Apex Legends: Current King of Generic Videogame Art Styles

RND/ to consider the current height / king of generic art styles (style of no-style?) evident in F2P battle royale multiplayer videogame “Apex Legends”

Somehow simultaneously professional (technically accomplished, ‘polished’) and amazingly run-of-the-mill, Apex Legends signifies a new old breed of forgettable, mish-mash art styles and all but interchangeable pseudo-characters


– Full series of digital remix paintings at https://www.flickr.com/photos/robertwhat/40039431433/

Who makes such only semi-creative design decisions? What on earth was the focus group demographic? What possible kinds of narrative does such a middling art style suggest? Something vaguely lo-fi, possibly post-apocalyptic sci-fi with the faintest dash of zany – Titanfall-lite X Borderlands 2 ÷ Blacklight: Retribution, perhaps?

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Dark Synth series: images of Dead Cyberpunk-Vision Cities

RND/ to consider the dead vision of future cities as traditionally defined by historical, and modern undead cyberpunk

Opening Into Scene 3840×2160 .jpg

Dark Synth: Dead Cyberpunk Vision Cities

Series of 176 images, 1920×1080 .jpg, edited and tweaked in Gimp

–  To consider how the overall design saturated neon and architectural megastructures of Blade Runner on movie and videogame concept art goes far beyond mere influence and utterly overwhelms the visual field resulting in extremes of  copy-pasted futuristic cliche and mindless fragmentary clutter; a measurement, both of the triumph of the will-to-technology as expressed in control and total social systemic domination of global hyper capitalism and humanity’s own caustic alienation; that such images positively revel in the dull density danger and crushing depression of their own sheer brute ugliness and obvious environmental destruction clearly informs us of the precise degree to which such symbolic environments dominate our thoughts – that they look and feel the way they are, because that’s what we in the Universal (ie. colonial) West still look and feel like inside; monstrous, powerful and ugly, with a wilfully designed kind of deeply stupid, hard wired smartness that breathes grey ashes

that cyberpunk to continually serve up nothing but the dregs of its own violent, planetary wide dirty concrete urbanism – merely something suitably ‘dark’ (zzzzzzzzzz!) for pale skinned techno-nerds / l33t haxx0r edgelords to look oh-so cool in the foreground of – must be exposed as the inherent crippling imaginative failure it is; note how not a single tree or spontaneous smile can be seen in such a deliberately cruel and professionally miserablist blandscape

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Abstract Encounter: The House Of Asterion

RND/ consider “House Of Asterion” play space concept

to consider house of asterion [1] – borgean research play space concept featuring infinitely procedural parkour

Conceptual RND Play Space “The House Of Asterion”

example research scenario/ ir friendly minotaur asterion – sweating running leaping / falling at high speeds through infinite voxel labyrinth [2] based on etchings of giovanni battista piranesi – exploring forbidden lands with thundering steps/ uttering loud often happy bull like roars which echo off sublimely cavernous ruin walls

in which this project brings to mind sublime desert dream studies of thierry urbain [3]

giger was born in 1940 in small swiss town of chur unbearable place of high mountains / pretty bourgeois attitudes/ growing up there ey had nightmares in ir parents house / would imagine gigantic bottomless shafts bathing in pale yellow light/ in ir book necronomicon ey writes x on walls steep / treacherous wooden stairways without bannisters led down into yawning abyss / cellar in house gave rise to image of monstrous labyrinth where all kinds of dangers lay in wait for ey
– shadowplay zine/ at home with giger

Reference Links

  1. Borges short story
  2. Imaginary Megastructures
  3. Artist Thierry Urbain

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