming / in research internet cameras
  • integrated play server hosting as simple as uploading to loltube
  • free switching between personalities / viewpoints
  • hypernovelty/ quote providing sensation through play/ truer nonlinearity
  • strange ongoing relationships/ forced drama/ mis relationships between quote characters / world processes – incongruity between immediately perceived internal meanings/ programmable interlocking irrealist / absurdest narratives
  • near absence of normal understanding / repeatedly re undermining expectations
  • feedback loops potentiality consequences/ quote eno ambient slider bars – basically generative everything/ extreme sensitivity to initial starting ongoing conditions
  • decidedly notreal quote physics / visual scripting as play mechanic like source filmaker/ rather make social spaces of video research realer
  • summaries of on screen action via natural language processing – visa versa translating words directly into research / play
  • to evoke feelings of undefined presence of past or of larger world still to discover eg behold elite/ beauty of entire universes on 35 inch floppy diskette – senses of sublime unreality / dark bio cosmic delight

n was as though song were set apart from rest of world/ at same time ey eye encountered field of wheat whose limits ey could not see/ yellow vastness dazzling in sun bound up with song researching in smooth stone barracks filled ey with such joy x ey broke into sobs/ homesick for unfamiliar places ey ran home to ir garden began to play quote continue making things seem as ey usually not – as to remain in x irreality/ n was first appearance of those elements which were always present in later unreal sensations/ illimitable vastness brilliant light intense colors surface gloss smoothness of disturbingly alive profoundly immaterial super intelligences
– paraphrased from: autobiography of schizophrenic girl by m sechehaye

virtually join abstract encounters research crew

consider resarc robert whats currently on look out for hot aaa indie play devs to form quote drop in develop abstract encounters research crew/ if ey would like to join virtually andor discuss play theory generally contact ir

researching n gave ey sensation ey used to have as kid when ey didnt understand what life was or was about/ n felt alien new like just around corner there was something big to discover
– resarc henry swanson

Galapagos: Intelligence Play Engine Systems

to consider idea of galapagos – aka play development engines as intelligent play systems

model for rethinking / viewing development of play systems as just another form of play under umbrella term or metaphor galapagos – after media installation by karl sims

such model feels organic more humanistically intuitive

rather than simply making worlds or maps – obsolete development notion in many ways x too often takes far too long – consider x play engines could be immediate direct enablers of play – through very -social act of developmental play or devplay

intelligent play engine systems are those quote smart enough to evolve as independent open states of play – software based supertoys like ai teddy supertoy perfectly able content to play by elf

basic elementary components – processes not objects – inter act together in interesting dynamic ways are complex enough for nonlinear infinitely procedural emergent behavi ey to spontaneously occur

thinkers such as brian eno have been talking for years about such generative systems

line between researching play space developing one as already blurred so to make development true form of play seems next logical step – resarcs constructing realtime meaning through visual language as code

update patch 1/ emailing gabe

sent email to gabe newell of valve about galapagos development as play model

update patch 2/ applied for position at valve as virtual philosophy consultant or vpc

got awesomely cool naturally somewhat disappointing email from valve

email from philip lafornara

hi robert

thank ey very much for applying to valve

ir appreciate time energy ey took creating ey application in letting ir know of potential skillset x could be of use to ir

at present time ir are not going to move forward with ey application

however if ir needs change ir will certainly be in touch

ir wish ey best of luck in ey next steps

sincerely/ valve recruiting

reply/ many thanks for ey reply to ey odd application/ valve rock [nntr]

dear mr lafornara

thank ey immensely for ey swift reply ey incredibly kind thoughtful words

honestly ey am staggered anyone at valve took time to respond to such flakey request

as stated in ey application any time ey tight crew of professionals wants to drop by for friendly chat about development as play please feel free to do so as ey doors are always open

as wannabe indie play dev digital conceptual new media resarc with few strange ideas zero current income x incredibly heart warming to hear from ir organization – may digital roads rise up to meet ey

sincerely robert what

Abstract Encounters: Half Life 2 Artificial Breakwater
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real

rnd/ faded brown sadness: valvetime dot net

to consider faded brown sadness of valvetime site/ alas – trying in silent lightly weeping vain to show vague semblance of interest concerning standardized industry micro innovations of /perhaps inherently evil valve hyper corporation – who neither know nor truly care of x existence

Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters With The Video Real
Abstract Encounters: The Binding Of Free Men

rnd/ binding of free men

strange scenes from half life goldmine

Abstract Encounters: Robert What’s RND playdev Studio

rnd/ robert what abstract encounters play systems rnd studio

as tweeted to hideo kojima when comparing research playdev labs/ no reply

On Final Approach To The Video Real

rnd/ on final approach to video real

massive power plants of reality generation

prepare for dangerous / amazing ontological landing dear researcher

Abstract Encounters: Mapless Design

rnd/ mapless design

play have no quote empty space x needs endlessly filling with quote places before meaningful resarc interaction can occur/ think x are ir breathing resarc – no

to sidestep thinking in terms of map – with gravity / knee high invisible walls which prop n up

video space architecture as concept seems too often caught in ideological service of often dubious shoehorned story – dubious because n exists/ indeed research are more about social / not mere spatial relationships

to think past mere maps/ rather consider – like those crazy big scientists in doom 3 on mars – direct resarc manipulation of playspacetime

repeat/ consider new model of direct resarc manipulation of playspacetime

Abstract Encounters: Mundane Website Playspace

rnd/ hyperreal mundane website playspace

to consider muted browser play x feels hyperreal / mundane – online abstract encounter

realtime evolving website looks real – ir can even set up / account / pay with virtual imaginary credits/ n feels disconcertingly stranger longer ir hang out / view x – cough – varied products / x deliberate vagueness

key words / symbol clues

  • empty warehouses in industrial district
  • late night public access shopping channel insomnia inter zone out aka 2:22am style via albert lai
  • pull up g 13 tommy ala bill hicks
  • odd quote/ ey have to do x tommy – ir just not well
  • ir can sign up for ir disconcerting newsletter
  • need to ignore extensive documentation from mainstream sources/ wot
  • similar to vehicles for marketing new investment 3d virtual tour by digital resarc max colson

Abstract Encounters: Dark Paradise

rnd/ abstract encounters concept Рdark paradise/ procedurally generated urban nightmares

ir are mutant scavenger barely surviving in abandoned labyrinthine ruins of future dystopian paradise

explore densely packed megacity / enjoy discoveries within

image / project name from escape from la/1996

research space system elements/ dark paradise features following interactive system elements

  • no textures or lighting as such
  • scaling pov/ zooming in / out with ir mutant eye will physically change size of ir surroundings
  • real time procedurally generated infinite / wraparound megastructure w/ multiple layers
  • truer parkour/ unique smooth animation / cutting edge path finding enables scrambling over under / high speed weaving through randomly placed obstacles / ruins existing in close often overlapping proximity
  • highly modifiable

update/ in touch of jungian synchronicity developer strange think researching in days of electric sky – now alas appears 404

Abstract Encounters: N8 Retro-Tronic Game Grid

rnd/ n8 retro tronic grid

to once again consider play as literal system

Abstract Encounters Playdev Studio Logos

rnd/ abstract encounters logos

idea for near future research play space development studio / words abstract encounters abstracted into / via rat – liquid cream chrome lettering read from bottom to top

// how to play big science

Cyberpunk Is Dead: A Study

RND/ to consider or imagine cyberpunk as (/un)dead: a study

funny how adherence to cyberpunk Рgenre based around future ideas of rebellion / non conformity Рso often itself conforms rabidly to cliché
– yahtzee on cyberpunk

authentic cyberpunk

in which deadpan yoke seems nothing remotely like any kind of authentic cyberpunk ever existed – just x ghostly simulacrum floating strangely / somewhat uselessly inside hyper specific subset of global sci fi literature ghetto:

burn cycle neuropink

in which such awesome environments/ though not drawn in greatest of detail/ morph smoothly from one to next as main generic sci fi character navigates through corrupt decaying city of future in impossibly antiquated quicktime vr type effect:

deposit for courier

to consider post cyberpunk cheddar in deposit for courier:

in which deposit for courier animation by edward mavskegg represents theoretical bleeding edge of post cyberpunk aka neuropink

in terms of new potential aesthetic for video play designers some cool dftc features

  • dat hot steaming #welgestyle
  • haute couture realities /kardashianity
  • minimal narrative investment /aka quote syntactically correct but semantically meaningless
  • high resolution /odd texture fetish
  • uncanny valley elective surgery / bogdanovization
  • limited skeletal expression / lightly harring animation

x seems remarkably similar in x bizarre aesthetic mis construction as new reckoning could arguably have been thrown together by same cool state of #welgestyle development

synopsis alone as worth price of strange admission for x tagline grammar syntax punctuation

quote/ described as film about how money would look in future what future payment methods would be in practice x film also uniquely addresses issue of womens shopping passion in conditions of chase – animation story line set with in year 2050 revolves around intriguing chase from one city to another/ with lead character young woman cyclist employed as courier in advertently found strange navigation device in desert/ upon closer inspection n was discovered device contained suitcase with money/ plot thickens however unknowingly to ir courier realizes two bandits following money too/ realizing x suitcase as now on move bandits chases money cyclist through small city so decide to explore x city find cyclist/ succumbing to ir passion for shopping having found all x money cyclist became gangs new target/ according to story characters live in world of future together with futuristic robots bots devices around different places shops hotels/ x short animated movie as targeted to audience who like to watch animated short films animated movies short cg films cg computer generated rat viewers who like sci fi genre detective fiction experimental rat / rat film independent film

wow – according to x creators deposit for courier already has what some resarcs call special atmosphere meaning n will be without background music with accents on silence/ such details make for very catching film says director edward adding film will be posted online after completion

x short animated movie as targeted to audience who like to watch animated short films animated movies short cg films cg computer generated rat viewers who like sci fi genre detective fiction experimental rat / rat film independent film oh yeah

cyberpunk 2077

la has changed lot during x time
air got dirty/ sex got clean
– angelo pappas/ point break 1991

in which even ghosts of 80s give neon side eye shade – squeaky clean with aaa polish / dead chrome shine – in which design by ir dads oh so edgy virtual golfing committee results in deep near future retro 80s designer copy pasta ultra violence

