Album Review: Day Of The Locust by Cockney Voodoo Beaver (Orloff Records 2022)

RND/ To consider a virtual album review of “Day Of The locust” by the mighty UK based Ambient Death Metal supergroup Cockney Voodoo Beaver: 5876 x 5602 .jpg Side A Where Did I Put That Surgical Stapler? (4:20) Extra Cable Ties (10:22) Grandma’s Death Bed (15:00) Hallucinogenic Sweat Beads (2:44) Holy Meta-Geographic Needlepoint Flux (12:30) … Read more

Brian Eno Youtube Documentary Glitch

RND/ To imagine a glitch scene captured from Brian Eno documentary found on Youtube: In which, rather than symbolic of a systemic error or ontological discontinuity, consider the appearance of a glitch in a documentary about Brian Eno appears a sign everything’s functioning as expected; an ambient, nonlinear symbol in which sudden ‘disruptions’ are positively … Read more