“Emily’s Not In Paris”: Zdzislaw Beksinski Satirical Remix Paintings

RND/ To consider yet another machine-interchangable, young, white, blandly beautiful, fashionably borderline-anorexic female executive with werewolf eyebrows living rent free in her own skull – basically a credit card with legs – who, (as a barely concealed metaphor for American cultural imperialism) imagines she’s in permanent soft-focus Paris on corporate business for luxury shopping, hot … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: Life Is Strangely Hip

RND/ consider modern synthetic life as strangely hip Cynically cloning gone home in life is strange cringe by squeenix Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit pg rated lesbians in bottom tier netflix miniseries worthy story about pacific northwest by resarcs who’ve never been to pacific northwest – liz ryerson on life is strange *pukes slightly … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: All Amerikan Pokemon Holocaust Selfie

RND/ all amerikan pokemon holocaust selfie Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit (/Maximum) Fun Will Set Ir Free – The dangerous existential attitude of modern mass gaming to consider pokemon go as public spectacle remix of fellow resarc jean baudrillards general talk about information with specific mentions of pokemon go – implosion of meaning in … Read more

Scholastic Poetry: Mad, Sad And Glad

RND/ To consider a remarkable poetry and photography collection by young people, direct from some near future retro 60s memory of faded American days now long gone; effortlessly enchanting with mad / sad / glad dreamscape warmth. Poems and photography from scholastic creative writing awards – selected / edited by Stephen Dunning/ displayed here for … Read more