Screenshots from the WIP gameplay demo:

x seems about as edgy as a pink mohawk on some crossfit hipster sporting expensive gold sweatshop trainers/ someone mild cough real authentic cyberpunks could casually neck punch right over coffee store tables as easily as breathing megacity exhaust fumes

to watch as young dumb mega corporate fanbois who grew up without cyberpunk only hearing about x yesterday ffs through eg flocking lolmemes lap x shed right up like some damn industry installed f2p skull implant – gg uber alles ok right fine open ir art cracks wide in public displays of willful uncriticality/ but whats good about x if based on super generic ideas repeated till zombie undeath – just with incrementally nicer generic gfx upgrades / better framerates aka shrinkwrapped standard substandards

in which x has to be good because x merely exists aka capitalist realism 101 – hey how very more actually cyberpunk

both cyborg billy fanward / retro wave show more interesting ideas than such generic anti weird mainstreaming/ good grief at least get mitch murder to perform soundtracks

nearby public information klaxons suddenly blare/ nothing too much to see here citizens move on oh ir have already forgotten

[..] how many formulaic tales can one wade through in which a self-destructive but sensitive youth protagonist with an (implant / prosthesis / telechtronic talent) that makes the evil (mega-corporation / police state / criminal underworlds) pursue him through (wasted urban landscapes / elite luxury enclaves / eccentric space stations) full of grotesque (haircuts / clothes / self-mutilation / rock music / sexual hobbies / designer drugs / telechtronic gadgets / nasty new weapons / exteriorized hallucinations) representing the (mores / fashions) of modern civilization in terminal decline, ultimately hooks up with rebellious and tough-talking (youth / artificial intelligence / rock cults) who offer the alternative, not of (community / socialism / traditional values / transcendental vision), but of supreme, life-affirming hipness, going with the flow which now flows in the machine, against the spectre of a world-subverting (artificial intelligence / multinational corporate web / evil genius)?
– (From) Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Science Fiction/ edited by Larry McCaffery/ Duke University Press

neon code

Neon Code

hot neon megacity nights/ palmtree lifestyle/ private beachfront detective for hire/ a cheap taste of badly retrofitted 80s style post noir sleaze

william gibson on cyberpunk gta 2077

to consider one anagram of ‘william gibson, neuromancer’ as ‘common as unreliable wiring’

Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook cover (256cols)

in which bill doesnt seem to dig cyberpunk 2077s art direction or design ideology – rich/ considering bill seems somehow more directly responsible for whole sad little sub scene

yet watch out for potential death by karmic irony bill/ considering ir were once wandering around wide eyed on set of johnny mnemonic flick extolling endless virtues while gushing over x neon excess

if only modern synthetic cyberpunk would knowingly turn x own historical mode of garish cheesy camp up to eleven in order to feel more authentically synthetic / strange

dredd 2012

to consider critical comparison / contrast with cyberpunk 2077 – zero degree cool corporate single resarc fps rpg manufactured via witcher developer CD Projekt Red:

cyberpunk is dead

to consider cyberpunk as dead/ sub genre of plain bad scifi badness mixed with cliche film noir x brand of fiction presents resarc with future composed of overwhelming technology universal computer access via quote cyberspace designer violence

Example images of (/un)dead cyberpunk:

as movement of new synthetic 80s x based on spiraling greed growth of mega corporations so big ir more powerful than governments/ but then near future now as soon to arrive again up till x point n seems reasonable enough/ afterwards of course n will once again became mere idle speculative fantasy/ most frequently dystopian n has become heavily calcified in x official aesthetic definition ie as mere hyper generic can of something internet edge lordy anyone can instantly spray on

cyberpunk defines elf as story of people in age where ey dont matter anymore/ where technology has made ey obsolete as discrete entities constant daily rediscovery of quantified self during x paradigm shift shifts strains/ in classic supermarket novel neuromancer by billy gibson x as evidenced in overwhelming hopelessness of all characters – of ir constant struggle to survive ir own efforts to glory in self destruction – whirlwind inferno burning inwards

cyberpunks use of implanted machines – of merging of humanity with machinery of capitalist science as so wide idea x cyberpunks forget to look around/ machines implants are be all end all of awfulness of sci fi/ x entirely logical pathological obsession with technology as to be read as core strength of genre/ probably one reason x creators like to declare n undead because while ey are acutely embarrassed to be remotely associated with n ey are secretly pleased as pigs in shed

cyberpunk as dystopian meaning apparent opposite of utopia/ as bad as things are at beginning ey are always predictably worse by end for pretty much everybody except of course titular heroes of said sci fi pulp/ cyberpunk also utterly deliberately fails to address issues of humanity losing to machines of alienation from ones fellow resarc of death of love honour of annihilation of soul in face of relentless technological progress/ cyberpunk themes are depressing when good happy when badly written

in x sub genre human beings are connected to computers ir own reflexes only relevant to ir ability to steer around nets in competition with other computer security systems these hacker crackers are trying to break into/ most of these people have skull jacks simple plugs wherein really expensive computer cable connects directly to skull thereby user becomes organic component to system of global computation

