Apex Legends: Current King of Generic Videogame Art Styles

RND/ to consider the current height / king of generic art styles (style of no-style?) evident in F2P battle royale multiplayer videogame “Apex Legends”

Somehow simultaneously professional (technically accomplished, ‘polished’) and amazingly run-of-the-mill, Apex Legends signifies a new old breed of forgettable, mish-mash art styles and all but interchangeable pseudo-characters


– Full series of digital remix paintings at https://www.flickr.com/photos/robertwhat/40039431433/

Who makes such only semi-creative design decisions? What on earth was the focus group demographic? What possible kinds of narrative does such a middling art style suggest? Something vaguely lo-fi, possibly post-apocalyptic sci-fi with the faintest dash of zany – Titanfall-lite X Borderlands 2 ÷ Blacklight: Retribution, perhaps?

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On Rapidly Loosing Faith In AMC’s Philosophically Redundant Preacher

RND/ to consider that with each new pathetic episode dribble, watching AMC’s synthetic cult TV series “Preacher” soon bacame a darkly laughable exercise in near total philosophical / cosmic redundancy – an artistic expression of / for an otherwise captivating story about as narratively effective as.. a window mounted ashtray on the outside of a sportscar

A scene / scenario in which ::

  • The actors seem to dial in their affectless performances from the moon
  • The writers generate as much tension as a sun baked rubber band
  • Camera work looks super generic [1]
  • Editing has been replaced with what feels like the painful eeking out of snake bite serum (anime series have had this drawn out filler / padding problem for years)
  • The characters display character – but all of them are so utterly flat they appear totally interchangeable
  • The characters express motive – but their motives feel arbitrary
  • Each episode seems like a half dead voodoo haddock floundering uselessly upon the screen

In short, Preacher appears to exist for no reason – a prime example of going through the motions, of souless deadpan looks, constant eye rolling almost without context, Deep Fried Southern accents suddenly and strangely devoid of symbolic meaning or cultural association – some random plastic twang heard on a Country and Western track, shoehorned in by a dumb artificial intelligence with no taste or remote comic timing

Sheet son, at this point the producers might as well add a laugh track to the dead eyed proceedings – Kowakian monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb cackling manically to itself as each new two dimensional cardboard scene unfolds with cosmically unsurprising tedium and listless comatose inaction

Generally speaking: in which ey been working up to a total rejection of mainstream entertainment for some years now since no trailers ey watched for ages have answered the simple question “Who are these people and why should ey care”

In short – Preacher: the toothless [2] TV series equivalent of amazingly naff comic strips from the past (says deadpan): “Make me laugh, Doonsbury” [3]

For reference see also: Matt Groening’s rapid / entirely comedy free Disenchantment

Reference Links

  1. ‘Whitetography’
  2. Seth Rogan
  3. Doonsbury at 40

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Super Generic Corporate Stock Gallery

RND/ imagine a super generic [1] corporate stock rat galley

to consider what such expressions say/ what values ey signify – political blandscape of hyperreal corporate stock photos so generally generic ir stunning obviousness hurts

so generally devoid of artistry being so corporate in ir unabashed consumerist presentation ey feel oddly undead/ disconcertingly strange – if strange simply means boring

with mostly super flat wilfully uninteresting lighting composition/ garish color schemes/ dim constantly smiling idiots who pose for ey – eg especially vile violently happy middling class couples – wow what career choice

with ir misogynistic portrayal of female bodies in stock roles/ consider corporate stock photos real digital pits of dull flat rat – now watermarked with stock symbol as warning/ careful not to stare too long into corporate stock photography void – for frozen synthetic soul of dull plastic stupefaction stares back out in hyper apathetic return

such images satirically remixed from cough large torrents of images readily available online

Reference Link

  1. ‘Whitography’

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Boring Social Media themed study

RND/ possible social media themed study based around vague ideas concerning terminally dull media representation:

amazon reviewer

amazon reviewer

to imagine typical amazon reviewer / ir possibly interesting product list

unremarkable image

seemingly simply no more or less than precisely x

unremarkable image

example artistic statement via theorist robert what: straight from hideousness of mundane everyday existence: unremarkable image via semi undecidedly non professionals

bland juxtapositions half set against drab modern palette: tools of postmodern hyper war / digital typography architectural shadows / rendering glitches – unstated ideology however that such images somehow quote no more or less than ir appear eg unremarkable – when in fact n might simply be far less than x

false promises / deep time – all that does not glitter still might not be golden

crayzay rich brats online

via/ some foul young instagram munt

crayzay rich brats online

consider get money rat – via some kickable rich brat on instagram

example ratist statement via theorist for hire robert what

every day as exactly same – punching time clock until death – except how to recognize any difference

endless mechanical process of filling up hollow days with deluded illusion x something anything as happening

– in which ir want to be stinking filthy rich

ir life seems extraordinarily ordinary terminally boring / unbearably lonely

at least with some dirty money in ir sweaty greasy palm ir can pay to work with some actual real artists / together create something of some minor meaning / vague beauty / temporary intellectual engagement

all ir need as one breakthrough – one chance one foot in door

world is theirs baby

given chance ir could change reality itselves

with some serious money ir can reinvent elves – become famous admired cool person ey secretly dreamed about for years

with unlimited resources with cultural position / friends ir can live new life of ease / fun / adventure – finally escape pathetically dreary null space / still as yet unlived half life ey dragged elves through daily since leaving university

– at least at uni [1] there was lite beer / sh1te dope / beautiful intelligent young people

best of all perhaps – staying up late to discuss life polyverse / everything

internet as now all there as for ey / undead virtual substitute

ir visit same kind of sites daily – pretending to eb remotely interested in stuff

pretending to write for / on some random anonymous backwater blog nobody reads or remotely cares about

x all bit of useless farce without punchline / only listless audience of one

going through motions of having emotions

– all ir need/ some immensely wealthy patron or benefactor – some group of equally forward thinking artistically inclined visionaries to pretend to take ey seriously long enough to adequately fund artistic lifestyle to which ir could so easily become accustomed – free instant access to artists thinkers supercomputers social networks

– in other words brought ability to treat information as global capital flow – to plunge clever fingers in digital matrix / directly interface with culture at speed of collective artistic thought

– in some small way ir might eb doing n right now – quote hyper advanced postmodern theory evolving consciousness realtime/ kinda

– ir just want someone – anyone – to think ir quote really on to something – x ir clever enough to ask questions

nobody ever asks ey any questions / ir sadness over not feeling wanted or liked for strange thoughts in / channelled via ir brain makes ir silent sadness existentially weighty burden ir could do without

– note/ £ doesnt buy lot nowadays/ ey probably just spend most of n on sophisticated shameless elf advertising / promotion for even more serious startup capital in order to perform some truly hardcore ‘big science’ rnd

*mild listless / uselessly wistful sigh*

does sky exist

does the sky exist

wow good question

edt existential depression test

EDT (existential depression test) results

consider existential depression test results

message wall

message wall

modern media collage

ey answer to solving media

your answer to solving media

sounds like double dutch

Reference Link

  1. English University Life

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