Unsatisfactory Europa: DMCA and Fair Use in the digital arts

RND/ consider conceptual photography set in Europe, highlighting the strange estranged state of Dukkha 3840×2160, 2.1MB .jpg THIS CONTENT HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO ‘COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT’ NOT THAT IT WAS VERY GOOD ANYWAY – BUT STILL Images via Epha Photography / Jörg Schmiedekind — Update Patch Pleased with yourself, little man? – Roy Batty to … Read moreUnsatisfactory Europa: DMCA and Fair Use in the digital arts

Battersea Urban Olmec Development Billboard

RND/ To consider an urban hipster gentrification [1] development billboard in Battersea – with large looming Olmec head: 7680×4320 .jpg Anthropological remix of a photo by Martin Goodwin. — Example Reference Links The London Magazine: Gentrification Wars Rentalism Photography: The Existential Misery Of UK Renting // how to play big science

Crowdfunding as a continuous (Drip) activity

RND/ On the notion that (crowdfunding) “Promotion should be a continuous activity”: That, like a tap leaking without end there should exist a permanent state of uninterrupted digital draining – a forever dehydrating, micro-transctional Drip feed using the wallets of backers / patients, forever hooked up to some great soulless post industrial art-machine sinkhole. To … Read moreCrowdfunding as a continuous (Drip) activity

A Waiting Room For Cinzia

RND/ To consider a waiting room for Cinzia: – Example conceptual image statement by theorist Robert What: a quiet therapeutic room for writers, producers & multimedia editors – unique social spaces to host unemployed fellow philosophers, providing weekly online lecture series on art and culture. To review books, perform plain bad poetry [1] – to … Read moreA Waiting Room For Cinzia

RND Collaboration Attempts

RND/ To consider (mostly failed or partial attempts at) artistic collaboration generally; indeed on the Internets it seems everyone knows your a nobody. — Glitched Soldiers (with Ray Ogar) 1536 × 3072 .jpg ‘Big Science’ Researcher Robert What says: in which Ray and I performed this together while back when Ray initially seemed pleased with … Read moreRND Collaboration Attempts

Modern Big Science ‘Researcher’ Gallery

RND/ To imagine conceptual digital art, regarding contemporary fellow Researchers of ‘strange imaginary game’ Big Science: Possible research modes discovered during course of daily lab work by / via Robert What – Freelance Postmodern Internet Theorist: — Akihiko Taniguchi Online 3072 × 3649 .jpg Oh, to exist as a cool New Media Artist – ‘free’ … Read moreModern Big Science ‘Researcher’ Gallery