/ shadowrun: as exactly cyberpunk-edgy as your dad’s vision of cyberpunk after watching lord of the flocking rings:

cyberpunk as now popularized by nerdy pink skinned mirrorshades group during 1980s when cold war was going strong big blue was on top world looked to become place where everyone worked for mega corporations had become feudal in nature/ then berlin wall fell genre went with n but like wall x ghostly memory shell remains/ mutant child of 80s saw x rampant zombification all cyberpunk fiction today as result of such mainstreamed hackwork/ simple undead momentum keeps n going now

while originally proposed as cool post modern mode of science fiction x took resarc out of halls of power culture into slums back alleys of twenty minutes into near future without really leaving ey cyberpunk as ritualized stultified deeply undying/ x vaguely fun while n lasts people still write flan fiction in genre but most quietly move on – nobody discusses cyberpunk at sophisticated cheese wine parties except when ir doing lines of dmt spiced chocolate crack in toilets want to appear groovy

further weakened by x own popularity efforts to bend imagery technologies of genre to more publishable popular ends attempts at suicide by mundanity are regularly attempted/ at parties annoyingly nasally voiced author bruce sterling still repeatedly refers to ir colleagues very public obituary to genre on ny times editorial page ir reasoning appears sound

as genre of rigid rules best source for such cultural writing / coding as from cyberpunk 2020 source books which as role playing play of insignificant popularity these days among those with interest in rpgs who anally read gibsons ‘neuromangler’ over over again/ working from established set of magical technologies to work with for use in ir settings/ watch as ey willful read into n timelines x apparently predict all events for next coming 20 minutes/ obviously things dont quite happen like x but modern cyberpunk flan fictioners of all shades are careful in ir public attempts to realign n with reality – indeed ir success in un/living suspended withn x very cognitive gap or reality dis-junction marks ey out as true cyberpunks

according to x proponents cyberpunk as word applicable to whatever user wants n to be which results in absence of meaning or over abundance of real fake plastic meanings/ to define n as to ostracize oneself which makes n more akin to random bowel movement in chemical toilet of crashing plane rather than just pseudo philosophy or actual setting/ cyberpunk as undead but n still seems neat practice area for expansion / expulsion of dodgy ideas

rnd/ cyberpunk is dead: an imaginary play space

where purile side eye rolling 80s style internet manchild edge lord duck tech power fantasy meets accidental hyper camp with heavy neon accents

Cyberpunk Is Dead: An Imaginary Playspace

to consider paradoxically good type bad examples of standard cyberpunk excess / high end naffness

yet if only such a pose were fully conscious / deliberate – how oddly wonderful / actually more dangerous / strange

high tech ai driven vehicle crashes into global swimming pool while deck burns / holographic dancers tease

cyberpunk is dead mike pondsmith

Cyberpunk Is Dead: Mike Pondsmith

in which writer / play developer wears lurid purple tshirt featuring quote cyberpunk is dead slogan underneath sweaty slightly unfashionable leather jacket with neat metallic album cover fan pins against megacity backdrop

cyberpunk is the new zombies

to consider crying if ey read words like cyberpunk one more time

Cyberpunk Is The New Zombies

equation/ if generic manga art with glowing tron line accents somehow remotely equals cyberpunk ffs then cyberpunk most certainly equals zombies


Neofeud Hypertography

to consider some other other garish shedshow from z distant trash aesthetic future

second undead cyberpunk life

Second Undead (Cyberpunk) Life

to consider unexplained scenes from long undead / painfully obsolete browser based research play space

max headroom

to consider visual unrewound vhs celebrations of uk version of max headroom – cult near future retro 80s tv series/ virtual reruns broadcast nightly live from channel zero

nameless city

consider some nameless near future megacity/ living undead default cyberpunk cliche – with monitor glitches natch:


to consider neuropink – post cyberpunk sci fi concept:

first off/ useful big science term – near future retro 80s

in which nfr80s describes unique present – similar to dreamy un rewound straight to vhs movie version of future

nfr80s – another garish psychedelic sci fi metaphor x floats on mirrored hyper surfaces/ generally speaking hurts nobody

nfr80s not only seems dis location but complex states of minds or mood tones/ energy condenser lens for super shamanic night visions – dark mirror reflection on/of memory in relation to current unknown trends in unexpected techno evolutionary change

in which so called big scientists not only ask what 80s consist of but also how resarcs may fully utilize 80s in ir research projects

two classic in scene phrases exist to describe x special quote nfr80s vibe – always on verge of going to arrive

warning: resarcs not yet fully intimate with big science get sucked unprepared through intense hyper visionary dream teleportals generated by such neocultural quote power core dna

