Conceptual-Digital Art Painting: Charles “Bukowski 2122”

RND/ to consider a digital-conceptual art painting of Charles H. Bukowski, standing outside his old childhood house at 2122 Longwood Ave, LA 5760×2160, 8.9MB .jpg, assembled and edited in Gimp from “Born Into This” documentary images. A dark, fragmented vision of a horrible memory and its symbolic long term social effects. Ideal / Idealized cost … Read more

Richard Scarry’s Nonlinear Bedtime Story

RND/ To consider the satire of a ‘Scarry’ nonlinear [1] bedtime /story (storie) – via freakishly anthropomorphic [2] illustrator Richard. Example Reference Links Hyperlinks Rockwell Center: Anthropomorphism And Its Development In Children’s Book Illustration — // how to play big science