Bojo And Carrie Media Wedding Painting

RND/ In which you imagine a perfectly timed, media friendly wedding – contextually (politically) set against a backdrop of extreme national suffering, depression and sorrow. File Under: Broad Satire, 2628 x 2028 .jpg Now imagine Bungling Bojo’s turgid Tory inch sticking in your stupid face come wedding night. Conservatism kills. — Dr. Johnson’s Patented Blonde … Read more

Dr. Johnson’s Patented Blonde Tory Snake Oil (Painting)

RND/ To consider two conceptually linked virtual ‘Lockdown Art’ paintings: Ideal / Idealized cost for concepts such as these: £4M – enough to leave backwater island UKania forever and never look back upon a stagnant culture; contact Robert What today for details — Example Reference Links New Statesmen:  Why we need to go beyond “incompetence” … Read more