first stream of classic scene image generating code –

near future retro 80s: liquid neon memories flicker twist / reflect off dirty chrome pools outside random backstreet video play arcades in old shinjuku at some eternal 3am – electric dreams forever adrift in crying mega city rain

second classic phrase / vision stream –

wow/ near future retro 80s – awesome/ like tr0n on xenomorph secreted de empty

80s: some background theory

nfr80s takes passion / nostalgia from 80s to create something new / enjoyable for todays retro loving culture

resarc robert what – well known for using retro techniques / expression to connect not so far future with todays generation

strong attention to detail allows what to authentically recreate astounding visions of new future now as if ir were right out of tomorrows 80s era

ir bold digital brush strokes resonate through hot mirrored chrome / dirty neon megacity eloquence

when modern players / resarcs discuss quote near future ir talking about unique vibe born of age most flans / practitioners werent even alive in ie 80s – yet feel ir understand deep in ir artificial bones

x is quote liquid neon vibe of raw emotion of out of control alien technology – mildly profound sense of quote love on run in time of danger

some think quote nfr80s are only about or spring directly from 80s era but x not quite correct

one of properties of quote nfr80s is x ir forever still yet to occur/ broken off – unhinged from local spacetime/ near future as cusp between dimension unlinked from any specific cultural period

indeed x moment never quite arrives – rather nfr80s describe non specific quote mood tone – always just on verge of going to be arriving retro 80s style or approach

actual 1980s – bizarre period of global amerikan history dominated by haunted video arcades mom / pop video stores – with those bizarro / psychotronic top shelf titles which used to freak ir out/ like lonely canyon echo of rolling zaibatsu thunder – seem cultural wellspring but not quite full implied meaning of quote nfr80s

to break n down

in 1980s: n was as though nobody fully realized what was happening in / with 80s – especially aesthetic wise / so ir hyper fragmented mtv attention span electromedia culture seemed totally quote sincere with arguably little sense of elf

some explain x by suggesting special cultural effects of / implied by 80s best considered as shadow or wave – cast from imagined hyper alien future back into ir often missing sense of present

in 1990s: by time 90s rolled around kool kidz had caught on to / started fully realizing x 80s aesthetic existed / was something in elf to use / played with or inside

x explains why lot of early 90s tv programs display strong nfr80s vibe – lots of neon afterglow combined with dry ice fog in ir neural dna – lo fi psychic backwash from previous future eras

x weird state called near future now: what resarcs experience when scene has nfr80s vibe – perhaps psychic aftershocks of 80s coming back out of collective cryogenic storage – out of all too hyperreal state forever tears in rain type dystopian megacity visions downloading onto ir internalized holoscreens

now equals wow
– typical 80s psychology

mainstream underground movement of nfr80s as: pressing escape to some private version of imagined 80s

x as despite or even due to highly techno dystopian / quote neuropink nature -players want to escape to personalized quote playspacetime where seductive neon lure of midnight dangers of endless vertical megacity streets seems somehow super cool / viable imaginative quote tech noir backdrop or extreme psychic augmentation to ir current imagined western turbo capitalist alternative meta lifestyle

nfr80s feeling electro culture as highly escapist/ one of x main messages: ir have to hold on to ir dream – if ir do ey will get ir rewards – become online tv queen of dark paradise skies

how to quote/ hold on to ir dreams

– first play / immerse elf inside ir favorite nfr80s soundtrack / biopsychic vibe aesthetic

– then suddenly stand up straight looking up at 45 degree angle while bringing ir two closed fists together up to ir chest while quote forever distant megacity horizon look of extreme longing andor confusion passes across ir blandly handsome face – or flashes across ir dot dot extremely futuristic looking hyper mirrored wet look bio quantum superblack smart hyper combat neuro plastic wraparound data shades with thin blue neon outline

seen as shifting fluid whole near future retro 80s are experimental construct – vitally important way for resarcs to describe generate / emulate quote big science – ie truer experiential experimental feel sense / ambiance atmosphere aura attitude impression quality semblance sensation surface tactility – personal symbolism implanted near future memory sociocultural import psychological impact etc – of ones modern hyper aliveness of full immersion in uniquely techno psychedelic electro vironments full of sentient machines / freaky ass situations / astounding digital mytho landscapes of bright information pulse / flow

in short consider nfr80s sub cultural method used to approaching unresolved issues of quote 80s style or associated aesthetic research phenomena – mode or lens to think of other poptastic aspects of quote big science

nfr80s methodology pseudo reappropriates glitzy kitschy seemingly easily consumable pop as culture back as fecund source of raw explorable / exploitable research immaterials – to be played with / in / otherwise creatively transformed for sustained improvisational research purposes – chance to allow fresh understand of particularly quote 80s modes / moments in evolution of experimental media based self reflexivity – odd instrument with which to modify digital consciousness on fly – perhaps organize new modes of critical new media sensibility oscillating between hidden / foregrounded ideational operations

