Blame! Megastructure: Tsutomu Nihei Cyberpunk Manga Waifu2x

RND// To consider waifu2x resized and cleaned up scenes of megastructural awe from near future Cyberpunk manga classic Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei:Download images: blame! NaissanceE FPS Megastructure Exploration Game: NoClip Virtual Photography Screenshot Art Hyper-Gothic Megastructures In Quake Map Honey By CZG Paintings Of ‘Superbrutal’ Sci Fi Megastructures Imaginary Megastructures Weird Quake 4 Noclip Virtual … Read more

Enlarged BAOH anime screenshots

RND/ to imagine enlarged screenshots of classic violent anime “BAOH” from an old LOLtube video – notable for over the top expressions on the ugly faces of its crudely drawn characters – In which the word “BAOH” appears to mean ‘bow’, as in ‘respect due for such uniquely oldskool VHS crudeness’ — // how to … Read more