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Dr. Disrespect Net Art: DMT, Aliens, and the end of The Virtual Videogame Truman Show

RND/ consider “Dr. Disrespect” (Guy Beahm aka Diarrhea Panic) based net.art

3840×2160 .jpg, screenshot via Twitch – featuring actual stream chat comments

Dr. Disrespect Offline

5760×3840 .jpg, edited publicity photo

Two Time: Portrait of Dr. Disrespect

3840×2160 .jpg, screenshots remix

Violence, Speed Momentum: Garish Dr. Disrespect 4K Wallpaper

To what extent can such a divisive Virtual AAA-industry Meta-Figurine / ‘gaming personality’ be considered a product of, (say) The [Global Videogame] Truman Show, DMT + Aliens (ie. by now standard social-media weirdness):

– To consider to what extent can Dr. Disrespect be considered a manifestation and-or entirely accurate expression of current toxic alt-right gamer culture – the loudest fifth wheel on the car headed over the cliff (according to industry pundits like The Mighty Jim Sterlingson)? What is such a personality exactly a seeming parody of?

– In modern social media terms, how do Pewdiepie [1] and Dr. Disrespect stack up psychopathologically, in their political aspects? To paraphrase Doc, after being asked when exactly he will run for presidency (president of what?):  “Why would anyone want to rule the country, when you could rule the world?” In another clip, Doc referrs to politicans as ‘roaches’, trying to represent himself as the outrageous, all-too necessary, ‘plain speaking’, anti-pc everyman (??) alternative to the ‘mainstream’ (which Orange Commander In Chief Baby Pig Trump – the very definition of centrist main-stream, where the largest turds float, does with manic glee.)

– Fans (more accurately, fanbois) of Disrespect seem to take his Media Personality at face value, ie. anti-unironically. This personality is always ‘just a joke’ – but one you are forced to always take perfectly seriously by the community. (Surfaces are all there is with such personalities, and represents their immediate truth – that which is presented.) Doc seems to stand in for a Jordan Peterson-like father figurine, psychologically hell bent on ‘winning’ (through the narrow lens of ‘git-gud’ gaming ideology) and all that implies in a wider sense – particularly financial success within contemporary Ludocapitalism. Doc regularly boasts of his multiple houses, water beds, that he ‘meditates’ in the mirror for 45 minutes every day about how truly awesome and inherently deserving he is, ala warped Émile Coué style autosuggestion meets 80s business motivation paperbacks. [2]

His tag line and personal mantra, “Violence, Speed and Momentum” seems to sum up contemporary Global Ludocapitalism – indeed, that anything at all is somehow ‘summable up’ in three small mouth sounds perfectly encapsulates Capitalism’s violence, speed and momentum when if comes to perfectly encapsulating / fragmenting reality into sellable chunks, cubes, units, microseconds of experience. Indeed the very platform Doc operates from mirrors the positively quantum scale of modern existence – the ‘Twitch’, the split second mouse-click decisions made by a world class master of Big Business. (That is, in Doc-speak, ‘tasting em’, ‘breaking em’, etc.)

Example Reference Links

  1. Pewdiepie For President
  2. 20 Best Motivational Books to Take Charge of Your Life

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Ninja Wins Apex Legends Tournament by One Point (Million Dollars)

RND/ to consider two, apparently parallel-running narratives from the strange world of modern videogaming (/as) Culture

3678×4091 .jpg, edited in Gimp

Ninja Wins Apex Legends Tournament By One Point (Million Dollars)

– In which insider associations with the whole, vile industry is still apparently a nice little earner for chosen Influencer$ and key Streamer$; winning by one point (million) indeed!


Example Reference Links

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Apex Legends: Current King of Generic Videogame Art Styles

RND/ to consider the current height / king of generic art styles (style of no-style?) evident in F2P battle royale multiplayer videogame “Apex Legends”

Somehow simultaneously professional (technically accomplished, ‘polished’) and amazingly run-of-the-mill, Apex Legends signifies a new old breed of forgettable, mish-mash art styles and all but interchangeable pseudo-characters


– Full series of digital remix paintings at https://www.flickr.com/photos/robertwhat/40039431433/

Who makes such only semi-creative design decisions? What on earth was the focus group demographic? What possible kinds of narrative does such a middling art style suggest? Something vaguely lo-fi, possibly post-apocalyptic sci-fi with the faintest dash of zany – Titanfall-lite X Borderlands 2 ÷ Blacklight: Retribution, perhaps?

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