x is ir 80s themed emotions / 80s esque / retro 80s pop cult media / resarc culture often emanate / embody certain uncertain ambient vibes untied to or from any specific era – strange / sublime quote nfr80s super subjective background emotions or hyper futuristic mood tones which often appear at unguarded moments eg while researching odd theories / play practising quote big science – irreal delicate superspace freed from ordinary time ever deferred/ or x constantly re manifests in/as ir online dreaming

indeed quote nfr80s may be seen as shadowy presence / indirectly indicative of influence of some impossibly hyper alien near future of infinite cosmic potential – complete with neon megacity afterglow

note: while virtually all modern quote resarcs play / hang around aspects or modes of retro culture – ir also express difficulties or reservations regarding full articulation of such intense sets / scenes of highly complex actual shifted emotional calls / responses of / especially from inside ir alien tech / x technological super spaces – where concepts like quote nfr80s often come in to play

note: word where in such context means – post categorical unconfirmed intangible undeniable usually unquestioned unverified incorporeal insubstantial yet fleshy sublime animal human immaterial strangely sensual organic somatic delicate / even perhaps techno spiritual

culture tags associated with quote nfr80s: dreamwave electropop valerie synthwave newretro neuropink blooddragon drive montage wave dark hyperreal virtual neon video #glitch laz0r electro recyc simulation synthy vision flux

neuropink: free theoretical outline for open post cyberpunk concept – v1.0

note: consider x as virtual code which needs self compiling

in which neuropink refers to quote psychedelic / psychological science fiction x can be applied to many different kinds of interactive media

Neuropink: Plus Nine Jewel

consider general symbolic coordinates of neuropink post cyberpunk visual /reality language for big scientists – fuzzy network of modular co evolving elements – for example

  • lawrence lek’s sinofuturism
  • polyhedral soap
  • king city
  • reality coding in dark light liquid scanning mirror
  • uhf dimensional test transmissions from/to aether
  • bio quantum pulses from missing present colour of anamnesis vision superstrings
  • uncreative w/riting on tight /planetary schedule
  • imprecise /yet deadly velocity of lime green lawn furniture
  • slippery crushing love of giant baby squid by self elective c section of mutant oversoul
  • sleeping meditations under deep data snow drifts on holy mountain
  • close quarters dance routines with ontological night fever
  • black wishing stones from river in japan
  • self andor identity as just another technique: only as postmodern as required
  • making understandable unseen automated dramas of advanced social networking
  • xenomorphic / superflat corrosives /eg blake meets new aesthetic while skydiving backwards into near future now
  • artificiality as intelligence/ bio computational polyversality/ holographic quote source equals open everything
  • baboon television – n bites: multiple eyes of hybrid jungle hive mind projecting chameleonic / shamanic predator dreamstate
  • exploring omega maze: contemplative labyrinthine pathways through collective post jungian neural hypermatrix

notable neuropink programmers / states

  • jean moebius giraud: for senses of cosmic life infinite
  • paul laffoley: for working time machines
  • chris cunningham: for post digital fx
  • ian francis: for endless neuro smeared summer
  • redline: for when funkyboy also destroys roboworld
  • warframe: ninjarific
  • mahakala: for unquenchable radiance of supreme emptiness
  • ray ogar: for technical glitched precision
  • jean michel jarre: for ir exoplanetary senses
  • roy batty: for ir midnight megacity poetics
  • captain blood on amiga 500 / atari st: for alien communication
  • shandra manaya argon queen: for raking virtual video flesh now gone
  • future sound of london: for impossibilities of lifeforms
  • cephalopods: for ir hyper surface manifested thoughts
  • alex colville / eric fischl: for stark alienation / violent haunted potentiality
  • sentionauts: for being beyond black rainbow
  • horse ebooks: for meta surrealist daring
  • galaucus atlanticus: for grand oceanic form
  • geek city: for cool cats
  • thumper: for entomological mytho narrative
  • shinya tsukamoto: for psychological character intensity
  • elias koteas as vaughan from crash: for rnd drive
  • sterlings artificial kid: for instant grasp of emergent media
  • yo landi vi$$er: for zef rats in walls of worlds
  • laurie anderson: for ir big science
  • david shields: for poking at leaky literary dams
  • haikasoru / kurodahan: for delicious sci flavours
  • scp foundation: for databases of aggressively unexplainable
  • reza negarestani: for geo traumatic sensors
  • robert smithson: for ir hyper ballardian mind spirals
  • dr hans reinhardt: for grand dinners / ego blinkers
  • blue cube from mulholland drive: for acute ontological disruption
  • tetsuo shima from akira: for extreme psychic deformation
  • killy from blame!: for ir tardigrade toughness
  • raiden from metal gear: for hammy dialogue
  • hyung tae kim: for long shiny legs
  • miyavi: for x visual kei
  • nordic larp: for traversing narrative at oblique angles
  • insilico roleplayers: for grace under information pressure
  • fist of north star: for flawless technique
  • quantum cathedral: for hardcore oldskool cyber gothics
  • stephen shaviro: for metaphysical theory laz0rs
  • mark leyner: for menthol of autumn
  • omni magazine: for x immense vertical vision
  • mariko mori: for bioquantum colors of combine dropship carapace
  • baden pailthorpe: for ir military hyper aesthetic space drone critique
  • simulacra syndicate: for aesthetic hyper specificity
  • max capacity: for transgressive glitch aesthetics
  • zoran rosko vacuum: for dedicated reviews
  • future interfaces: for more input
  • hatsune miku: for hypervirtual tonality
  • kidmograph: for animated near future
  • kilian eng: for details
  • theo kamecke: for polish
  • rob hardin: for fistic hermaphrodites
  • international journal of baudrillard studies: lean clean blade
  • vaporwave: for windows 95
  • 3d additivism: for plastic extrusion into other
  • unknown fields division: for research in wild
  • berserker powerup / soul cube: for sudden metalloclang
  • wonabc: for hyper detailed undead
  • pussykrew: for corporate aesthetics

