On The Rowling-Vausch Drama Bullshit And Internet Ontology

RND// To consider the TERF Bigot J.K. Rowling, Vaush, Kat Blaque & Contrapoints Drama bullshit. Idle Thursday internet thoughts (idea fragments) arising: – Other than ongoing bigotry against trans people and entire communities of by shitlord billionaires who obviously should go fuck themselves off a jagged cliff into the nearest available black hole, this whole … Read more

Satirical Painting: ‘Stock’ Portrait Of Another Alt-Right TERF

RND/ To consider a ‘Stock’ Portrait of another alt-right TERF: 3994 x 2715 .jpg Super Generic Corporate Stock Gallery #BLM: Defund White Reality A Psychic Portrait Of Paul Joseph Watson D For Disingenuous: Jordan Peterson Mashup Praile: Kathleen Stock, OBE Wikipedia: DARVO