Exploitation Of Working Class Bodies: Stipe And Francis (Conceptual UFC Painting)

RND/ To consider a conceptual painting of UFC fighters Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou: 3725 x 3152 .jpg Dana White is a disgusting rich white exploitative pig. Painting Of UFC Fighter Kevin Lee Wikipedia: Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act The Nation: The Shame Of Boxing Jacobin: The Bullies’ Club MMA Fighting: Luke Rockhold blasts ‘tyrant’ … Read more

Conceptual Painting: Welcome To The State Of Twitch

RND/ So welcome to the exploitative (/for all concerned) State of Twitch: 4006 x 4326 .jpg, Twitch screenshots edited in Gimp Where awful comments meet quality content every time. — Example Reference Links The Mary Sue: Twitch’s New “Dress Appropriately” Policy is Founded on Obliviousness Polygon: Twitch streamer Trainwrecks’ latest ban over sexist comments spurs … Read more