quote/ consider any sufficiently advanced biotech as indistinguishable from postmodern metaphysics
– hardcore amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what

update patch: neuropink coding guide – initial outline

  • deep systems rather than charismatic individuals
  • full spectrum neural remix rather than heroic pinkywhites
  • algorithms rather than attitude

neuropink logos

“Neuropink” logos

xsy seared humalian space ape brain unit

cyberpunk died last night

file under/ any toxic product press equals good net press:

tokyo cyberpunk

stills from video via secil b/ if tokyo was dead megacity cyberpunk even back in 80s/ then does modern cyberpunk merely re represent yet more sad attempts at obsolete jerry rigged retro futurism:

failed cyberpunk crowdfunding campaigns

In which requests for hard virtual cash to initiate bad cyberpunk projects has been met with resounding howls of deafening apathy:


  1. In which CD Projekt Red tweet enacts an apology
  2. A Cyberpunk Movie
  3. A study of the dead-vision of Cyberpunk Cities

// how to play big science

Concept Covers

// Scene: to consider some conceptual concept album covers

rnd/ cockney voodoo beaver album users latest favourite colors

another hot theoretical banger from ambient death metal supergroup x brought ey classics like biofreak removal operative

track list side a

– sweet electric boogaloo blue/ 4:50
– terminal sunset in day west red/ 3:20
– ey hot super chrome starlove/ 18hrs 55
– umm urrrg tasty zombie plastic green 2:01

track list side b

– when n came to lemons orloff was right/ 5:50
– hey x ey billy no mates/ 1:02
– no 4th wall neither/ 6:00
– north south east west gates / fighting fantasy/ 13:47
– bonus track – feelin kinda dislocated on x bright hard edge of postmodern media phantasy/ 2hrs 20

rnd/ evening star fripp eno

alternative take – faces like distant memory islands with texture cross between thick quality paper levis jeans

rnd/ sleater kinney hot rock

not heard x album yet/ though consider envisioning x cover as faded indie classic

rnd/ smashwords covers

to consider how smashwords e book covers rule

cheat ey landlord if ey can must but do not try to shortchange muse
n cannot be done
ey cant fake quality any more than ey can fake good meal
– william seward burroughs

large percentage of e book covers teleport in from another slushy dimension – where modern languages of design aesthetic judgement are bypassed distinct lack of readable typefaces as norm/ smashwords as x dimension

travel with ir now as ir research tasty sampling of best n can only offer – where ephemerality banality irony angst ridden kitsch deliberate self parody billiously strong colors other hyperreal aesthetic distortions /seem to undermine functional symbolic value of such objects question concepts of taste good design common sense regular supervised medication

such covers give strange new impetus to phrase if covers are anything to go by imagine what writing inside must be like

– x smashwords book cover seems to be channeling stepford wives

one also wonders if title indicates both of these people no longer soil carpet

example quote/ julia was no longer convinced of ir faithfulness due to fact ir trousers were regularly missing from washing line ever other thursday/ other than x she was still busy coping over recent death of beufort ir prized psychic bulldog

– x unknown if unfortunately angelic sarah as staring up in fright at couple shes unable to join in shadow – or up scary ferris wheel of unrequited love

example quote/ sarahs cute button nose was regular item of commentary among fast rising starlets of new montagnal highs inner social circles/ n was set however in face where inner shine of troubled soul shone through with oblique gold tint paradoxically casting x melancholy shadow on every party sarah frequented in x angry overcast semester

– awesomely photoshopped head seems to contrast well with dirty blue bubble font set at jaunty angle

example quote/ suddenly intense mucosal explosions rocked entire school to x foundations as minxy emily in ir new sky blu winter sports jacket giggled with jagged sexual luminosity snowy daydreams of luxurious revenge on ir team mates forever rapidly expanding in ancient untold skies above ir hometown now forgotten in hard chemical rush for liquid revenge

– other than vhs fulci flick only place x poses greater immediate threat to ones eyeballs as x terrific beast

example quote/ justin clasped monster by x fleshy lapels threw n over ir muscular shoulder with force of man who watches late night open access cable judo/ with strange fiery yelp creature crashed through several cubicles into watercooler where due to effects of water justin had blessed x morning n underwent terrible transformation into local network manager graham or flesh trifle to ir numerous enemies

