“The Art World is the most phony, elitist clique of circle jerking pretentious twats there is”

RND/ to consider ‘The Art World’™ – via a tweet, Martin Creed’s “Work No. 227: The lights going on and off” [1] along with a paraphrased transcript of Brian Eno’s ironic 1995 Turner Prize [2] speech: Ideal / Idealized Price For Such A Concept: £200K – contact Robert What today for details Good evening. You’ll … Read more

Brian Eno Youtube Documentary Glitch

RND/ To imagine a glitch scene captured from Brian Eno documentary found on Youtube: In which, rather than symbolic of a systemic error or ontological discontinuity, consider the appearance of a glitch in a documentary about Brian Eno appears a sign everything’s functioning as expected; an ambient, nonlinear symbol in which sudden ‘disruptions’ are positively … Read more