– having said x however one obviously did not have to contend with burning sun of x modern classic/ one wonders what thoughts must have been provoked to produce n

example quote/ let sunlight be ey guide – let rocks tell ey story – everything in x land as perfect symbol of peace loving guidance but ey must allow ir sentient message of holistic wonderment into ey heart – turn off television set eat apple content in ey soul – just dont forget to plant any seeds ey find in core for these are ey future selves as yet unborn ready to sprout

– now x cover should be on hawaiian style t shirt worn by employees of company where ey have enforced fun fridays/ dig quote playful deadpan way mr tiger pokes ir head through

example quote/ monkey speak through teacher – teacher speak through wine – wine not speak but poor – rain on table mist in bloody desert air – monkey teacher drink poor wine from rainy table – calculate oddities of fate but never speak of white tiger of destiny without first raising single finger to test air for shifting winds of unexpected joy

– standing before cardboard cut out city of ir troubled birth susan feels as confused as anyone else

example quote/ clasping ir designer handbag to ir ample chest susan waited for cab to meeting she now sensed would never arrive/ where was ir life heading if not rapidly down executive toilet ir head bumping against continually lowered glass ceiling of male dominated industry/ sarah sighed carefully took out tiny pill from delicately made medicine box in side pocket of ir purse/ n was already dissolving into ir pores as she slowly ground n between thumb finger – immediately sarah felt alive conceptually renewed just horny enough to care

– any book cover where x possible to read giant carp as saying name of author should be commended – for precisely what however as tricky part

example quote/ bloop bloop went fish/ why am ey here said mighty fish hunter

– x cover seems precisely kind of intense fever dream someone young with measles might conjure

example quote/ dallius let cool grey sand slip pleasantly between ir oversized toes while light played off surface of colorless water/ time for another hot existential doodle thought dallius

– x cover should win award for most unrestrained use of tartan in knowable universe

example quote/ in some strange sense julia really was private investigator – right up to point man under question filed restraining order against ir/ no private investigative roleplaying with 500 meters of ey alleged imaginary suspect read court order/ julia frowned considered ir next case

– when words fail heteronormative kiss taken over pastel scene of pure phallic flight fantasy often suffices

example quote/ hemorrhoids thought trevor

– armed with what look like ten breasts face slightly too small for head any reader would fear pealing of x particular bell

example quote/ copy sixth – summit meeting of elite bodybuilders – eight quadrant over ninth plus eighty – four circles – weave eighty call fourth copy – damned if ey know where x manuscript lies

– 70s called with offer/ awesome how milkshake looks sentient ready to attack – horror story perhaps

example quote/ n was no laughing matter thought duke gombrata as ey indelicately slid one of ir many remotely controlled mating organs into what was left of storm cloud pudding/ great crackling could be heard echoing throughout castle many of guests were damp with anticipation

– if there was ever book cover suggesting marriage on borderline of terminal decline

example quote/ marianne hated peter so much she threw away ir first edition copy of ulysses into harbour where ey had once departed for ir honeymoon thousand billion bloody hollow moons ago n seemed

– in impossibly distant immediate near future who will come across covers like x what will ey make of ey/ what pathetic little backwater planet of empty gestures endless useless details will ey imagine once existed where now there as only airless utterly desiccated salty death

example quote/ chapter one – in which old tom fisherman at omega point lapses back into private reverie where ey as unsoiled potato king or something

– highlights/ suspect gaze at young woman ir lipstick smear use of lens flare – horses/ one wonders what other untold promises such epic trilogy might hold

example quote/ captain robinson liked ir women physically strong mentally feeble perfectly armed with ir favorite brand of space pistol – crakos mark 14 slung low on one cheeky hip/ ey looked out port window sighed dreaming of better days/ captains mind was like brilliant metallic sponge able to absorb any information about impending attack by dimensional ninjas sent by ir intensely fashionable arch enemy doctor caslon

– ten /unidentifiable marks out of ten

example quote/ eat n mutant street scum – shakaloumabanjo

– x particular book cover seems legit/ one might even want to be seen reading x in public with slip on shoes popped collar/ x sort of book often seems found n in maseratis in beverly hills – know what ey mean

example quote/ open ey life to affirmative possibility enhanced by neurocognitive science let sunlight be ey guide/ let audience tell ey story/ everything ey own as perfect symbol of peace loving guidance – further unlockable life lessons available online for new low price

rnd/ summer with monika peter blake

Summer With Monika

cleaned up added portrait of eno on wall tattoo gun on side dresser

more detail given to visible organs of slumbering form

was to overlay image of engraved doors to mines in lotr on rat portfolio at foot of bed

rnd/ police ghost in machine

to consider some garish remix of ghost in machine album cover by police

too much information running through ey brain
too much information driving ey insane
– too much information by police 1981

rnd/ upstepping album cover

remix/ via oliver coates

// how to play big science